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Hello, my name is Miryam

World traveler, trip.me community member

Short bio:

To make it happen. That’s my goal. To see how others make it happen, reaching their goals, fulfilling their dreams…this is what I truly love doing: to be part of it when it happens. As I have been living in different countries throughout the years, I ended up becoming familiar with the nomads, with the expats, with that deep feeling of curiosity that is embedded in them, a desire to learn and immerse myself in other people’s cultures, other ways of life, different thinking patterns… Since I started my work as a travel advisor in Andalusia I have been helping people indulge in their passions, their hobbies, their real interests. It has been wonderfully rewarding to design personalized itineraries in this exceptional Spanish land, building a travel master plan for my travelers and making their dreams fall into place. So pleased to see that they feel totally identified with every step of the way that we create together.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, French

Favorite destination:

America, Europe

Travel preferences:

Luxury travel