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21 days


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Complete Ecuador Tour In 21 days

Walk into a volcano crater - Swim with Sealion in Galapagos - Meet the locals - Discover the deep Jungle
Unique about this tour:
  • Visit the beautiful Sierra Negra Volcano.
  • Meet the locals in Siena community.
  • Snorkel with penguins, sea lions, sea turtles and sharks.
  • Explore the deep Amazon jungle.

This 21-day tour will let you discover the highlights of Ecuador. Discover all the jewels of the Andes from walking into a crater to authentic indigenous markets and colonial towns listed on the UNESCO Heritage sites. Be amazed in the primary forest of the Amazon jungle with animals in their natural habitat, cook with a native family and meet the shaman of the community. Be surprised by the friendly wildlife of the Enchanted Islands and get to understand why they inspired Darwin for his evolution theory while you relax in its astonishing beaches! Enjoy the variety of what this special country has to offer in 3 weeks!

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  • 20 nights accommodation in hotels stated in the itinerary (or similar), in private rooms
  • 14x breakfasts, 7x lunches, 3x dinners
  • Transfers from and to the airport
  • Internal flights: Quito – Lago Agrio – Quito
  • Internal flights: Quito – Galapagos – Quito
  • Tours as per itinerary
  • Bilingual guide
  • International flights
  • National Park Entrance fee Galapagos and Ecuador ( Galápagos $100 / Ingala card $20 / Isabela entrance fee $5 / Water taxis $1 )
  • Entrance fee Ecuador Land Tour: Approx. $30
  • Wetsuits
Optional (Available upon request)
  • Extra excursions
  • Spa day in Papallacta
  • Hotel upgrade
  • Adventure activities in Baños (rafting, canyoning, canopy)

Example Trip to customize


Arrival In Quito

Welcome to Ecuador! Upon arrival at the airport, you will be transferred to your hotel. You can rest at the hotel or start exploring the city on your own. Quito is a historical center with beautiful sites to visit.

Day 1
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Zen Suites - Best Western

Quito - Mddle Of The World - Inti Ñan  

Sightseeing In Quito

You will have an exciting day today visiting the historical center of Quito, a UNESCO Heritage site since 1978. The highlights of today are visits to La Plaza de la Independencia, La Iglesia de San Francisco, and the impressive Basilica de Voto Nacional. Ecuador welcomes you to a wonderful sightseeing to Mitad del Mundo, museums, and even volcanoes! 

Day 2
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Zen Suites - Best Western

Lago Agrio - Cuyabeno  

A Jungle Experience

In the morning, you will fly to Lago Agrio and be transferred to Cuyabeno Reserve.​​ You will enjoy a two-hour canoe ride on the Cuyabeno River to Jamu Lodge. During the canoe ride, you will get a first glimpse of the amazing plants and wildlife found in the jungle. You may also be able to see a variety of monkeys and other jungle animals, depending on the time and weather conditions. Upon arrival at the lodge, you will be shown to your room and you can relax. After a siesta, you will leave the camp for a swim in the lagoon and watch a beautiful sunset. You will then return to the camp for dinner and you can finish your first day in the jungle relaxing in a hammock or having a drink at the bar.

Day 3
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Jamu Lodge


Canoeing At Night

After breakfast, you will take a trek in the primary forest for 3 to 4 hours where your guide will explain how this complex tropical ecosystem works. You will learn about medicinal plants and might be able to see some exotic birds or monkeys. You will then return to the camp for lunch and a siesta. In the afternoon, you will have a swim in the lagoon and watch the sunset. With a little luck, you can observe the pink river dolphins or an anaconda sunbathing in a tree. You will return to the camp for dinner, and then take a night canoe ride to look for caimans.

Day 4
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Jamu Lodge


A Day In Siona Community

After breakfast, you will head to the Siona Community of Puerto Bolivar, the largest ethnic group in the Reserve. During this tour you will learn their customs, traditions and way of life. You will be part of the preparation of Casabe, a local dish made of yucca. During the 2 hour canoe ride to the community, you can admire the existing fauna along the Rio Cuyabeno such as: birds, monkeys, snakes, pink dolphins and tortoises. You will pay a visit to the Shaman, the healer of the community is also included. After returning to the lodge, you will go for a short nocturnal hike through the primary forest in search of insects, spiders, geckos or scorpions, and listen to the night sounds of the jungle. Afterwards, you will have dinner in the lodge.

Day 5
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Jamu Lodge

Cuyabeno - Quito  

Flight To Quito

Early in the morning, before breakfast, you can go on a bird-watching excursion. Be sure to be back at the lodge for breakfast and then return to Lago Agrio to take the flight back to Quito.

Day 6
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Zen Suites - Best Western

Otavalo - Cuicocha - Cayambe  

Admire the biggest indigenous market in Latin America

Your first stop will be in Cayambe where you will taste the town’s famous bizcochos, traditional biscuits cooked on an open fire. From there you will head toward Otavalo while admiring the beautiful scenery of San Pablo Lake. Once in Otavalo, you will discover the most famous indigenous artesian market in Ecuador. You will have free time to explore and purchase local handicrafts and the guide will provide an explanation of the local indigenous culture. You will continue to the town of Cotacachi, famous for its leather goods then onward to the beautiful Cuicocha lagoon.

Day 7
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Zen Suites - Best Western


Biking In Cotopaxi

Today, you will enjoy an adventure in the Cotopaxi National Park. This amazing adventure includes hiking and scenic drives through the park’s majestic landscape including a visit to Limpiopungo Lagoon which provides a spectacular reflection of the beautiful volcano on a clear day. During the trip, you will also learn about the different fauna, flora, and history of the park. Cotopaxi has its own micro-climate and the weather in this area is very unpredictable so please be prepared with warm clothes. You will begin your biking adventure from the lagoon. From here, you will ride along a mostly flat route through the paramour landscape. Cotopaxi volcano is within view the whole time. A support vehicle will be traveling along behind so if at any stage you want to take a break you can jump in and relax. Enjoy your day at Copotaxi!

Day 8
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hostería Papagayo South

Quilotoa - Saquisilí - Banos  

Sightseeing At Quilotoa Lagoon

After breakfast, you will drive to Quilotoa. Quilotoa is a must-see when visiting Ecuador. This volcanic crater is filled with crystal-blue water and holds a special place in local indigenous mythology for being bottomless. Along the drive to reach the crater you will pass the local market in Pujilí where you will gain an appreciation for the indigenous way of life. You’ll also pass through the canyon of Zumbahua which makes for a great photo opportunity and close to there you will visit an indigenous family. When you reach Quilotoa itself you can walk down from the rim to the water’s edge and appreciate its beauty up close for yourself. The hike back up is rather steep however there is always the option of renting a mule for a few extra dollars.

Day 9
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hotel Alisamay

Banos - Riobamba  

Waterfalls In Baños

Beautiful waterfalls and lush forests surround the tranquil town of Baños.You will definitely enjoy the incredible Route of the Waterfalls! Your day begins with the first waterfall, Agoyan, where you will stop to rest and take photos. The next stop is the spectacular Manto de la Novia. The cable car ride we will take over the booming Pastaza River will give us an up-close view of the crashing falls. The Ecuadorian landscapes will amaze you as you wind our way 18 km through the small village of Rio Verde and stop to stand in awe of the massive Pailon del Diablo waterfall. Afterward, you will ride to Machay falls, hike to its base and cool off in its powerful and refreshing waters. After lunch, you will visit the “Death’s Swing”, or the Swing of the viewpoint of Tungurahua Volcano. Don't forget to bring your camera with you and take fantastic shots of the beautiful waterfalls!

Day 10
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hotel Casa Real

Chimborazo - Alausi  

The Impressive Chimborazo National Park

Today, you will visit Ecuador´s highest mountain, the impressive Chimborazo volcano. Chimborazo National Park is also unique because it is home to the beautiful Vicuña, a relative of the llama and alpaca, an animal that was protected by the Incas during their rule. You will drive up to the first refuge and from there walk to the second refuge. You will gain an appreciation for the enormity of the volcano and take in views of the surrounding highlands. Along the drive to and from the national park, you will also gain insight into the life of the local indigenous people.

Day 11
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hotel El Molino

Alausí - Devil's Nose - Ingapirca - Cuenca  

Experience The Devil's Nose Train

Alausí is a small charming town in the south of the Ecuadorian Andes.You will begin your journey on the Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose) train which has been named the ´most difficult railway in the world´ due to the zigzagging track along the side of a steep mountain in order to descend down to the town of Sibambe, at the bottom of the valley. Experience the most thrilling adventure of your life in the Devil's Nose Train!

Day 12
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hostel Kolibri


Cuenca City Tour

A favorite for many, the colonial city of Cuenca is a beautiful and charming gem in the southern Ecuadorian Andes. Your will visit the most important and interesting sights such as the picturesque and traditional neighborhood of San Sebastian, the Modern Art Museum, Calderon Park, the flower market and the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. In the afternoon, you will visit a Paja Toquilla hat factory, as known as the Panama hat, where you will observe the process of making the finest hats possible. From there, you will enjoy a walk alongside the river and be able to take in the charming architecture that lines the river banks. To finish the day, you will visit the Mirador de Turi, a scenic viewpoint where your camera will get one final workout.

Day 13
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hostel Kolibri

Cajas National Park - Guayaquil  

Explore Cajas National Park

With dramatic rolling landscape and jagged rocks, Cajas National Park is a unique and impressive area. The park lies on the continental divide so rivers run to both the Amazon in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. It’s the perfect place for a hike with 232 lakes and a range of fauna including spectacled bears, pumas, hummingbirds, and condors. After the hike, you will continue towards the “Pacific Pearl”, Santiago de Guayaquil.  Have fun exploring Cajas National Park!

Day 14
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Grand Hotel Guayaquil


Guayaquil City Tour

Today, you will be able to see the main sights walking the streets of Ecuador’s largest city. Guayaquil is a bustling port city that plays a critical role in the country´s economy however it has a lot to offer in a day visit. You will visit Simon Bolivar Park where you will be overwhelmed by iguanas sunbathing on the grass and climbing trees. From there, you will explore El Malecón, the boardwalk overlooking the Guayas River, which has become the focal point of the city. Passing along this you will end up at the charming colonial neighborhood of Las Peñas. Here you can stroll the quiet streets and have great photo opportunities.

Day 15
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Grand Hotel Guayaquil

Baltra - Santa Cruz  

Off To Galapagos and highlands

The highlands of Santa Cruz are a deep green, contrasting beautifully with much of the dry, lower islands. The dominant vegetation in the highlands is the Scalesia trees, creating the lush green color. You will go on a short ride that will take you to a 600-acre private reserve where the giant Galapagos tortoises freely roam, graze, and sleep. Walking among the tortoises in wild will be one of the most treasured moments of your trip. After visiting these prehistoric creatures in their natural habitat, you will take a 5-minute ride to the entrance of a 450-meter illuminated lava tunnel. With a ceiling nearly 20 feet high in most places, this is an incredible opportunity see lava stalagmites, stalactites, sulfur, mineral-colored walls, and the rippled floor formed from lava along this unique lava formations. Your visit to the Galapagos and the highland is definitely worth it!

Day 16
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Brisas Del Pacifico

Seymour North  

Visit North Seymour Island

North Seymour Island is teaming with life and is a great visitor site on Galapagos! You might have to give way to a passing sea lion or marine iguana. Blue-footed boobies nest on either side of the trail where mating pairs perform their courtship dance. Further along the rocky shore, a strand of white sand lies inland, and large flocks of sea birds mass for outstanding feeding frenzies, rendering a tableau for us from ages long past. The trail in North Seymour Island turns inland to reveal the largest nesting site in the Galapagos of the magnificent frigate bird. These huge, dark acrobats have a 5-foot wingspan, and males, with inflated scarlet gular pouches, sit precariously in low bushes to watch over their equally large chicks.

Day 17
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Brisas Del Pacifico

Santa Cruz - Isabela  

Speed Boat To Isabela Island

You will have the morning to yourself. You can rest and relax at the hotel or visit Charles Darwin Station or Tortuga bay on your own. In the afternoon, you will ride a speedboat to Isabela Island from the pier. Have fun and make the most of your visit in the island!

Day 18
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hotel Volcano

Tunnels Of Isabela - Wetlands Isabela  

Snorkel in the lava tunnels of Isabela

Today, experience an exciting boat adventure to a unique geological site, a snorkeling paradise and home to various species of the incomparable enchanted islands. The wetlands are complex trails that lead you to: El Cerro Orquilla, El Estero, La Poza Escondida, Poza Redonda, El Túnel del Estero, La Playa del Amor, Mirador de los Tunos y Pozas Verdes and La Playita. Explore the beautiful places of Galapagos while you are there!

Day 19
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hotel Volcano

Sierra Negra Volcano - Santa Cruz  

Visit Sierra Negra Volcano

In the morning, you will travel by car to the highlands of Isabela, following the route until the end of the road. There, you will begin a hike to a new geological world. During the hike you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful views and the incredible contrast between the volcanoes and the sea, to finally arrive at the edge of the Sierra Negra volcanic crater, the second largest active volcanic crater in the world. From there, you will walk around this enormous 30 square mile crater. If you still have the energy, you can continue walking to the top of Chico Volcano, a place with a unique scenery where there is a fusion of shades of red, oranges, yellows and blacks. Here, we can observe fumeroles and spectacular lava formations. On the way back from this hike, you can enjoy your last evening on the beaches of Isabela Island!

Day 20
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hotel Brisas Del Pacifico

Santa Cruz - Tababela Airport  

Flight To Ecuador Mainland

Your exciting and fun adventure in Ecuador has ended. Share your wonderful experience with your friends and family back home. 

You will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Ecuador mainland. From there, you can proceed to your flight for your next destination. Have a safe flight!

Day 21