Lion during African Safari Tours

Safari Tours

Teddy Hwang / March 2017

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"Roshara put together a program for us to visit every interesting site in Sri Lanka. Our vacation went so smoothly hence it was very enjoyable. Travel..."
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Safari Tours

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Safari Tours

Safari tours capture the imagination like few other tours.


Imagine boarding a boat that takes you to within meters of a rhino grazing, or silently stalking through fields to spy wildebeest in the wild - roaming out into the African plains with lions, gorillas, tigers, giraffes and other wild animals is a uniquely thrilling experience, and our safari tours take you to the heart of the action to see the very best game in Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia and Tanzania.


For the nature lover and adventurous soul, safari tours in Africa offer an unforgettable experience.


Customize your unforgettable Safari Tours

Safari Tours tours ready for you to personalize.

Our hand-picked Destination Experts in Safari Tours

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  • Lujan Personalized itinerary within an estimated 19 hours

    Destination expert in Argentina


    I have been an enthusiastic about traveling & adventure since I can remember. After having finished my Tourism studies I lived for 1 year in Patagonia working as mountain guide, surrounded by breath taking landscapes and getting to know amazing people from all over the world. Later on I started working as a tour leader around Argentina & Chile trying to transmit my passion for travelling to each group I guided. ...

  • Santosh
    1 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 5 hours

    Destination expert in Nepal


    Upon graduating in Hospitality Management and working a couple of years in the tourism industry I developed my skills towards customer service and I knew how to provide the best option to the clients with quality service at a reasonable cost. Nepal as a Himalayan nation has lots to offer. For me responsible tourism counts, therefore my trips are designed accordingly. I am specialized in trimming the tailor ...

  • Kishor
    3 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 16 hours

    Destination expert in Nepal


    With high passion on travelling and exploring the Himalayan region, the natural and cultural beauty of Nepal turned me to become Travel Expert. Since 15 years I have been assisting travel in Nepal for travelers around the globe. I enjoy creating customize trips as per the individual requirements and interest. The quote “Travelling is not a restriction but opportunity of endless discovery” fits true to me and my ...

  • Hannah Personalized itinerary within an estimated 3 hours

    Destination expert in South Africa


    Home is where the heart is and it could not be truer for me and the passion I have for my country, South Africa. Combining my travel experience and sharing my passion with those wanting to visit South Africa, I am able to customise, design and deliver a seamless, perfect vacation experience. With access to exclusive travel offers and ensuring the best value for money, I will go the extra mile and try to exceed e...

  • Roshara
    2 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Sri Lanka


    Being a local who has a passion for traveling and tourism, gives me the experience to show you the real Sri Lanka. I invite you for an unforgettable journey. You will discover exotic wildlife, untouched nature, ancient cities, pristine beaches and experiences with locals. Inquire now for your life time holiday....

  • Amira
    77 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 12 hours

    Destination expert in Egypt


    I have been working in the tourism field for more than 10 years after graduating from Cairo University. I live and work in Cairo, and it is a honour for me to work for a large and reputable travel company here in Egypt, which has been established in 1955, as a result of this long history of reliable, quality tours, my agency is one of the leading tour operators in Egypt. As a destination expert I offer priva...

  • Carmen
    16 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 15 hours

    Destination expert in Jordan


    About seven years ago I drove with a car from Amsterdam to Jordan. An amazing journey that has been a life-changing experience. About two years later I decided to go live in Jordan where I still live. After living in the town of Petra for a few years, I'm now based in Aqaba. It's a fantastic country that has lots to offer. Next to Modern World Wonder Petra, you'll also find other cultural and historical UNESCO h...

  • Tristan
    4 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 39 hours

    Destination expert in Mexico


    I live in Mérida, the heart of the Mayan world for 5 years. My story with Mexico began 10 years ago when I travelled for a year all over the country. I fell in love with its landscapes, its magnificent history, but overall with its people. To me México is much more than all-inclusive resorts on Riviera Maya. I love organizing authentic travels with a human touch: inside lands, hidden archeological marvels, small...

  • Eliya
    21 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 3 hours

    Destination expert in Tanzania


    Eliya was born in Tanzania and he grew up in the tourism, travel and leisure industry as his father was in the travel industry. Eliya founded his own agency after having worked for 9 years with various tour companies as a driver guide and progressing to operations manager. He gained the experience and vision for what is considered to be the most important principles in operating a successful safari adventure bus...

  • Amit
    25 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 11 hours

    Destination expert in India


    Amit's destiny with India has a twist in it! His parents were born in India and migrated to the US. As a child, Amit would return to India every summer, and upon graduating from High School, made the independent decision to pursue his Bachelors of Science in Business Commerce Honours from Shri Ram College of Commerce in New Delhi, India. It was from this experience he realized that he wanted India to be a part...

  • Jagathsingh
    14 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 64 hours

    Destination expert in Sri Lanka


    With 12 years experience I am a professional in the travel and tourism industry in the tropical paradise island of Sri Lanka. We are well experienced and traveled in the country, with 100% professionalism and guaranteed exceptional customer service. Our goal is to provide holiday solutions with the best value for money, great customer service, and tailor made to fulfill exact customer requirements...

  • Walter Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Botswana


    Growing up in Africa and often spending my school holidays on my uncles game farm has given me a deep and abiding love for the continent, most especially its wildlife and natural places. My passion continued growing when I started assisting and the leading safaris to the great national parks and reserves in Southern Africa. After an intensive guiding career in Southern Africa I started a tour operating company i...

  • Anna
    2 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 20 hours

    Destination expert in Uganda


    My Uganda adventure started 5 years ago when I first came to Uganda to work on environmental conservation and cultural project. Thrilled by the Ugandan hospitality, the cultural diversity and the picturesque scenery, I quickly decided to make this beautiful country my permanent home. After several trips around the country and driven by the wish to enable others to experience Uganda, I started working as a pr...

  • Thibault
    1 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in South Africa


    Nine years ago, I equipped a 4x4 to cross the African continent on a 6-months road trip from Ethiopia down to Cape Town in South Africa. And it is at the tip of the continent that I eventually decided to settle down. I enjoyed so much all the time dedicated to the preparation of my overland trip that I came up with the idea to share my experience and organize African road trips for other people. I have travelled...

  • Surya
    6 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Nepal


    My hobby is travelling to different places and enhancing the exploration in the tourism sector. Though I’m living in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, at present, I've still simplicity of country life. I’m very simple, social, straight-forward and truly a nature lover from my heart. I'd like to go through adventurers exploring the intricate and inaccessible areas to exposition which not only provides refresh...

  • Marianne
    18 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Ecuador


    I was born and raised in Ecuador, I live in Quito and love to show to tourists the true gems of our wonderful country, so diverse and cozy at the same time! I have traveled a lot both inside and outside of Ecuador which has given me an understanding of traveler's needs. I know that the objective is to make the most of the days we have, adapting to every traveler's different desires and budget. This is my pass...