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Hello, my name is Glenda

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I am Glenda from Argentina. I will be really happy to help you organize your trip. I´ve been working as a travel agent for over 10 years. I´m a passionate professional and traveler as well. I have had the opportunity to visit the most wonderful places around my country by myself. The peaceful feeling when enjoying an infinite lake in Patagonia is just indescribable. It makes me connect with nature in a cosmic way, like meditating. The water falling in the Waterfalls is hypnotic and the power of nature is exciting but at the same time relaxing. The sounds of the jungle make you feel observed and alert and the wildlife is so unique! I love the little towns in our Northwest, the culture is so authentic. Adobe narrow streets with animals, local costume and handicrafts all around make you crash into your heart. Our country is huge and offers amazing places to discover. According to your needs and wishes, I will prepare carefully the best option for you.
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