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Uruguay and Brazil Tours Reviews

Friesen, Ronald George, March 2020

Edimar provided exceptional service to us. We had one of our best ever trips. Edimar deserves credit for assisting us to select great destinations and tours, coordinating all the logistics (including all domestic travel within Argentina), responding to questions (and changes requested by us) promptly and effectively during our trip, and generally being a wonderful support person.

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John D., March 2020

Service p friendly at all destinations. Also accommodated efficiently and quickly changes in plans. We had a great time.
Two negative points. Bank machines are usurious. To get 4,ooo pesos out of an ATM costs 650 pesos a rate of about 16% of the total value of the withdrawal and may places claim to take Visa say the machine doesn't work. The second negative was a driver who texted twice while driving and would regularly take both hands of the stirring wheel. All other drivers were splendid.

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Michael E., February 2020

Everything was perfect. Every airport pick-up and return was vert prompt, even one at 5:45 AM. All tours were good. If I was repeating this tour I would skip the Puerto Madyrn area. It was ok but wrong time of year to be there.

David L., February 2020

Edimar is very responsive and very responsible. She arranged everything perfectly. I told her what I needed, things I may not be comfortable with and she understood me perfectly. Perfect hotel and tour arrangement. Also perfect hotel/airport pickups without incident. I have had a great trip to Argentina.

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Andrea J., January 2020

Edimar was always ready to answer any of my questions, gave recommendations...