Magnificent architecture, beaches, mountains, and camel-riding adventures are major highlights of Uzbekistan tours you will not want to miss! The opportunity to take in such history, culture and beauty in one country makes this an unforgettable holiday. An Uzbekistan Trip is something you won't regret.
Magnificent architecture, beaches, mountains, and camel-riding adventures are major highlights of Uzbekistan.
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Uzbekistan Reviews

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Uzbekistan Vacation

Whether your goal is to go on an adventure, to relax, or to learn, Uzbekistan tours have just the thing for you. Architectural masterpieces, breathtaking scenery, and vibrant culture are just a few of the reasons to make Uzbekistan your next travel destination. On your fully customizable Uzbekistan holiday, you can experience the life of a nomad by going yurt camping. Relax on the beaches of the Charvak Reservoir, ride a camel-like the locals, sample the delicious Uzbek cuisine, and shop in the famous Chorsu bazaar. Architecture enthusiasts will be in awe of the countless mosques, monuments, mausoleums, and madrasas. This is just a small taste of everything Uzbekistan has to offer its visitors. Allow local destination experts to put together a private Uzbek experience—tailored specifically to your interests! You will surely talk about this vacation for years to come.  

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Uzbekistan Vacation

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Potential Destinations

Though they are fully customizable, Uzbekistan travel packages typically include a round trip of Uzbekistan. Your trip will begin in the capital city of Tashkent, where you can take in the sights of the vast complex of Khast-i-Imam, the religious center of the city. It includes several buildings from the 16th century. The city also boasts a magnificent art museum, housed in the former palace of a Russian diplomat. You may also choose to end your tour of the city in the famous bazaar of Chorsu. Snap a photo of its blue dome before venturing inside to shop.

Once you have fully experienced the capital, you will begin exploring the rest of the country. If you are interested in architecture, Bukhara is the place for you! Here you can marvel at constructions from as early as the 12th century and also view one of the oldest architectural monuments with remains of a Buddhist monastery.

No trip to Uzbekistan is complete without a visit to the Grand Charyn Canyon. The beauty and splendor of these vertical cliffs are sure to be a favorite memory from your Uzbekistan travel experience.

The magical city of Khiva is also a must for all trips to Uzbekistan. Here you can browse one of the biggest open-air museums in Central Asia, full of architectural monuments.

Another great site when you travel to Uzbekistan is Samarkand, where you can view the famous family crypt of the dynasty of Tamerlane and marvel at the architecture of the Registan Square.

If you are really adventurous, one option is to travel to a yurt camp, where you can try riding a camel and even spend the night in a yurt—a portable round tent typically used by nomadic peoples.

If relaxation, rather than adventure, is your goal, you won’t want to miss the Charvak Reservoir—lovely blue water surrounded by mountains. It is a favorite spot for the locals, where you can enjoy many restaurants and beaches.

Culture and Food

If you interested in learning more about the culture of the country, our destination experts can put together Uzbekistan holidays that include visits to “El Merosi,” the Theater of Historical Costume in Samarkand. Here you can enjoy a production that showcases traditions of the local people, from ancient to present times.

You may also enjoy a trip to Gijduvan, where you can watch a ceramics demonstration and appreciate the intricate oriental patterns.

As you travel in Uzbekistan, also be sure to sample the delicious local cuisine, known for its inclusion of mutton, due to the number of sheep in the country. Uzbek cuisine often features rice, bread, noodles, and vegetables. Green tea is a favorite beverage that you might like to enjoy.

With the combination of unbelievable architectural sites and exciting culture, trips to Uzbekistan are great options for all travelers!

Uzbekistan Tours Just for You!

For the most authentic experience and optimal service, it is best to book your vacation with a local travel agency. will help you do just that. We will connect you with a local destination expert, who will work with you to put together a fully personalized trip of a lifetime! 

By using to book directly with the experts, you will not only receive the best advice firsthand, but you will also avoid any unnecessary costs, hidden fees, and questionable payment platforms. We believe in facilitating a fair arrangement, advantageous to both the traveler and the tour operator. 

Since we personally evaluate all of the local agencies on our website, you can trust that your vacation will be planned by experienced and knowledgeable professionals, resulting in an exciting custom adventure.

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About Uzbekistan trips

If you are searching for your next travel destination, look no further. You will never forget the unique experience of an Uzbekistan vacation.


One of the main features of an Uzbekistan holiday is the country’s architecture. The beautiful monuments at nearly every stop are keys to learning about the country’s history. They make for fantastic photo opportunities as well. Your destination expert can put together an Uzbekistan holiday package that includes every site you are hoping to see!

City Life

Though Uzbekistan is well known for its architecture, you won’t want to miss out on the other exciting features of Tashkent, the nation’s capital. After exploring the Khast-i-Imam complex, you can take in the rest of the bustling city. Shop in the country’s biggest market, enjoy delicious kabobs, visit an art museum, and soak up the local culture—all in the same place!


Some lesser-known attractions of Uzbekistan are no less spectacular. Our experts can put together a trip that includes a visit to the Grand Charyn Canyon. The colorful rock formations found here are truly impressive.

If your ideal Uzbekistan trip includes relaxing on a beach, you won’t want to miss out on the blue waters of the Charvak Reservoir. Surrounded by mountains, this popular destination has many places to unwind and enjoy delicious Uzbek cuisine.


Some of our Uzbekistan private tours include an element of true adventure! If you are interested, ask our destination experts to book an Uzbekistan tour that includes an overnight stay in a yurt camp. Ride camels, enjoy dinner by a campfire and spend the night in a yurt (a round tent).

Regardless of your vacation preferences, Uzbekistan is happy to accommodate. Enjoy full days of sightseeing, relaxing outings in beautiful settings, or a perfect combination of both.

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Uzbekistan Reviews Of Our Travellers

Karen B., November 2019

This traveller just left a 5-star review.

Saim J., November 2019


Roseanne F., November 2019

The 12 day Great Silk Road tour was excellent. Norman was quick & efficient with our booking and arranging the extra days & accom we required. Saidjon, the guide on the tour was attentive to our needs and happy to adjust if reqd, and the driver was very good given the state of the roads in Uzbekistan.

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Robert C., October 2019

From the beginning planning phases of our trip, to the many questions we asked, to the itinerary, guides and drivers, Silk Roads and Norman exceeded all expectations. Our trip was memorable and an excellent value for the money. Uzbekistan is an undiscovered gem and the folks at Silk Roads provided excellent service and logistics making for a memorable trip for us. Thank you!

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Will, October 2019

Our guide is excellent and able to resolve problems and give local insights. All out drivers are awesome! Very safe driving.