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14 Days Exploring UNESCO Heritage in Romania

Sighisoara citadel - The painted monasteries - The dacian fortresses - Fortified churches
Unique about this tour:
  • Challenge yourself to underground games in the Turda salt mine
  • Visit Sarmizegetusa Regia, the Romanian Stonehenge and other UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Romania
  • Wander villages with fortified churches in Transylvania
  • Enjoy a steam train ride in Maramures

Spend two full weeks in the fascinating country of Romania

You'll visit many of Romania's notable sites, while exploring the country's beautiful countryside and captivating history. This trip offers you the perfect balance of history, culture, and adventure! Visit UNESCO sites, such as the painted monasteries of Bucovina and the fortified churches of Transylvania.

Explore the impressive Horezu Monastery and the ancient fortresses in the Orasie Mountains. Visit the only inhabited medieval citadel in Europe in Sighisoara, take a ride on a historical steam train through the Vaser Valley, after exploring the wooden churches in MaramuresYou'll explore the full range of attractions in Romania, and leave with an idea of the country's fascinating nature, traditional customs and local cuisine! 

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  • Private transfer to and from the airport on the first and last day
  • Rental car for 12 days (includes GPS, additional driver, and insurance)
  • 13 nights accommodation in double room with breakfast
  • 24-7 hour assistance during the entire tour
  • Detailed itinerary
  • Fuel, road, and parking fees
  • Entrance fees
Optional (Available upon request)
  • Private guide in Bucharest for Day 2
  • Single supplement
  • *Note: For your rented car you will need your passport and international driving license. When you pick up the car you will sign the contract with the car rental company and you will pay a guarantee of 100 Euros.

Example Trip to customize


Welcome To Bucharest!

Welcome to Romania!

You will begin your journey in the beautiful capital of the country, Bucharest. Upon arrival your driver will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to your hotel in the heart of the city.

Use the day to relax and explore the city on your own terms. Discover the small boutiques and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the modern cafes. In the evening, take a stroll through the old town and see the lively nightlife unfold or How about a drink in one of the many pubs and bars?

Enjoy the magnificent city that is famous all across Europe!  

Day 1
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Ibis Hotel

Comfort Accommodation

Venezia Hotel


Visit Bucharest’s Famous Attractions

Today, it’s time to discover the beautiful attractions that Bucharest is known for across the world!

Take a tour and visit the Parliament Palace, the second-largest administrative building in the world, after the Pentagon. Step into a different world in the impressive Romanian Athenaeum, a masterfully designed concert hall, famous for its acoustics. Learn more about the history and culture of Romania in the Village Museum, housing a collection of traditional buildings in different styles from all around the country.

After your tour, enjoy the evening in the city, go for a refreshing walk at night, or relax at your hotel.

Day 2
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Ibis Hotel

Comfort Accommodation

Venezia Hotel


Explore Horezu Monastery

In the morning, you'll leave Bucharest behind and start your tour of the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Romania!

The first stop is the Horezu Monastery, beautifully situated in a mountain panorama. The name of the monastery comes from a species of night owls. According to legend, the workers who built the monastery were only allowed to work at night, in order to avoid being discovered by enemy forces. Their work was accompanied by the singing of owls at night, which gave the monastery its name. 

Visit the monastery and learn about its rich history. Also, don’t miss the chance to explore the small town of Horezu, with its picturesque pottery shops.

As an option, you can also visit two old Romanian mansions located close by the Romanian “cule”.

Day 3
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Pension Siva

Comfort Accommodation

Andra's House


Travel to Transylvania

After a restful night of sleep, it is time to turn your wheels towards Transylvania!

Although the area reminds visitors of Bram Stoker's Dracula, you need not be scared of vampires! Transylvania is one of the most beautiful regions in the country and has many fascinating places and a rich history to explore. The landscape is defined by the stunning Carpathian Mountains that decorate the horizon.

Next, travel to the medieval city of Sibiu, where you will spend the night while you are visiting Transylvania. Choose to spend the day exploring the city, stroll through the charming streets, and understand why Sibiu has been declared one of the most idyllic places to live in Romania.

If you like puppetry or mimes, stop by the historic Gong Theatre.

Day 4
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Ibis Hotel

Comfort Accommodation

Continental Forum Sibiu

Alba Iulia - Sarmizegetusa Regia  

Discover The Ancient Dacian Fortresses

After enjoying breakfast at your hotel, hop in the car and head out for a day of exploring the beautiful medieval city of Alba Iulia. The city has played an important role in Romania since the middle ages.

As you explore the city, take a look at the Roman Catholic cathedral, which is a representative of medieval Romantic style architecture. You can also visit the Batthyaneum Library, housed in a former baroque-style church.

Move on to visit the six Dacian Fortresses of the Orastie mountains. These ruins were built around the first century AD as protection against Roman conquer's and have been declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Explore the remains of Sarmizegetusa Regia, which contained a citadel, residential dwellings, workshops, and a sacred zone. Afterward, return to Sibiu to spend the evening relaxing in your hotel.

Day 5
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Ibis Hotel

Comfort Accommodation

Continental Forum Sibiu


Sightseeing in the medieval town of Sighisoara

After a delicious breakfast, you'll hop into the car and head for the town of Sighisoara, one of the only medieval citadels still inhabited in Europe!

This is a popular tourist destination because of it's very well-preserved walled old town, and is another of Transylvania's UNESCEO World Heritage Sites. Experience the city as you explore through the windy, medieval streets.

Be sure to visit some of the citadel's towers.The Clock Tower, today a history museum, was built in the 13th Century and stands 64 meters high.

If you need a break, head out for a romantic walk through the streets, before sitting down to enjoy one of the local cafes. When you're finished exploring the city, drive back to Sibiu for an overnight stay.

Day 6
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Ibis Sibiu

Comfort Accommodation

Continental Forum Sibiu

Valea Viilor - Biertan - Saschiz  

Visit Romania's Fortified Churches

After breakfast, use the day to discover some of Transylvania's most historic fortified churches, in the villages of Valea Viilor, Biertan, and Saschiz. All three are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Transylvania.

You're free to wander through the streets of these small, quaint villages, as you learn about the history of the region.

Day 7
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Ibis Sibiu

Comfort Accommodation

Continental Forum Sibiu

Turda - Cluj  

The Modern City of Cluj

Wake up to another day of exploring Romania! Today, you will leave Transylvania behind and head to the area of Maramures, another of Romania's fairytale corners.

On your way, stop by the most famous salt mine in the country, the Turda salt mine. Drop your bags at your hotel in Cluj, one of Romania's most modern cities. Hit the streets and check out some of the local cuisine! 

If you wish, spend the afternoon exploring the picturesque countryside around the city. 

Day 8
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hotel Biscuit

Comfort Accommodation

Grand Hotel Napoca

Sisesti - Barsana - Desesti  

Explore the Famous Wooden Churches

Today will be a full day of history!

Spend the morning cruising the countryside in search of Romania's famous wooden churches or stop by Sisesti, Desesti, Budesti, and Barsana - all UNESCO World Heritage Sites situated in some of Romania's rural villages. The churches are built of timber, and usually have a characteristically slim bell tower. Often, they have been decorated by local artists.

Explore these very traditional villages, which makes visiting this area almost like going back in time. Afterward, you'll head to Sighetu Marmatiei, where you can spend the evening relaxing in your hotel. 

Day 9
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hotel Gradina Morii

Comfort Accommodation

Pension Flamingo

Viseu De Sus  

Hop On A Steam Train!

Today, get out of the car and hop on a steam train!

As you gaze out the window you'll witness the fantastic landscape of the wild Vaser Valley! Riding a steam-powered locomotive is a traditional treat in Romania, and some were even built in the early 20th Century. Although these trains were originally constructed to haul cargo through the deep forests of the mountains, today they have been revived for the tourist industry.

In the evening, you'll return to your hotel in Sighetu Marmatiei. 

Day 10
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Gradina Morii

Comfort Accommodation

Pension Flamingo

Vatra Dornei - Moldovita - Sucevita  

The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

After breakfast, you'll depart Maramures and cross the Carpathian Mountains. You are on the way to the area of Bucovina, a land with warm people and a dark history.

The area is decorated with an impressive number of churches and monasteries. An especially beautiful sight are the painted monasteries of Moldovita and Sucevita, built in the 15th and 16th Centuries. These captivating buildings have their external walls covered in fresco paintings in unique colors and are also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In the afternoon, you'll head to the city of Vatra Dornei.

Day 11
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Aldi Hotel

Comfort Accommodation

Best Western Bucovina

Voronet - Targu Neamt  

Explore the Neamt Fortress

Begin your day with a tasty breakfast at your hotel, then head back out into the countryside, where you will journey to see more of the fantastic painted monasteries 

Also on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the monasteries Voronet and Humor are beautiful additions to your journey through Romania's history.

Afterwards, move on to discover the unique Nneamt Citadel Fortress before heading to your hotel in Piatra Neamt.

Day 12
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Hotel Oscar

Bicaz Gorge - Lacul Rosu - Bucharest  

Enjoy Stunning Vistas of Bicaz Gorge

Your journey through Romania will leave you will many memorable impressions of the country and it's rich history!

Use the day to head back to the capital of Bucharest, where you will spend the night. On the way, stop to admire two of Romania's natural beauties, the Red Lake and the Bicaz Gorge. The drive along the gorge is considered on of the most spectacular in the country. 

Day 13
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Ibis Hotel

Comfort Accommodation

Venezia Hotel

Henri Coanda Airport  

Pa Pa, Romania!

You'll dop off your rental car before being escorted to the airport at the appropriate time where you'll board your flight back home. 

It is time to say goodbye to Romania, or as the locals say "pa pa!".

Day 14