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Committed to responsible tourism!

Serjee's agency is a member of the TourCert community and is qualified regarding the ecological and social standards of TourCert. Based on a self-assessment they implement an action plan which is reported to TourCert annually.

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How certifies destination experts

  • we personally select our destination experts by hand
  • we engage in a detailed interview process before beginning each cooperation
  • we ensure language skills, expert knowledge, passion and fair labor conditions
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Hello, my name is Serjee

Destination Expert for Mongolia

Short bio:

My name is Serjee. I was born in the west part of Mongolia grown up in real nomadic life. In 1996 I started to work in tourism. I love my country and am proud of our Mongolian history. It is a great pleasure to share, show, and explain my traditional knowledge of nature, environment and nomad life, and exchange different customs and our way of life. If you like adventurous travel, love nature and are ready to explore new cultural experiences, Mongolia is definitely the place to go!
  • Languages: Russian and English

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Favorite destination:

I like to go everywhere in Mongolia and most of all I like Western part. It has a spectacular scenery and also my birthplace that I grew up. I encourage you to explore all this beautiful landscape of Mongolia with me!

Travel preferences:

Group tours, horse riding tours and trekking tours