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Hello, my name is Richard

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Short bio:

Richard has a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism from the University of South Africa.One of the leading Universities in Tourism and related studies training Centers in the world. He as well Holds an advanced Diploma in Tourism Management and Administration from Kenya Utalii College, An Hospitality Training Center of its Kind, rated highly across the African region and beyond. Richard as well Holds an International Air transport Association advanced Diploma from IATA/UFTAA Geneva Switzerland and Montreal Canada. Richard has worked as a tour guide, Tour Consultant, Tour leader, tour programmer, Tours operations manager, and Tours and travel Director in tourism and Airline companies for over 18 years, He is well informed, experienced, and has been to all the destinations you will travel to, several times Richard has great knowledge of East Africa's and Rest of Africa’s Holiday destinations. His wide and sound experience both as a Tourism trainer and operator makes you feel great in adventure with no doubt. He has full knowledge of all you need to make your holiday effective with great rates in great destinations. Richard was born and lives in Kenya.
  • Lives in: Kenya