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Hello, my name is Camila

World traveler, community member

Short bio:

I look forward to present you the best parts of this country and to guide you to the most incredible corners of Colombia. Colombia is a magnificent country an I am here to help you plan the best trip as per your ideas, wishes and preferences. I grew up in Colombia and have travelled with my family through the whole country during my childhood and youth. During that time I discovered my passion for travelling and developed a great affection for the natural and cultural diversity of Colombia. I have studied and worked in Germany, which I brought me closer to European culture and offered me the opportunity to travel to other places in the world. After this experience abroad, I wanted to return back to my homeland. Because of my studies in ecology and my hobby climbing I have particular interest in natural and adventure trips.
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish

Favorite destination:

Pacific coast, Amazonas

Travel preferences:

Active trips: climbing, diving, biking, trekking