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Hello, my name is Indrajeet

Destination Expert for India

Short bio:

Born in the city of dreams Mumbai my wandering soul has finally found the perfect place to be Delhi, the city of Djinns. I have always had a fascination for history and culture. Growing up I thought I had always wanted to become an archeologist. It was perhaps this thirst for the undiscovered that led me to joining the travel industry and exploring India’s beautiful monuments, forts, palaces and magnificent temples. For me visiting any new place is about connecting the dots and how everything is connected. The reason why people dress, eat, live pray a certain way. This is also the reason I feel I have a different perspective on India. For me it has never been just a destination it is a journey which is the culmination of all the sights, sounds, aromas, words and experiences. The earliest reason for people to travel in India was pilgrimage. People travelled to the farthest places in search of inner peace and enlightenment. I don’t think the reasons have changed much after even a millennia. Isn’t it travel that gives you a different perspective. A new way to lead your live or to relive nostalgia. I’m fluent in English and French along with 3 other native languages, and I take pride in showing off this beautiful land the way it is meant for any traveller to see.
  • Languages: English, French, Hindi, Marathi

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Favorite destination:

Hampi, Karnataka

Travel preferences:

Offbeat and Experiential travel