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Hello, my name is Ayu

World traveler, trip.me community member

Short bio:

I am Balinese and spending almost my entire life living in paradise. I started to realize that I like to travel to new places when I was in a college, discovering beautiful places outside of Bali even Indonesia. I had the chances to visit some countries of Europe, Turkey, and Thailand which made me realized that by traveling, you find an unexpressed feeling by visiting someone’s country; that heaven really exists on another side of the earth. Knowing that Indonesia as a country has thousands different landscapes and architectures, cultures, traditions as well as its people, these reasons give me the motivation to share the beauty of my beloved country to travelers all over the world. My specialty is providing a combined trip between the islands of Indonesia to show you how rich we are with cultures, languages, diversities, local cuisine and many more. One of it by combining Bali and Raja Ampat trip; where the Island of God has been well known for its charm meanwhile Raja Ampat is everyone’s dream destination due to its authentic nature, miraculous marine life, and sincere people. By this way, I believe that you can find more unexpected terrific surprises that Indonesia has. I am happy to share my knowledge about Bali and Indonesia, giving you as much information so that you can discover this mesmerizing archipelago to the fullest and bring home those unexpressed beautiful feelings.
  • Languages: English

Favorite destination:

Bali, Gili and Java