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Hello, my name is Gemma

World traveler, community member

Short bio:

Gemma Cope founded Green Pathways, Nicaragua’s premier eco-friendly adventure tourism company, in 2010. At the forefront of the eco-tourism and sustainable travel movement in Nicaragua, Green Pathways is a realization of her vision to charter a greener pathway in Central America by implementing innovative, sustainable and community building practices. In 2010, as part of Green Pathway's dedication to preserving and protecting Nicaragua's natural habitat and resources, Gemma founded the NGO Pure Earth Project in order to develop community-based environmental and social initiatives there. She has since implemented myriad projects, including sea turtle conservation, which has released over 22,500 baby sea turtles to date, and mangrove and tropical hardwood reforestation programs, working in alliance with Nicaraguan institutions. Prior to Green Pathways, in 2005 Gemma moved from England to South America to work on conservation in the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Galapagos Islands. In 2007, she moved to Nicaragua and, in 2008, purchased the Bigfoot Hostel with a partner in the colonial city of Leon. While working with Bigfoot, she and her team helped grow the sport of Volcano Boarding to become one of the most sought after activities by travellers to Central America - it was rated by CNN as the “#2 Thing To Do Before You Die." Gemma was born and raised in Sutton Coldfield, England. Since moving to Nicaragua, She has seen the country transform into one of the safest, most beautiful and untapped treasures in Central America.

Favorite destination:

In Nicaragua - Rio San Juan and Indio Maiz biosphere reserve

Travel preferences:

Adventure, luxury, wildlife, fitness and wellness, beach

3 things I always take with me on travel:

flashlight, lavender oil, flipflops