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Jesper Kampp / June 2017

Client tour review

"Fantastic vacation! Everything was very well planned. Silvia responded quickly when we asked for changes to our route planning and also made a number..."
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Africa Tours

There is no continent on earth that can match Africa for diversity and adventure. This is a continent of such breathtaking scope that it's near impossible to sum up neatly in a few phrases. Our Africa tours introduce you to this vast continent and its extremes. Modern cities sit toe to toe with ancient tribes, while tranquil beaches lap at lands where the wilderness still calls the shots.


Simply put, Africa is an experience, and one you'll never become exhausted of.

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Our hand-picked Destination Experts in Africa Tours

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  • Mohamed
    11 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 15 hours

    Destination expert in Egypt


    Born and raised in Cairo, I grew up with a great love for history and adventure. After graduation in 2012, I have worked as a tour guide for one of the biggest travel agencies here in Egypt. Being a tour guide gives me the opportunity to spend my time to show to tourists the true beauty and history of my wonderful country, while meeting people from all over the world. That makes me understand more about the di...

  • Kamal
    40 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 17 hours

    Destination expert in Morocco


    I'm a Moroccan Berber, born in Casablanca and grew up in Taroudant. I came to Marrakech for University in 1990 to study Animal Biology from the Science University Cadi Ayyad and to go the American Language Center here in Marrakech to learn English. I founded my small Agency after having worked for 6 years with various travel agencies based in Morocco as a National Driver-Guide and progressing to operations man...

  • Hannah
    2 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 2 hours

    Destination expert in South Africa


    Home is where the heart is and it could not be truer for me and the passion I have for my country, South Africa. Combining my travel experience and sharing my passion with those wanting to visit South Africa, I am able to customise, design and deliver a seamless, perfect vacation experience. With access to exclusive travel offers and ensuring the best value for money, I will go the extra mile and try to exceed e...

  • Amira
    99 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 7 hours

    Destination expert in Egypt


    I have been working in the tourism field for more than 10 years after graduating from Cairo University. I live and work in Cairo, and it is a honour for me to work for a large and reputable travel company here in Egypt, which has been established in 1955, as a result of this long history of reliable, quality tours, my agency is one of the leading tour operators in Egypt. As a destination expert I offer priva...

  • Hamza
    9 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 27 hours

    Destination expert in Morocco


    As the great writer Emile Zola said “Nothing develops intelligence like travel”. Later I realized that travel enables us to have a lot of emotions, new meeting & many positive sensations .I have visited most magical cities and villages in my home country and between the Mountains, the Sahara, the Imperial cities and the coast, I couldn't really pick which one I enjoyed the most. I have gained a throughout knowle...

  • Walter Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Botswana


    Growing up in Africa and often spending my school holidays on my uncles game farm has given me a deep and abiding love for the continent, most especially its wildlife and natural places. My passion continued growing when I started assisting and the leading safaris to the great national parks and reserves in Southern Africa. After an intensive guiding career in Southern Africa I started a tour operating company i...

  • Eliya
    21 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 3 hours

    Destination expert in Tanzania


    Eliya was born in Tanzania and he grew up in the tourism, travel and leisure industry as his father was in the travel industry. Eliya founded his own agency after having worked for 9 years with various tour companies as a driver guide and progressing to operations manager. He gained the experience and vision for what is considered to be the most important principles in operating a successful safari adventure bus...

  • Wycliffe Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Kenya


    Travel is an experience that will leave an everlasting impact and memory in our lives. I believe that travel in East Africa should not only be about sightseeing and wildlife viewing, but also about getting to know local people, such that they also will have an everlasting memory and feel appreciated as part of a traveller's experience. Passionate and driven to provide only the very best, I always recommend pl...

  • Thibault
    1 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in South Africa


    Nine years ago, I equipped a 4x4 to cross the African continent on a 6-months road trip from Ethiopia down to Cape Town in South Africa. And it is at the tip of the continent that I eventually decided to settle down. I enjoyed so much all the time dedicated to the preparation of my overland trip that I came up with the idea to share my experience and organize African road trips for other people. I have travelled...

  • Anna
    3 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 38 hours

    Destination expert in Uganda


    My Uganda adventure started 5 years ago when I first came to Uganda to work on environmental conservation and cultural project. Thrilled by the Ugandan hospitality, the cultural diversity and the picturesque scenery, I quickly decided to make this beautiful country my permanent home. After several trips around the country and driven by the wish to enable others to experience Uganda, I started working as a pr...