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Hello, my name is Parisa

Destination Expert for Iran

Short bio:

“Doroud” as of equivalent to Salute in Persian Language I hereby greet you with our most friendliest welcome to the cradle of civilization “Khosh Amadid” my name is Paris short for Parisa which is the ancient Persian name for “Parysatis” dating back in the history of my country to over 2500 years as the name of Darius II wife 423-404 BC and also the name of the youngest daughter of Artaxerxes III 425-338 BC known to be the wife of Alexander the Great in the History. Right from the origin of persian names we can start to describe marvels of the Persian empire dating back to the early civilizations of mankind up to the tales of 1001 Nights and the fairies of Sheherzad. Although I studied Political science at the Azad University of Technologies in Tehran but fell in love with travel as a business from the early teenage times when we frequently visited Europe as a family and I was in charge of creating a daily trips every summer when we spent our Holidays and not only the activities was interesting for me but learning foreign languages and exchanging ideas was fascinating at those ages too. Now with over 19 Years of experience as a Professional Tour Operator in Iran specialized in design and managing tours and trips inside my country as well as numerous certifications from European companies I dedicate my time to tours inside the country mainly with focus of Cultural and study tours and round trips. Creating mesmerizing trips to my beloved country and explaining every detail of art and history as well as cuisine and exquisite tastes & flavors of saffron to amazing art such as carpet and inlaid woodworks is all a never ending passion that drives me further to create unforgettable journeys throughout Persia in order to bring Iran closer to the world and the world closer to Iran.
  • Languages: English, Farsi

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Favorite destination:

Kish Island

Travel preferences:

luxury Travel & City Stays