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Hello, my name is Daniel

World traveler, trip.me community member

Short bio:

My passion for Italy has been with me since a very early age, so much so that I lived in Italy for several years, in particular within the Tuscany region. Living in Italy allowed me to travel the whole of the country and get the true experience of a tourist in every region of the country. I have been able to turn this real life experience of the length and breadth of Italy into an abundance of knowledge, invaluable to any person looking to visit this unique country. I love putting together dream vacation itineraries, including honeymoons, family adventures, food and wine tours, cultural experiences and genealogical trips, which I handcraft to each individual customer to ensure they have a unique experience. I get such joy and pleasure when my customers return from Italy to tell me their stories of the adventures they have had when traveling through Italy and the magical memories they now have that will stay with them forever!
  • Languages: English

Favorite destination:

Tuscany and Lake Garda

Travel preferences:

Cultural experiences, historical facts, wine and food tours, dream itineraries, unique experiences, unforgettable adventures