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Natural beauty, rich history and the legend of Count Dracula are major highlights of Romania tours that will satisfy your curiosity about the country. Captivating castles, Carpathian Mountains and the Danube Delta are all an intrinsic part of traveling to this European destination.
Natural beauty, rich history and the legend of Count Dracula are major highlights of Romania tours that will satisfy your curiosity about the country.
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Romania Reviews

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Romania Vacation

The fascinating landscape of Romania offers a thrilling time to those adventurously inclined. Soak in the culture, savor the food and enjoy your Romania holiday. Romania has a lot to offer to tourists looking for a unique travel experience in Europe. Explore fortresses, monasteries, churches and pretty countryside villages on Romania tours. From luxurious stays to places off the beaten track, Romania has it all. Discover its best kept secrets including glacier caves, and the painted monasteries in Bucovina. Just like the famous Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci, this beautiful country scores a perfect 10 for all its wonderful attractions!

Our local destination experts have a wide range of tours for all kinds of travel preferences. So, choose a tour or get one tailor-made for you.

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Romania Vacation

Romania Travel Information

Travel to Romainia

A complete Romania travel experience enables you to see the local life, culture, and diverse sightseeing attractions. Usually, visitors head to the capital Bucharest first and then navigate their way to other destinations during their trips to Romania. There are several direct flights to Bucharest available from Europe.

Beautiful Bucharest

On a round trip Romania tour from Bucharest, visitors can see the sights of this urban city. Architectural buildings, art museums and cultural experiences abound in the capital. The Parliament Palace and the Romanian Athenaeum are two of the must-see places of interest here. Along the way, you can stop at shopping boutiques and cafés. Food and drink at local bars/pubs, and entertainment too are an integral part of any tour to the capital. You can also make a trip to the impressive wellness center Therme Bucharest located a short distance from the city for a rejuvenating time.

Terrific Transylvania

Any trip to Romania is incomplete without visiting one of its most famous tourist attractions –Transylvania. After all, vampires and mysterious castles make for an unbeatable combination. Many Romania travel packages offer a tour of the castles and places associated with this legend inspired by the Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula. These include Bran Castle, the royal court in Targoviste, Bistrita, the Corvin castle–one of the most splendid castles in Romania, and the ruins of the Poenari Castle.

The Transylvania region has so much more to offer besides the Dracula factor. Visit the well-preserved medieval fortifications in various cities. Taking a walk down the streets here is like time-traveling into the medieval past. Among UNESCO World Heritage sites located here are the Dacian fortresses, the beautiful medieval city of Sighisoara with its amazing historic center, and the fortified churches in seven villages including Valea Viilor, Biertan, and Saschiz. You can get a flavor of local life in a rural setting while visiting these picturesque villages. On Romania tours, you can also explore the incredible Turda underground salt mine.

Breathtaking Carpathian Mountains and Danube Delta

If you are looking for stunning natural beauty and mesmerizing vistas when you travel to Romania, make a trip to places located near the Carpathian Mountains. The mountains are home to forests, gorges, lakes and caves. Visit the Apuseni Mountains, a part of the Carpathians, to see the Scarisoara cave–a big glacier cave. Another superb attraction is the Peles Castle near Sinaia. You can also travel to the Bucovina region to take a look at the painted monasteries of Moldovita and Sucevita recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The exquisite frescoes that adorn the external walls of these monasteries make for a fabulous sight.

Another sightseeing attraction on a trip to Romania is the Danube Delta. The mighty Danube River that originates in Germany makes its way to Romania where it forms a delta before emptying into the Black Sea. It is a great place for birdwatching on a private boat trip. You can even go fishing here.

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About Romania

Bordering the Black Sea and surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, Romania’s medieval citadels and modern cities offer a hypnotic blend of the old and new. Its pristine landscape and myriad attractions make it an interesting travel destination. Mountains and rivers, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, culture and diversity – experience it all on exciting Romania tours. Starting from the buzzing capital Bucharest, you can journey to several amazing places spread across the country.

Castles, Vampires and Medieval Cities

One of the prime attractions on a Romania holiday is Transylvania made famous as the setting of Bram Stoker’s vampire novel Dracula. A remarkable natural landscape dotted with enchanting castles and fortresses along with the mystery of the vampire legend make the region a delight for travelers. As you explore the several castles in Transylvania, you will also come across the ones associated with Count Dracula.

Transylvania’s majestic mountains, lush meadows, forests, and cities with a rich medieval history have a unique allure. On Romania private tours, you can get an in-depth look into several sites of interest in Transylvania. Discover the medieval history and Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture of the lovely city of Brasov and explore the city of Sibiu that is known for its medieval structures and cultural attractions. Transylvania is also home to some of Romania’s spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Scenic Landscape

A Romania holiday package provides an opportunity to explore the country’s gorgeous vistas. The stunning Carpathian Mountains have several national parks while the Danube Delta–the second largest delta in Europe–has wonderful attractions of its own. You can also enjoy the sun, sand and sea along the beautiful beaches of the Black Sea coastline during summer. Idyllic villages with verdant surroundings and a laidback charm are also a part of the appeal of a Romania vacation.

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What time of the year is it best to visit Romania?

Depending on what you're after, Romania is a year round destination. There's a great deal of variation in climate (Bucharest can reach 40°C  in summer, while Brasov can hit -35°C in winter), but winter visits hold their own kind of charm in a country that wears its rugged side very much on its sleeve.

For coastal fun, May to August is the obvious time to visit, and it's also a great time to explore the Danube. In bustling Bucharest it could get oppressively hot, so it might be best to stick to the edges of this time period.

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Food and Culture of Romania

The most interesting parts of Romania's culture are to be found in the strong folk traditions which still thrive today in rural communities of the country. Wood carving, ceramics, weaving and more remain crucial parts of rural life and can fascinate visitors to Romania's small mountain villages. You'll also find plenty of traditional folk music and dance in these areas.

Romanian cuisine can be roughly defined as "hearty", with meat and vegetable soups taking pride place on the dinner table. Don't be surprised to be offered tripe soup and even calf foot soup. There's a great deal of Hungarian and German influence in the food, so you'll find sauerkraut and more involved in many typical dishes.

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Romania Reviews Of Our Travellers

Travis F., September 2018

Corina and her husband Florin are amazing. The second we arrived at the airport, he was there to greet us, and made sure everything went smoothly from that moment on. I consider them family after the great treatment we received visiting Romania!

Romica L., September 2018

Corina was so helpful and professional, I started from nothing last year, not knowing which way to go for the trip, but she made it happen, she put together the best itinerary, she tailored a trip for our group needs and desires, so our vacation turned to be amazing, for a very good price,
She always answered our questions and concerns in a timely manner and everything went as scheduled, very nice hotels, very reliable transportation,
I definitely need to mention Florin, the guide and translator, who was so kind and very knowledgeable about Romania and all places we visited, he was very patient and made the schedule flexible, also you get some adds on.
Our vacation was wonderful and unforgettable!
I would really recommend Romania for a trip, with so much history and so many cities and places to visit, churches and fortresses, castles and beautiful landscaping, great food and people.
So if you want a marvelous vacation in Romania, you need to contact Corina and Florin, who will make you trip amazing !!

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Gayla F., September 2018

Our guide, Florin, was amazing. He has a great knowledge of Romanian history and he is able to explain it in an interesting way. I loved all of the places that he took us to. Romania is a beautiful country with an incredibly rich history.

Kim L., July 2018

Corina Booked everything after discussions with us , We could not have been happier, She kept in contact to make sure we were happy with her choices, The guides she arranged were very good, Florin was great to travel with and a lot fun, Very safe driver. Highly recommended.

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Deborah L., July 2018

Corina produced a fantastic itinerary while responding to our many questions and modification requests with prompt replies and creative suggestions. Florin was our driver and guide during a 13 day tour from Bucharest through lush, fairy-tale landscapes with working shepherds, nesting storks, castles, medieval villages, meadows filled with wildflowers, dense forests, fresco covered churches and farm to table fresh foods. His advanced preparations and personal connections got us into every venue while avoiding lines and crowds. He was very knowledgable about the social and political climate, historical contexts and facts. Florin shared amusing stories and legends with his unique sense of humor! And he loved to surprise us along the way with special places and foods. His excellent driving skill and personal care for our well being at all times was never in doubt. We can highly recommend the agency which is one of the best guide agencies we have experienced in our 40 years of individual personal travel.

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