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Alison Mally / January 2016

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"Tina replied promptly to all my emails and was very helpful when my mobile phone was stolen after the tour. I wish I had stayed at the hotels she reco..."
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About Vietnam Tours

Where to start with tours of Vietnam? Cruising Halong bay? Biking Hanoi? Hiking in Sapa? Vietnam beach tours? This country is one of Southeast Asia's finest and one that contains so many tourist attractions. Traveling Vietnam has never looked more alluring.


Whether it's a tour of north Vietnam or south Vietnam, there is plenty to do. North Vietnam tours are famous for the exquisite mountain trekking, the capital city Hanoi and Halong Bay cruises whilst the south boasts amazing beaches and the fascinating history of Vietnam in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh).

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Vietnam tours ready for you to personalize.

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  • Huyen
    6 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Vietnam


    Hi guys, My name is Huyen, from Hanoi, Vietnam. You may find my name a little bit hard to pronounce, but I will not change it to an English name, just like the way I want to keep Vietnam and Indochina the most authentic to you. Like you, Im a travel-holic. And when I travel, I always want to travel as the way I live my life, as my own style, not like anyone else. Thats why when I customize a trip for you, I re...

  • Tuan
    4 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Vietnam


    Tuan graduated from the National University with a degree in Tourism and Hanoi University of Foreign Studies with a degree in English in 1999. He loves travelling and feels very itchy if he works at the office for a long time. He always take full advantage of inspection trips to widen his practical travel knowledge, experience and to expand his horizons. He’s been to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia (Peninsul...

  • Phan Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Vietnam


    Hi all. I'm Thang Phan, but my nickname is Apan. I used to be a shy, modest teenager, but it seems that destiny led me to a career in tourism, because everything changed when I chose to study at the Hanoi University of Culture -Tourism Faculty in 2001. I developed a hunger to travel from place to place: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China, etc.I am always looking to explore the life of others, expand my vision to the...

  • Sang Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Vietnam


    My name is Sang Nguyen, an expert for Vietnam Destination. I have studied Tourism and Germanistic at University of Social Sciences and Humanities Ho Chi Minh City. During my education, I had opportunities to work with many travel agencies in Vietnam as Tour Guide. Therefore, I gained a lot of knowledge about the communication, culture and destinations visited in Vietnam. With my passionate about tourism, I am ve...

  • Hanh Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Vietnam


    Graduating from the Hanoi University, I feel it is my good luck to receive an opportunity to work and connect the path of my life’s first steps to become more mature. Additionally, this is also my chance to become a professional travel consultant who help all visitors from all over the world have interesting journeys in Vietnam in particular and in Indochina in general. Cooperation with the customers, listenin...

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Vietnam Tours


Things to do in Vietnam

Main Attractions of Vietnam


Start any Vietnam tour by cruising Halong bay (Ha Long Bay in Vietnamese, meaning the ‘descending dragon bay’), a beautiful boat ride that travels through limestone rocks and still, blue waters. The ones who want to party at Halong Bay will usually stay 2-3 nights as boats in the bay merge and travelers share stories of their tour of Vietnam. For the more relaxed visitor, 1-2 nights is the usual stay.


From Halong bay, travel the north of Vietnam in Sapa. With rugged scenery and picturesque rice terraces, trekking Sapa will captivate any seasoned traveler. Next, travel to Hanoi, Vietnam's frenetic capital city that beats to the sound of sizzling Vietnamese street food, lively fruit markets and the perpetual sound of motorbike engines. If you want non-stop action then it's a wise choice to travel Hanoi.


Hanoi Vietnam

Two men relaxing on their motorbikes, Hanoi. Photo by Tri Nguyen


After this mind-blowing start to your Vietnam tour, you still have so many great towns as you travel Vietnam, from the charming Hội An, a town with colorful streets and a thriving shopping hub, attracting millions of tourists a year, all purchasing perfectly tailored suits,  to the bustling nightlife of Nha Trang, that are well worth a visit as you then travel on from Ha Long bay down to the Mekong delta in southern Vietnam. Hue, Vietnam's ancient capital is particularly interesting to view the early history of Vietnam.


Vietnam offers just the start of your Indochina tours but as you travel Southeast Asia you may just realize that if you visit Vietnam you will find the cream of the crop.


So what's Vietnam all about?

Food and Culture of Vietnam


Vietnam tours will open your eyes to the fascinating history and the fervent integrity that the Vietnamese have generated over time. From the mastermind trenches to the somber and overwhelming museums, Ho Chi Minh, the capital, formerly known as Saigon,  propels you into poignant museums and a great understanding of the history of Vietnam.


If you are after an eclectic array of Southeast Asian food then search no further because Vietnamese food is your next stop. Traveling Vietnam will provide you with a multitude of dishes, ranging from the obscure to the sumptuous (at cheap prices).


Vietnamese food

Vietnamese clay-pot with an abundance of spices. Photo by Nick Nguyen


The beauty of Vietnamese food lies in its range of spices used in the majority of their dishes. A fusion of ginger, lemongrass, lime, chili, cinnamon and mint, including a few other specialties, is a novel and flavorsome addition to any dish. Indulge in Pho noodle soup or goi salad and let your senses run wild.


When to go to Vietnam

What time of the year is it best to visit Vietnam


Being so diverse and reliant on your location, Vietnam is a hard place to call as you can almost certainly expect every type of weather on your Vietnam tours.


Be sure to avoid monsoon season in the northeast between October and March. Similarly, be sure to avoid central Vietnam during the months of July-November due to a series of violent typhoons.


That being said, Vietnam weather is unpredictable and so the majority of the time the weather is beautiful. If it is damp, it usually adds to the atmosphere.


Popular times to visit are during the summer months of April-August. Vietnam tours are also popular between October-March, mainly in the south.


If you are backpacking South East Asia it is imperative that you give Vietnam the time it deserves by stopping over for a long stay. A few days simply won't do.


How can I organize a tour of Vietnam?


Local travel agencies provide the best and most secure way to travel in Vietnam. Traditional tour operators are rarely in touch with the locals and planning your Vietnam trip beforehand can be strenuous. At we offer the perfect alternative, giving you access to quality local agencies in Vietnam who can guide you through everything and pass on their abundance of knowledge.


With you book your trip direct with the experts, meaning you get a completely personalized service and the best advice at your fingertips and, better yet, you also save money. While traditional tour operators charge extra for unnecessary middlemen, we believe in offering fair prices for both the traveler and the tour operator. More money in your pocket, more money in theirs.


Vietnam trips are a must-see on everybody's lists and it is here that you can get your dream Vietnam tour started straight away. 


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