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Hello, my name is Gwendeline

World traveler, community member

Short bio:

After having traveled through many continents and countries I came for a 3 month visit to Argentina. That one trip turned out into a life changing experience; I felt a special 'click' with the country and its people I hadn't experienced elsewhere. Soon after, I decided to try to build a living in Argentina, and that was now 12 years ago. The first years I completely immersed myself into the Argentine culture and habits. Also I decided to do the tourism career, to be able to understand and know the country and its people even better. After years of living here, I feel like a 'link' between the western cultures and Argentina. On the one side I completely understand the wishes and standards of the traveler, and on the other side I know what to get and expect here. As a result of the tourism career, the knowledge of this beautiful country, and my many travel experiences, I opened my own travel agency. The passion I feel for Argentina and his people plus the enormous variety in beautiful nature, makes that I work with a lót of pleasure everyday making tailor made trips. Each trip presents a new challenge, simply because there is no trip that fits all. I always work creatively with the client to get to a perfectly fitted travel plan. Highlights or off the beaten track, centrally located hotels or hidden Estancias on breathtaking places; I can do it all! I always try to add special places and/or experiences to the itineraries to make a trip really special and personal. And when the day comes you arrive to Argentina, I will be happy to personally welcome you in Buenos Aires!
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Dutch