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Rajasthan Explorer

The Taj Mahal - Jodhpur spice market - Elephant ride - Jeep safari in Rural Rumble
Unique about this tour:
  • Day 2: Explore the twisting alleyways of the Moonlit Square marketplace
  • Day 9: Enjoy breakfast while elephants carry you
  • Day 10: Escape the heat in the Jaipur stepwell
  • Day 11: Sunrise at the Taj Mahal

The north of India is a place where lush forests and arid deserts sit within driving distance, fed by rivers from the Himalayas and home to millions. It is an old land, home to civilizations going back thousands of years beside modern life. On this trip you will ride elephants, airplanes and cars as we cross the picturesque landscape from one historical site to the next. Tombs, fortresses and even still occupied palaces await you as we travel from basement kitchens to towering minarets through empty plains and crowded streets.

Come to lose yourself in a land of red sandstone and white marble, where the glories of the past still stand tall after centuries. Perhaps you wish to shop in the moonlit square, a marketplace where all things are for sale or maybe you want to watch a sunrise over the Taj Mahal while morning mist drifts off the Yamuna river. Or maybe you just want to immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the subcontinent.

No matter why you come, this trip promises to show you India as you've always wanted to see it.

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Example Trip to customize


Arrive to war and peace and progress

You will arrive at the airport in the early morning and transfer your things to the hotel. After the work is done we will enjoy a more relaxing breakfast as you prepare for today's introduction to India.

Since it's the first day we'll keep it light, hitting three sights before dinner. There's the long curving parliament building, built to mirror the Ashoka Chakra this building sits nestled within a ring of lush garden circled by sandstone fences.

Leaving the round hall we find a much more somber sight, the India Gate, a rising tan reminder of the loss and tragedy of war. The grounds are being made ready for a new war memorial so do mind the construction.

To lighter fare we'll visit Humayun’s Tomb, a sixteenth century edifice and the first of the garden tombs on the sub-continent. Here we can stroll the open walkways while hearing the restored fountains burble peacefully. The wind blows softly and the sun shines through a blue sky. After taking in the complex, spend some time seeing the unique result of Persian and Mongol inspired Indian design, with dull red sandstone adjoining gleaming white marble.

Then we can rest at our hotel as you prepare for the trip ahead.

Standard Accommodation: Blueberry

Comfort Accommodation: Jaypee Siddharth

Luxury Accommodation: The Lalit

Day 1


The Market of the Moon

We'll have a quick breakfast in the hotel before heading out, today is another light day with three sites to see among the bustling traffic of Delhi.

Once, Chandni Chowk, the moonlit square, was a maze of canals. Each reflecting the soft moonlight and clear sunlight through the crowded marketplace. Now the canals are covered but the marketplace is still active, having only grown over the centuries. Beginning at the Lahori gate of the Red Fort the district stretches out, flanked by mansions and the homes of local artisans. Here among the hustle of sellers and bustle of buyers you will find anything you need for sale.

There is Qutab Minar, built in the seventeenth century again with red sandstone and white marble, it rises above the surrounding ruins and the remaining midevil buildings. Having survived earthquakes and lightning strikes the Minar still towers over the leafy trees and the green grass commanding a view of the surrounding area.

Jama Masjid is a masque built of the by now familiar red sandstone and white marble. First visible as four towers reaching into a sky of gray, it next shows itself as two minnirets roundly standing above the outer walls. Lastly we will pass the gates and find ourselves in a wide open courtyard, one that even when busy is nowhere near its' 25,000 person limit. We'll take a little time to wander through open courtyards and over marble floor polished by centuries of use.

With our sights seen, we'll head back to the hotel. Tomorrow we have a flight to catch as our adventure picks up the pace. 

Standard Accommodation: Blueberry

Comfort Accommodation: Jaypee Siddharth

Luxury Accommodation: The Lalit

Day 2

Delhi - Jodhpur  

Beneath the clocktower

Breakfast at the hotel and an early dash through the streets and freeways to the airport. By the time our plane lands in sunny Jodhpur we'll be just in time for lunch.

But then we'll have the rest of the day on our hands. Jodhpur sits in the middle of a stark desert, the blue painted houses standing out against the landscape, light blue in the sun turning to an almost electric blue in the shade. Here where the city has sprawled past the walls of the old town we have a couple days to explore.

The first place we'll be is at the Clock Tower market. Dominated by the tower it gets it's name from, the market fills streets, allies and intersections. Where one street may sell shimmering silver, turning left will leave you surrounded by clay figurines, chess sets and pottery.

In the ancient, colorful, dusty and busy streets, we don't have to buy anything, the market with its' winding maze like streets is well worth our time.

Standard Accommodation: Park Plaza

Comfort Accommodation: Ranbanka Palace

Luxury Accommodation: Taj Hari Mahal

Day 3


An oasis among the trees

Today we'll start above the city with Mehrangarh Fort, a mountain top fortress built with a commanding view of the surrounding lands and an eye on all approaches. Now it is a museum, no longer defending the rulers but now protecting their treasures. Many examples of gilded palanquins and howdahs meant for riding royals riding elephants. If you want more martial memories, the gallerias also hold armor from every era of Jodhpur. Next to these rest ruby encrusted swords and silver inlayed guns.

We will take a short drive away from the fort across the brown earth through dusty rocky hills to the white marble of Jaswant Thada, a tomb and monument to Maharaja Jaswant Singh. This building is built with sheets of marble thinly carved and designed to give a faint glow in the warm light of the sun.

Leaving the marble behind we will move towards the vibrant green of the Mandore Garden. Here we can finish our day among the high rocky terraces and numerous temples. Enjoy the fresh plants sprouting next to the ruins of the old Mandore fort. 

Standard Accommodation: Park Plaza

Comfort Accommodation: Ranbanka Palace

Luxury Accommodation: Taj Hari Mahal

Day 4

Jodhpur - Udaipur  

The road to Udaipur

We leave by car early, it's a long road to Udaipur, one filled with cracked earth, herd animals, smaller towns scenic views of the blue sky dipping to meet the rising green of lush forests.

It also has the Ranakpur Jain Temple, a massive white edifice carved with bold geometry of white marble. Among the trees here we have time to take in the statues, pillars and temple. There are 144 pillars, each uniquely carved and difficult to count, similar to the statues, each facing its' neighbors depicting animals and gods.

But we won't spend all day in the valley, and in the heat of the afternoon we'll make it into Udaipur in time for a boat ride on lake Pichola affording us a breathtaking view of the city palace, a promise of tomorrow's activities.

Standard Accommodation: Rajputana Resort

Comfort Accommodation: Ramada

Luxury Accommodation: Trident

Day 5


400 years to build

We begin today at a palace that took 400 years to build. It's worth the wait though. This massive white palace sits upon a hilltop taking a panoramic view of the city and many other sites. From the airy open halls to the smaller interior rooms the age and grandeur of the palace gleam off every surface. During the day the buildings shine a bright white, at night they are lit with a warm orange glow that ripples off of nearby Lack Pichola. This will be one of the mornings to remember.

Next we'll see the Jagdish Temple, an imposingly tall and intricately carved white monument. Inside there are many rooms as the structure rises above the surrounding buildings. Take your time going through the terraces and into the halls inside.

After our walking and sightseeing, it's time for some relaxing. And there's no better place for it than the Saheliyon Ki Bari, the garden of the maidens. Past the small museum is a patterned garden worthy of a queen - which it was built for. Amid elephant shaped fountains and lazy green trees the waters of nearby lake Fateh Sagar race through ducts and fill the lotus pools. The time we spend here will be some of our last in Udaipur, and it will be our most relaxed among the beauty of the park.

Standard Accommodation: Rajputana Resort

Comfort Accommodation: Ramada

Luxury Accommodation: Trident

Day 6

Udaipur - Deogarh  

Get ready to rumble

We travel by surface through forests sparse and lush, over rivers and dried earth as we make for Deogarh in three hours.

Once there we'll hit up our hotel and take to a jeep for a trip through rural villages, where we can see the ways of life some unchanged over thousands of years and many others keeping pace with modernity. When we reach rural Rumble we'll take some time to walk the village, see the brown houses, meet the colorfully dressed locals and take in a view of life often unseen.

We'll head back by twilight to our hotel, once again making the step from one era into another.

Standard Accommodation: Deogarh Mahal

Comfort Accommodation: Deogarh Mahal

Luxury Accommodation: Deogarh Mahal

Day 7

Deograh - Jaipur  

From the depths to the skys above

Today we take a longer trip as we leave Deogarh and make for Jaipur. It's a long one so be ready to let the passing of the scenery flow through you.

Once we're in Jaipur and checked in at the hotel we'll be going through the triple gates into the city palace. While some of this massive red complex is still the royal residence, don't worry we'll keep to the public parts. As luck has it one floor of the residence does double duty as a museum and here at the base of the seven story palace we can see artifacts of royalty as well as some of the brilliance and opulence of the design of this magnificent structure.

But today isn't all about affairs of the earth, at the Jantar Mantar we'll find a monument to astronomy. In the shadow of the world's largest sundial we can explore the sky from the comfort of the red brick earth. Perhaps a trip down Jai Prakash Yantra, bowl shaped sundials with marble slabs lining the depressions. These are designed to let an observer freely move letting their mind move to calculating altitudes, angles and azimuths.

Or walk the twelve massive dials of Rashi Valaya Yantra, here astronimers would measure ecliptic coordinates for planets and stars in the eternal dance of the heavens.

Standard Accommodation: Park Prime

Comfort Accommodation: Alsisar Haveli

Luxury Accommodation: Trident

Day 8


Cooking for life

Our breakfast today is special, not for the foods we will eat but for the elephants we shall ride while eating. As we move steadily up the hill on the gentle sway of these mighty beasts we will finish breakfast in the style of kings.

When we dismount our howdahs be ready to see the Amer Fort, we will climb up cobblestone paths through many gates into the red sandstone and white marble palace. Through the “Hall of Public Audience” to the “Hall of Private Audience” we will explore the palace, gaze on the “Hill of Eagles” and perhaps take the secret escape tunnel to from the palace to the fort.

But then we move on to something much more personal and grounded as we visit a local family for a traditional dinner with a class on how to cook this rich curry ourselves. By the time we leave the kitchen turned classroom you will be able to make your own thick curry and flavorful rice.

Standard Accommodation: Park Prime

Comfort Accommodation: Alsisar Haveli

Luxury Accommodation: Trident

Day 9

Jaipur - Agra  

Beneath the cool earth

Again we travel and again we break our journey to enjoy the achievements of the past. The first achievement being Fatehpur Sikri, the village is known for Fatehabad, palace city of Mughal emperor Akbar. Here in the now familiar red sandstone buildings we can find new styles. For the palace complex was planned on complex principles of Persian architecture. But even as construction began, styles and ideas from elsewhere moved into the sandstone changing the design into something holding elements from across Asia.

The site is now preserved as a ghost town for there was not enough water for the complex to hold it's true potential. Today the complex has been preserved by disuse and we are the richer for it.

Much more lively however is the bustling city of Abhaneri, and within the stepwell. A stepwell is like a pyramid in reverse, a well dug deep with room to flood and reserves left over. Here the stepwell is over thirty meters deep with 3,500 steps making a dizzying stairway down. If the heat of the day is getting to you, a short walk will take you to the lowest level where the temperature is several degrees lower than the surface, here the locals gather during heatwaves.

With our day mostly done we will arrive in Agra in the afternoon. We still have time to relax and enjoy as sunset on the banks of the Yamuna river before bed.

Standard Accommodation: The Retreat

Comfort Accommodation: Double Tree By Hilton

Luxury Accommodation: Itc Mughal

Day 10

Agra - Delhi  

Full Circle

Our last day starts early, as we take in one of the wonders of the world with a sunrise at the Taj Mahal. As the sun climbs into the sky, we will see the white marble absorb and glow with the colors of dawn. The pinks, oranges and finally golden yellows of the sun will roll over the tomb, washing its' surface clean of darkness as a blue sky opens behind. We can see it twice as the reflected in the Yamuna river.

Then we return to the busy streets Delhi, once more among the crowd in this overfull city. There is one last place to see together, the Akshardham Temple. Still of the banks of the Yamuna river this building of pink sandstone and white marble rises in many styles from across India's expanse of land and history. During the day or night it is a breathtaking sight of domed roofs geometrically arranged to make a pyramid shape.

Take some time to explore the gardens here, there is the lotus shaped sunken garden, the Yogi Hraday. There is the Garden of India, a section of shrubs, lawns and trees providing shade to bronze sculptures of people important to India's history. There is even one last stepwell here, during the day it can keep you comfortable away from the heat, at night it becomes a musical fountain.

At last we will find ourselves either checking into the hotel as we finish our trip or preparing to go to the airport for your journey home.

Day 11


Up and Away

At last the time has come for you to depart. We will assist with the airport transfer so you can catch your flight for your journey. Home.

Day 12