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13-Day Mystery Of The Maya Civilization In Central America

Copan Honduras - Tikal Guatemala - Joya de Ceren El Salvador - Cahal Pech Belize
Unique about this tour:
  • Visit to Joya de Cerén, the only Mayan site that shows the daily life of the villagers
  • See the longest Mayan inscription on the Hieroglyphic Staircase in Copan
  • Walk through a lush jungle to find impressive pyramids in Tikal National Park
  • See El Castillo, one of the largest Mayan structures in Belize

Embark on a journey that will take you to some of the most amazing sites of the Mayan Civilization!

From the remains of a Mayan village that was buried under several layers of ashes, to impressive temples and pyramids full of history, this is ideal for those interested in learning about the Mayan heritage of Central America.

You will also get the chance to visit some of the colorful, charming colonial towns in the region. Immerse yourself in ancient history in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Belize. There is always more to explore!


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  • 12 nights accommodation
  • 12x breakfast - 5x lunch
  • Private transfers as mentioned (vehicles might change due to road conditions)
  • Tours as mentioned, with English-speaking guides
  • Entry/departure and immigration fees (to be paid at the borders)
Optional (Available upon request)
  • None

Example Trip to customize

San Salvador Airport - San Salvador  

Welcome to San Salvador!

Arrive at San Salvador airport in the fascinating country of El Salvador. Your guide will be waiting to greet you!

Enjoy the drive to the city where you will spend the night.

Day 1
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Terra Bella

Comfort Accommodation

Sal Y Luz

San Salvador City Center - Cihuatan - Suchitoto  

Traverse the Landmarks Of San Salvador

Today, make your way through the beautiful city of San Salvador. You can visit the historic center of the city featuring the Church el Rosario, the National Palace, the National Theater, and the Metropolitan Cathedral, where the remains of Monsignor Romero rest.

From here, visit the Anthropology Museum by David J. Guzman, which has many archeological artifacts displayed for visitors. Enjoy an afternoon of discovery and learn about El Salvador’s fascinating history.

Later, continue on to a handicraft market. After your visit, transfer to the charming town of Suchitoto.

Day 2
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

El Tejado

Comfort Accommodation

Los Almendros De San Lorenzo

Joya De Ceren - San Andres - Ataco  

Adventure Into El Salvador's Past

Travel from Suchitoto to the town of Ataco. En route you will tour the ruins and museum of Cihuatan, home of the biggest pre-Hispanic settlement in El Salvador.

After lunch, visit the archeological site of Joya de Cerén, declared world heritage by UNESCO in 1993 for being the only location of Mayan culture where you can appreciate the day to day living habits of El Salvador's pre-Columbian inhabitants.

Afterward, travel to another one of El Salvador’s Mayan ruins, San Andres, which was inhabited by the Maya between AD 600 and 900. There is a nice museum on site which is definitely worth a visit.

Day 3
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Fleur De Lis

Comfort Accommodation

Misión De Ángeles

Tazumal - Casa Blanca - Copan  

Travel to Majestic Tazumal and Casa Blanca

After breakfast, pay a visit to Chalchuapa. Discover Tazumal, the most important and impressive Mayan ruin in El Salvador. Tazumal includes a series of Maya ruins, such as ceremonial architecture that dates back to AD 100-1200.

The site includes an intricate water drainage system, tombs, adjacent minor pyramids, palaces, and excavated ritual objects. From Tazumal, continue on to another archeological site, Casa Blanca, where you can see a workshop that produced indigo (añil) dye in Pre-classic and Classic Mayan periods.

Indigo is a natural color extracted from the Xiquilite plant. It was a very important element for the Mayans. It was used it for magical/religious rituals, as a medical plant, for pottery, and for painting. When the Spanish Conquistadores arrived in El Salvador in 1524, Indigo became a new source of wealth. Travel on to Copan after lunch.

Day 4
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Plaza Copan

Comfort Accommodation

Marina Copan

Copan Ruinas  

Tour the Mythical Citadel of Copan

Today, tour the mystical Mayan ruins of Copan, where you will be able to witness ancient Mayan culture. The ruined citadel and imposing public squares reveal the three main stages of development before the city was abandoned in the early 10th century. 

The lengthy inscription on the Hieroglyphic Stairway Plaza is of considerable historical significance. Visit the Museum of Mayan Sculpture, acclaimed by experts as a unique contribution in the Mayan World. A masterpiece within the museum is an exact size replica of the famed Rosalila Temple, discovered in 1989. Lunch will be provided in the quaint colonial town of Copán Ruins.

At the nearby Las Sepulturas, there are a series of ancient courtyards and palaces that have been well-restored and give you a sense of the complexities of ancient society.

Day 5
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Plaza Copan

Comfort Accommodation

Marina Copan

Macaw Mountain Park  

Enjoy the Beautiful Macaw Mountain Park

Spend the morning with the birds! Outside Copán Ruins, there is an extensive private reserve aimed at saving Central American macaws. There are plenty of macaws here, along with toucans, motmots, parrots, kingfishers, and Orioles for you to observe.

In the 'Encounter Center', uncaged birds fly onto your shoulders or hands. Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Reserve offers a first class experience in an unspoiled part of the world. Here, learn about and interact with the intelligent, colorful birds of Central America.

An innovative tropical bird reserve located in western Honduras, it is a home for birds that have been rescued and cares for those who are in danger of extinction in the American tropics.

Day 6
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Plaza Copan

Comfort Accommodation

Marina Copan

Quirigua - Rio Dulce  

Visit the Stelae of Quirigua

After breakfast, meet with your guide in the lobby of your hotel for your transfer to Rio Dulce. On your way, stop at the ruins of Quirigüa, which have a series of impressive stelae and sculpted calendars.

These legacies constitute a unique and unequaled source of information on the social, political and economic history of the Mayan civilization. The zoomorphic and anthropomorphic sculptures found in Quirigüa are among the most attractive works of the pre-Columbian era.

After Quirigua, continue on your way to Rio Dulce.

Day 7
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Nana Juana

El Golfete - Livingston - Flores  

Sail Across the Rio Dulce

After breakfast, meet with your guide for your Rio Dulce Boat Tour. While navigating the Rio Dulce (sweet river) you will cross through "El Golfete", the wider area of the river in which the Chocon Machaca park and the floating gardens are located.

Along the way, stop at Ak'Tenamit, a local cooperative that has been able to assist the village with education and medical services through sustainable methods. Between "El Golfete" and Livingstone you will get the chance to view an impressive canyon, whose limestone walls are decorated with lush jungle flora.

The tour ends at Livingston, the only town in Guatemala in which the Garifunas settled in the 1800s. After the tour, you will be transferred to Flores.

Day 8
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Villa Maya

Comfort Accommodation

Camino Real Tikal


Traverse the Temples of Tikal

Today, meet your guide in the lobby of your hotel and transfer to Tikal National Park where you can explore some of the greatest ruins of the region.

Your guide will show you the layout of the temples, architecture, history, and some theories about why the Mayans disappeared. If you are lucky, a few monkeys, parrots, macaws, and toucans will be on site.

After the tour, enjoy lunch at a restaurant in the middle of the jungle. After lunch, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Day 9
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Villa Maya

Comfort Accommodation

Camino Real Tikal

San Ignacio  

Arrive in Gorgeous San Ignacio

Wake up and enjoy a delicious breakfast at your hotel.

You will be met and greeted at the western border of Belize by your local driver. Travel to your hotel in the San Ignacio area.

Spend the rest of the day relaxing at your hotel.

Day 10
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Black Rock Lodge

Comfort Accommodation

Ka'ana Resort

Xunantunich - Cahal Pech - Belize City  

See the Pyramids at Xunantunich

Upon your arrival in the town of San Ignacio, your guide will give you an easy introduction to the history of the ancient Mayas in Belize. You will then dive into their history yourself with a visit to the Xunantunich Maya Site. This is one of the most popular Maya Ruins in Belize.

The largest pyramid, El Castillo, is well known for the frieze, or band of stucco decoration which, at one time, extended around the entire temple. El Castillo rises 40 meters above the main plaza and offers an impressive panoramic view over the Mopan River Valley, which includes views of neighboring Guatemala.

After stopping for lunch in San Ignacio, the Mayan ruin tour will continue on to Cahal Pech, meaning "Place of the Ticks". The Cahal Pech Mayan ruin is located 15 minutes on the outskirts of San Ignacio and was home to a Mayan Royal Family.

Afterward, you will be transferred to Belize City.

Day 11
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza

Comfort Accommodation

Black Orchid

Altun Ha  

Hike Into Altun Ha's Ruins

Today, meet your guide and travel to Altun Ha Maya Ruin for your tour.

You will be taken to Altun Ha, which is located in the Orange Walk district. At Altun Ha, walk along the same paths as the ancient Mayas and wander amongst some of the 275 mounds that have been partially excavated.

Travel back in time and feel the presence of an ancient civilization come alive. Hike above some of Altun Ha's highest monumental structures, where the elite families once occupied. Enjoy the panoramic view from above. Inhale the fresh air of the pristine green forest that surrounds you and soar with the spirits of the ancient Mayas that are still remembered today.

Day 12
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza

Comfort Accommodation

Black Orchid

Belize International Airport  

Adios, Belize!

After enjoying a delicious breakfast at your hotel, travel to the airport in time to catch your onward flight.

Wave goodbye to central America. Safe travels, and visit again soon!

Day 13