Be immersed in the Vietnamese culture as you tour the colorful land and sea and interact with the locals. Oxcarts, bamboo basket boats, and 4,000 gold lacquered Buddha statues are what wait for you on this escapade to Southeast Asia.
Be immersed in the Vietnamese culture as you tour the colorful land and sea and interact with the locals.
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Vietnam Reviews

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Vietnam Vacation

Where to start with tours of Vietnam? Cruising Halong bay? Biking Hanoi? Hiking in Sapa? Vietnam beach tours? This country is one of Southeast Asia's finest and one that contains so many tourist attractions. Traveling Vietnam has never looked more alluring.   Whether it's a tour of North Vietnam or South Vietnam, there is plenty to do. North Vietnam tours are famous for the exquisite mountain trekking, the capital city Hanoi and Halong Bay cruises whilst the south boasts amazing beaches and the fascinating history of Vietnam in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh).

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Vietnam Travel Information

Vietnam Tours

On trips to Vietnam, a majority of tours start in the culturally diverse capital of Hanoi, which is adorned with French-styled buildings, its temples and pagodas, and azure, serene lakes. Hanoi is a unique and quiet paradise filled with delicious foods, the 1,000-year-old Temple of Literature, and is the perfect place to kick off your tour to the rest of the country.

Travel by Boat

Step onto a ship and explore the spectacular scenery of Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and rightly referred to as ‘Heaven on Earth’ by the locals. More than 1,600 green islands scatter the waters and each one has its own riches you get to explore. Take a kayak and weave between the islands. Go fishing for squid. And, visit the echoing Sung Sot Cave or go to Titov Island where you can swim at the peaceful beaches or hike to the top of the island to see the country span out before you.

Still, have your sea legs? Customize your holiday for a trip to Laos and Cambodia. Take a cruise on the Mekong River and enter into the Laotian treasure-filled Pak Ou Caves where over four thousand gold lacquered Buddha statues stand. Visit the ancient temples in the Cambodian city, Siem Reap like Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, or Ta Prohm where tree roots drape onto the worn bricks of the 12th- and 13th-century temple. See other iconic sites like the Imperial City Hue in Vietnam or the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

Immerse Yourself in the Culture

Later, fall in love with the scenic countryside and the people of Vietnam by going to the villages and diving into their culture. Meet villagers and work alongside them in paddy fields, planting rice plants. Learn about the people’s intricate silk weavings and lantern making, and have fun as you’re taught to paddle a bamboo basket boat. If you want to shop among the locals, make sure you take a motorboat to stop in the Cai Rang floating market.

Vietnam is home to an ancient history that brings inspiration and rich culture to the country, its people, and its tourists today. It’s a perfect destination for families looking for unique experiences and a chance to learn more about this Asian culture.

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Best time of the year to visit Vietnam?

Being so diverse and reliant on your location, Vietnam is a hard place to call as you can almost certainly expect every type of weather on your Vietnam tours.

Be sure to avoid monsoon season in the northeast between October and March. Similarly, be sure to avoid central Vietnam during the months of July-November due to a series of violent typhoons.

That being said, Vietnam weather is unpredictable and so the majority of the time the weather is beautiful. If it is damp, it usually adds to the atmosphere.

Popular times to visit are during the summer months of April-August. Vietnam tours are also popular between October-March, mainly in the south.

If you are backpacking South East Asia it is imperative that you give Vietnam the time it deserves by stopping over for a long stay. A few days simply won't do.

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Main Attractions and Tourist Regions in Vietnam

Located in Southeast Asia and curving along the South China Sea, Vietnam has one of the longest coastlines in Asia. It has over 3,444 kilometers of coastline and a countless number of scenic beaches that attract visitors to a memorable Vietnam holiday. The country revels in its natural blue ocean beauty, green mountains, and its architectural diversity. Vietnam is strewn with pagodas and temples that are typical sites of their Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucianism backgrounds. But war has also left behind its mark in the form of unique French-styled buildings in the heart of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi.

Though this country has been battered with war, the people are friendly, optimistic, and take pride in their country and how far they’ve come. Whether you work alongside villagers planting food for their livelihood or greet locals who live on inhabited islands, they’ll make you feel welcome as you tour the exquisite wonders of their nation.

Vietnam is famous for its pagodas, floating markets, and vibrant islands. The country has over 1,600 islands, many of which are located in the beautiful Ha Long Bay, which is also referred to as ‘Heaven on Earth’. Take days exploring the scenery of Ha Long Bay on a cruise between and to the islands. Later, on land, take a bicycle tour around the countryside and ride to the ancient Hoa Lu citadel. Clap along to entertaining musical performances put on by local Muong and Thai troupes, and laugh as you try to paddle down a river in a bamboo basket boat.

Private Tours to Vietnam

Taking a private guided tour in Vietnam gives you a chance to be up close and taste the true culture of the people and the country. Your Vietnam holiday further opens doors to you and your family as you explore the ancient wonders of ruins and float at island beaches. Set your Vietnam vacation today!

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Food and Culture of Vietnam

Vietnam tours will open your eyes to the fascinating history and the fervent integrity that the Vietnamese have generated over time. From the mastermind trenches to the somber and overwhelming museums, Ho Chi Minh, the capital, formerly known as Saigon,  propels you into poignant museums and a great understanding of the history of Vietnam.

If you are after an eclectic array of Southeast Asian food then search no further because Vietnamese food is your next stop. Traveling Vietnam will provide you with a multitude of dishes, ranging from the obscure to the sumptuous (at cheap prices).

The beauty of Vietnamese food lies in its range of spices used in the majority of their dishes. A fusion of ginger, lemongrass, lime, chili, cinnamon and mint, including a few other specialties, is a novel and flavorsome addition to any dish. Indulge in Pho noodle soup or goi salad and let your senses run wild.

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How can I organize my tour to Vietnam? Tours to Vietnam

Vietnam is a vast country of exceptional beauty and thousands of escapades. Taking a holiday through guarantees you are in control of your itinerary and adventures. You get to customize your Vietnam trip however you would like. Whether you want to plan a venture to villages or a cruise on the Ha Long Bay, creating your perfect trip is quick, simple, and reliable. partners with exceptional agencies on the ground in Vietnam who know how to set you up with the best tours at the best prices. puts you in direct contact with your Destination Expert who will work with you to construct a memorable holiday from the moment you set foot in the country. 

Local travel agencies provide the best and most secure way to travel in Vietnam. Traditional tour operators are rarely in touch with the locals and planning your Vietnam trip beforehand can be strenuous. At we offer the perfect alternative, giving you access to quality local agencies in Vietnam who can guide you through everything and pass on their abundance of knowledge.

With you book your trip direct with the experts, meaning you get a completely personalized service and the best advice at your fingertips and, better yet, you also save money. While traditional tour operators charge extra for unnecessary middlemen, we believe in offering fair prices for both the traveler and the tour operator. More money in your pocket, more money in theirs.

Vietnam trips are a must-see on everybody's lists and it is here that you can get your dream Vietnam tour started straight away.

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Vietnam Reviews Of Our Travelers

François P., March 2020

We booked almost two months (56 days) with Huyen on without exactly knowing how it works despite the clear explanations on their site. Well, let me explain to you a few things. Based on our budget, Huyen booked us in 3-star hotels which were clean and well kept. When the rooms were not to our satisfaction, we texted Huyen and Ms Ly who immediately took action and we changed rooms.
Most of the rooms were close to tourist area and restaurants, except for two. I would recommend for future travellers to specify that their hotels to be walking distance from other restaurants, otherwise you may be obliged to eat at the hotel all the time.

All excursions and visits were paid for in our package, so, we did not had to wait in line with other tourists for entry tickets. Our package also included a private driver and English speaking guide in a clean SUV. Only one time we had a small car ( not so clean). Again we texted Ms Ly and a few hours later we had a clean SUV. That being said, we always fell secured and supported by Huyen and Ms Ly during the entire trip. We would like to thank you Huyen and Ms Ly for the outstanding service.

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Susan R., March 2020

Huyen planned an amazing trip for us! All the guides & drivers were friendly and very helpful in showing us Vietnam. I would highly recommend her to plan your trip to Vietnam. Huyen checked in with with us frequently during the trip. Due to the recent COVID-19 virus our flight out of Vietnam was cancelled and she was able to find another flight with the same day to go home. Huyen also texted me after I return home to make all went well. If you do choose Huyen to plan your trip - it will be amazing! Thanks Huyen for all your work.

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Bob D., February 2020

Very polite well spoken & very good knowledge

Sergio G., February 2020

It was great since beginning. We told her what we want and she did it. It was almost perfect. During trip we have all support and help from them too.

Petra C, February 2020

I cannot give Huyen and her support team enough praise. The combination of tours was amazing. I am so happy with the service she provided. The organisation of everything far exceeded our expectations. Before the trip Huyen was very quick to respond to any queries I had and arranged for Gluten free meals for us etc. I have written to her separately to praise her for her services and have been telling everyone we met on our journey about :-) Thank you.

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