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Hello, my name is Kasia

Destination Expert for Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia

Short bio:

I have loved travelling from the first years of my life. A week with no trip involved was a week ‘lost’ for me - as many of my family members and friends often recall today with smile. I was born with passion for tourism. This innate love for history, culture and art pointed my way of professional path. I had no doubt what to do in my life. Born and living in Krakow - one of the most unique cities in Europe - I could not imagine myself doing anything else than working in the field of local tourism. After graduation in 2010 I started working as a tour guide, making the history of my city and country alive for numbers of travelers. My work quickly became my passion or, rather, it has never been a commonly understood job… When you do what you love, it is not just your work - it becomes your way of living. This direct experience of fascinating work with tourists enabled me to learn about, meet and often go beyond their expectations. Having realized that you can be the most effective organizer if you have also practiced in the field, I started thinking of myself: ‘Why not only conduct tours but also plan and organize them?’ And it really works. Every day I combine my experience with knowledge to create memorable tour programs for our guests. Every day I combine my passion with work, making all tours unforgettable experiences for our visitors.
  • Languages: English, Polish

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