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Hello, my name is Cony

World traveler, community member

Short bio:

Born and raised in a small and cozy town in El Salvador I was always surrounded by vast nature and wonderful views. I grew up enjoying the fresh air in the morning, hiking through unknown mountains, harvesting fruit trees, feeling beloved by the warmth of the people, and admiring the work of artisans and farmers. At the age of twelve I joined with a group of friends an archaeological tour knowing the history of Tazumal, San Andrés and Joya de Ceren “the Pompeii of America”; visiting all this archaeological sites I discovered my love for traveling and to know what is beyond. From that moment I started to make little trips around my town with my most adventurers friends and collecting unforgettable memories. During my degree I felt in love with the sustainable development studies and started eco-projects with a student association. This gave me the opportunity to travel to Paraguay in South America and share with others what my team and I were doing. Nowadays I’m working to spread the amazing destinations not only in my home country but also to promote what you can find in the region of Central America. I can assure you, Central America has everything! Paradisaic beaches, beautiful mountains and volcanoes. It has history, delicious gastronomy and traditions which attracts people around the world. And this is what I love the most, share my passions and guide others to find beautiful destinations to getting a pause from the city or share with your beloved ones. Do not hesitate and choose Central America for your dream vacations. I always will be happy to help!
  • Languages: English, Spanish

Favorite destination:

El Salvador and Guatemala

Travel preferences:

I love Hiking and camping in the middle of nature, meet the culture trough the locals (and food) and walking tours around historical towns!