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Vietnam Travel Information

Where to start with tours of Vietnam? Cruising Halong bay? Biking Hanoi? Hiking in Sapa? Vietnam beach tours? This country is one of Southeast Asia's finest and one that contains so many tourist attractions. Traveling Vietnam has never looked more alluring.


Whether it's a tour of north Vietnam or south Vietnam, there is plenty to do. North Vietnam tours are famous for the exquisite mountain trekking, the capital city Hanoi and Halong Bay cruises whilst the south boasts amazing beaches and the fascinating history of Vietnam in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh).

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Vietnam Travel Information

Vietnam Tours

Where to start with tours of Vietnam? Cruising Halong bay? Biking Hanoi? Hiking in Sapa? Vietnam beach tours? This country is one of Southeast Asia's finest and one that contains so many tourist attractions. Traveling Vietnam has never looked more alluring.
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Best time of the year to visit Vietnam?

Being so diverse and reliant on your location, Vietnam is a hard place to call as you can almost certainly expect every type of weather on your Vietnam tours.

Be sure to avoid monsoon season in the northeast between October and March. Similarly, be sure to avoid central Vietnam during the months of July-November due to a series of violent typhoons.

That being said, Vietnam weather is unpredictable and so the majority of the time the weather is beautiful. If it is damp, it usually adds to the atmosphere.

Popular times to visit are during the summer months of April-August. Vietnam tours are also popular between October-March, mainly in the south.

If you are backpacking South East Asia it is imperative that you give Vietnam the time it deserves by stopping over for a long stay. A few days simply won't do.
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Food and Culture of Vietnam

Vietnam tours will open your eyes to the fascinating history and the fervent integrity that the Vietnamese have generated over time. From the mastermind trenches to the somber and overwhelming museums, Ho Chi Minh, the capital, formerly known as Saigon,  propels you into poignant museums and a great understanding of the history of Vietnam.

If you are after an eclectic array of Southeast Asian food then search no further because Vietnamese food is your next stop. Traveling Vietnam will provide you with a multitude of dishes, ranging from the obscure to the sumptuous (at cheap prices).

The beauty of Vietnamese food lies in its range of spices used in the majority of their dishes. A fusion of ginger, lemongrass, lime, chili, cinnamon and mint, including a few other specialties, is a novel and flavorsome addition to any dish. Indulge in Pho noodle soup or goi salad and let your senses run wild.
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Main Attractions and Tourist Regions in Vietnam

Start any Vietnam tour by cruising Halong bay (Ha Long Bay in Vietnamese, meaning the ‘descending dragon bay’), a beautiful boat ride that travels through limestone rocks and still, blue waters. The ones who want to party at Halong Bay will usually stay 2-3 nights as boats in the bay merge and travelers share stories of their tour of Vietnam. For the more relaxed visitor, 1-2 nights is the usual stay.

From Halong bay, travel the north of Vietnam in Sapa. With rugged scenery and picturesque rice terraces, trekking Sapa will captivate any seasoned traveler. Next, travel to Hanoi, Vietnam's frenetic capital city that beats to the sound of sizzling Vietnamese street food, lively fruit markets and the perpetual sound of motorbike engines. If you want non-stop action then it's a wise choice to travel Hanoi.

After this mind-blowing start to your Vietnam tour, you still have so many great towns as you travel Vietnam, from the charming Hội An, a town with colorful streets and a thriving shopping hub, attracting millions of tourists a year, all purchasing perfectly tailored suits,  to the bustling nightlife of Nha Trang, that are well worth a visit as you then travel on from Ha Long bay down to the Mekong delta in southern Vietnam. Hue, Vietnam's ancient capital is particularly interesting to view the early history of Vietnam.

Vietnam offers just the start of your Indochina tours but as you travel Southeast Asia you may just realize that if you visit Vietnam you will find the cream of the crop.
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How can I organize my tour to Vietnam?

Local travel agencies provide the best and most secure way to travel in Vietnam. Traditional tour operators are rarely in touch with the locals and planning your Vietnam trip beforehand can be strenuous. At we offer the perfect alternative, giving you access to quality local agencies in Vietnam who can guide you through everything and pass on their abundance of knowledge.

With you book your trip direct with the experts, meaning you get a completely personalized service and the best advice at your fingertips and, better yet, you also save money. While traditional tour operators charge extra for unnecessary middlemen, we believe in offering fair prices for both the traveler and the tour operator. More money in your pocket, more money in theirs.

Vietnam trips are a must-see on everybody's lists and it is here that you can get your dream Vietnam tour started straight away.
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Traveller Reviews

Alejandro Ponce, August 2017

Excellent logistics, great coordination, nice selection of the sites, permanently in contact. I will suggest to consider other 5 star hotels in Saigon other than Majestic. This one is not a 5 star anymore.

Neil Reilly, August 2017

The trip went like clockwork, the people were wonderful, the country was wonderful and my experience was....wonderful!

Michele Motta, July 2017

Sang was very professional and focused on our needs. Everything was perfect.

Linda Anne Snyman, July 2017

We had an absolute wonderful time. Every day or event was more than we expected. We were very impressed with our guides, our tour plan, our hotels, our transport and transfers and the good service we got from Kamea. Nothing was ever a problem, she went out of her way to deliver good service and all services was right on time. Overall this trip was great value for money and definitely worth recommending to our friends. What a fantastic unforgettable experience!

Our overall rating of the trip would be 10 out of 10. Kamea did an extremely great job. We learnt so much about the countries and could not help to love her and Indochina people. We have a better understanding of their way of living.

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David Collen Noko, June 2017

Huyen was very professional and very much easy to communicate with. she was quick at responses. was helpful always and patiently explained how things works. gave me full assurance and courage that things will go well. My experience was fabulous. All arrangements went very well. The hosts on the ground were very knowledgeable with the place in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city and Siem Reap.
The good thing was they met us at the airports.

Things to improve:

- spell out the room types

- make sure the qualities of the hotels are consistently to the same standard. Siem Reap hotel was not as good as the hotels in Vietnam.

- make sure you spell out what is included in the price clearly. eg, in Ho Chi Minh city lunches and dinners were covered by the agent but not in Siem Reap.

- I think the price was too high for the experience and the hotel qualities.

- Overall though, I will certainly make use of her services in the future.

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