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Hello, my name is Katrina

World traveler, trip.me community member

Short bio:

Assalam Alaykum! My name is Katrina and I'm your travel expert in the Sultanate of Oman! I am originally from the Philippines and had been working here for several years, therefore I considered Oman as my second home. Traveling is an essential component of human experience, and I am passionate about adventure, discovering places & immersing myself w/ the locals to learn about their culture, local cuisine and their way of living. Oman is a stunning country with it's diverse natural beauty and what makes it even more interesting is the perfect harmony of modern living of the people with it's rich culture & heritage. I've visited the outskirts and most of the places from North to South of the country and among my favorite spots are Sugar Sands in Al Khaluf, Empty Quarter-largest contiguous desert in the world and Dimaniyat Islands. Our dynamic team offers assistance, creative and competitive solutions to meet client's requirements and fulfill satisfaction in them. Customer-centered, flexibility & prompt correspondence are our trademarks. So either a relaxing holiday, take an adventurous desert, mountain or wadi safari or business travel, I would be glad to be of assistance in fulfilling them. I look forward in welcoming you here!
  • Languages: English

Favorite destination:

Sugar Sands, Empty Quarter, Dimaniyat,