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About Thailand Tours

If incredible beaches and some of the best cuisine in the world sounds like paradise to you, you're not the first. Thailand has been attracting millions of visitors for decades, and its popularity is only increasing.


On Thailand tours you'll discover fascinating, hectic Bangkok; become enthralled with Thailand's Buddhist culture; and fall in love with the warm, hospitable locals. You'll discover a country of baffling contradictions, where budget and luxury travelers can both find their utopia.

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    It is unquestionable that “ Life is Journey” and I always believe it. Everyone needs some changes to make changes and that is why I started to be involve in Tourism. Traveling is to learn, to exchange and to charge your life energy. You can not say that you explore exactly every single thing in one country. You need to explore it more and more as there are new things to be discovered all the time. By the dive...

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Thailand Tours


Thailand manages to showcase all of South East Asia’s greatest features and characteristics simply from its warm, smiley residents and its natural beauty.


Ranging from the striking limestone cliffs hanging over pristine turquoise waters to the epic waterfalls that crash down into bio-diverse rock pools, Thailand offers some truly spectacular views.


Thailand tours display the majestic charm of an increasingly popular nation.


Things to do on Thailand Tours

Main Attraction and Tourist Regions


All Thailand tours will inevitably start and end in the countries buzzing capital, Bangkok. Here you will find anything you want, from resplendent ancient temples to a unique night of Thai boxing. Bangkok really induces the adventure ‘try everything’ spirit in you.


Bangkok tours floating markets

The floating market in Bangkok is a truly unique way to navigate a buzzing market place. Photo by Dennis Jarvis.


Swathes of tourists flood through Khaosan road, picking up tailored suits, handicraft goods and printed vests, before returning in the evening for a lavish night in the eclectic range of bars.


Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, is a hub for temple trekkers, market meanderings, future chefs and animal enthusiasts. Take a trip up to nonchalant Chiang Mai and be sure to be impressed. You will get the chance to cuddle cub tigers, bathe with elephants and attend several Thai cooking courses. The amount of stunning temples on view here is a good enough excuse in itself to head north to this memorable city.


Get a feel for authentic Thailand by taking a tour through some dense jungle, meeting wonderful wildlife and picturesque waterfalls along the way. Kanchanaburi showcases Thailand’s amazing natural beauty.


If the last few recommendations haven’t convinced you to pack up and head on your Thailand tours yet then it will be Thai island hopping that will be certain to reel in any traveler in doubt.


Many of the Thai islands depict the generic perception of what ‘paradise’ looks like, with their blonde beaches lined with palm trees and their idyllic, calm crystal waters, spread around the menacing and mystifying limestone cliffs.


First made famous by Ko Phi Phi from Danny Boyle’s 2000 film The Beach, the popularity of the Thai islands now spreads across hundreds of beautiful different islands. Ko Pha Ngan hosts the infamous full moon party where young tourists from all over the world come to party, usually with painted bodies and faces before spending the next day nursing hangovers in the forgiving ocean.


Ko Phi phi

Crystal clear waters in a cove in Thailand’s Ko Phi Phi. Photo by Roberto Faccenda


For more idyllic, quiet spots of paradise, head to Ko Tao (some of Thailand’s best diving spots), Ko SamuiKo Lanta andKrabi (mainland Thailand).


So What’s Thailand all about?

Food and Culture of Thailand


Thai food  is an incredibly important part of your Thailand tours. Thai Culinary classes are offered in every major city and island, with a chance to create some divine Thai recipe’s, from the ubiquitous Pad Thai to the sumptuous variation of spicy noodle soups.


Seafood is a staple dish for all islanders and beach goers, with a selection of great lobster, octopus, crab and all the favorites.


A lot of curries have peanuts sprinkled over them and a lot of the Thai cuisine features an abundance of spice.


Tourism in Thailand has been thriving over recent years and a major contribution to this, along with its fascinating attractions, has to be the benevolence of the people. Always ready to dish out a warm smile, the Thai hospitality is contagious on your Thailand tours.


A largely Buddhist country, Thailand is very spiritual, with a lot of meditation practice and temple visits.


Chiang Mai tours

Bathing time in Chiang Mai. Photo by Dennis Jarvis


When to go on your Thailand Tours

What time of the year is it best to visit Thailand?


November-February is the best time to travel to Thailand for its great temperature and lack of rain.


March-May and June-July (start of the rainy season) are the hot seasons but also a great time to visit Thailand.


July-October gets the worst reputation and is probably the worst time to visit. That said, I visited in September and found the weather and prices perfectly reasonable and would even recommend jetting off on your Thailand tours any time of the year.


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