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Hello, my name is Marco

World traveler, community member

Short bio:

I love to learn about unknown cultures and sharing the most interesting encounters with locals with other travelers. Nature, food and listening to the stories of local inhabitants are also important vehicles to achieve this. In my tour offers I would like to introduce a perspective that is likely to deepen the perception, especially of Brazil and South America. All started with annual family vacations in many countries of Europe as a child and later with self-initiated low-budget trips with friends such as hitchhiking in central Europe in 2007 or a Road trip to Gdansk along the Polish Baltic sea coast in 2010. From these experiences I was inspired to stay three months in New Zealand in 2009, wandered around for three months in Spain in 2012. In 2013 I made an internship in social media marketing and travel correspondence at an active tour agency in Quito, Ecuador, then explored Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia in three months. By now, I am working as travel agent in Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil, where I currently live for most time of the year. My collection of experiences with people and travelling in South America is continuously increasing as I source my knowledge from own discoveries and keeping close friendships with various locals in all these countries. Like this, I am able to cater much better to the individual needs of my clients. Thus, I am capable to work out itineraries that lead to extraordinary experiences.
  • Languages: German

Favorite destination:

The time you enjoy while travelling is much more important than the place you explore.

Travel preferences:

Slow Travel: better to stay longer at a place than exploring too many places in less time. I am actively looking for conversations with locals which normally leads to out-of-the-ordinary experiences and authentic moments.