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Peru Travel Information

Where to start with tours of Peru? Trekking Machu Picchu? Adventure tours in Lake Titicaca? Hiking the Inca Trail? Amazon rainforest? This is a country that is bursting with hundreds of fantastic tourist attractions that make travel to Peru an unforgettable experience.


Think of Peru vacations and the first thing that will come to mind is probably the iconic city of Machu Picchu. It's one of the world's most breathtaking vistas, and it's the tip of the iceberg of everything Peru has to offer: beautiful coasts, rugged mountains, and Peru’s Amazon help to make up a diverse travel destination that you'll talk about for years to come.

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Peru Travel Information

Peru Tours

Peru, over the years, has established itself as the ultimate South American traveling experience.

With its fascinating landscapes and absorbing history, people with all kinds of interests can enjoy Peru tours. Backpackers traveling through South America love to visit Peru as its central location allows easy travel throughout the continent, bordering as it does on Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil and Chile.

Travelers with suitcases are no less inclined to fall for the country's considerable charms, with luxury tours in Peru being a favored option for experienced adventurers with a budget, and all other levels being catered for by the country's impressive tourist infrastructure and high quality local travel agents.

It is no secret that the Inca’s carved the way for some of the most formidable and enigmatic trekking trails in the world. Nowadays these attract millions of visitors worldwide to come and marvel at the ancient wonders, as well as the calm of Cuzco, the bustle of Lima and the surprising beaches on Peru's lesser-visited coast.

Oh, and the food. The food! Peruvian cuisine is some of the finest on earth, and Lima is one of the gastronomical world's best-kept secrets, so be sure to take a food tour in Peru to try it before the word is out!
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Best time of the year to visit Peru?

June-September is the driest and most popular time to visit Peru. It can also be overcrowded during these months so to witness Peru with less crowds we would advise going between April-May, and also October.

The wet months between November and March should be avoided, especially for Inca Trail treks and Machu Picchu treks.
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Food and Culture of Peru

In the last two decades Peruvian cuisine has defied all odds and emerged as one of the finest cuisine destinations on the planet. Of course, speak to the locals and they'll have seen it coming all along; you'll find no more passionate proponents of Peruvian cuisine than Peruvians themselves, and they have every right to be proud. Peru food tours are now common practice and are gaining attention worldwide, so be sure to take full advantage of local knowledge and take a gastronomical tour of Peru while you're in town.

So what attracts us? Well some say it is the incongruous mixes on the palate, for example uncooked fish with fruit. If the Peruvians hadn’t been bequeathed with the inherent innovation, however, then “outrageous” dishes like this would have never been discovered.

Cerviche, although common throughout Latin America, is a Peruvian delicacy that pleases palate after palate. Then there is the somehow appealing roasted guinea pig. Home to Peruvian cuisine, this dish has been intriguing travelers for years.

It would definitely be a shame to miss out on cooking classes on your visit to Peru.

The rich colors of Peruvian dress-ware is immediately infectious with many tourists adopting the local attire on their travels.
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Main Attractions and Tourist Regions in Peru

So iconic are trekking tours to its summit, a visit to Machu Picchu is the defining feature of any Peru vacation.

The quiet charms of Cuzco, the neighboring city, is where the enchantment begins. Rooftop scenery and traditional shops are the rewarding stop-offs in this chilly, high-altitude gem of visiting Peru.

Hiking trips of the Inca trail are offered all around Cuzco by many local agents. Hundreds of tourists each month scramble to see this iconic site, trekking up the trail to experience the grandeur and mystery of the lost city of Machu Picchu.

After the veritable spectacle of Machu Picchu, prepare for more mystery as you kayak on the eerie yet wondrous Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America. It lies serenely in between the Bolivian and Peruvian border and adventurous travelers will find much to do there.

Lima, Peru's capital, features an eclectic melange of fine restaurants, contemporary art galleries, top of the range hotels and a home away from home for all those long-haul travelers. Be sure to take advantage of a food tour in Lima to sample the delights of the local cuisine (and be warned, the local tipple, Pisco, packs a punch!).

Tours to Peru would most definitely be incomplete without a tour to the capitvating Amazon rainforest. Make sure to take one of the many Amazon cruise tours and let your senses run as wild as the nature you witness.
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How to organize a Peru Tour

To get the most authentic experience and the best service the ideal route is to book with a local travel agency in Peru. Traditional tour operators are rarely in touch with the locals and planning your trip beforehand can be an arduous and rigid process. We at offer an alternative, giving you access to real local agencies in Peru who boast an abundance of first-hand knowledge of the country.

With you book your trip direct with the experts, meaning you get a completely personalized service and the best advice at your fingertips and, better yet, you also save money. While traditional tour operators charge extra for unnecessary middlemen, we believe in offering fair prices for both the traveler and the tour operator. More money in your pocket, more money in theirs.

Peru trips are an unforgettable experience, and a visit to the country is one that won't be forgotten in a hurry. So why wait? For your dream Peru trip, the first step of your journey is here:
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Traveller Reviews

Sharon Joan Barnes, April 2017

Our recent trip and experience to Peru was absolutely fantastic. Tati had customised a holiday to suit us. Tati was helpful and quick to respond to any questions. Overall we could not fault our experience and service provided.

Spencer Jaretzke, April 2017

This trip was absolutely incredibly amazing. The customisation for our trip that we did was nothing short of remarkable. Peruvian Sol Taylor makes every one of the trips in your experiences to exactly the way you like it. On a trip we were in the city we went to the Amazon jungle we went to the Andes Mountains we went to the desert we went to the ocean we got to see all of Peru that we were hoping to. I had very high expectations for this trip and they not only met but far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the local agency if you're ever going to travel Peru because they can customize your trip to however you like and it feels like it's a personal touch. Mucho gracias Nicolas and Diego and all of the staff and guides. Shout out to Julio as well.

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Guido Strengnaerts, January 2017

We start planning excursions with Tati 6 months before departure, do to some excursions have a small limite of visitors daily.
she is exelent for that job, quiqly she understand our desires, and make some very good recomendations for us. we were very critical of our choice, but she was patient and accommodating.
we felt it was our best friend who advised us, never had the feeling that it was a business.
Never before have we had such good service before departure and we have traveled a lot.

Thanks Tati.

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Guido Strengnaerts, January 2017

Travel to Peru December 2016. Visit Cusco, Aguas Caliente, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Huaynapicchu and Lima.
Planning excursions 6 months before departure, Tati highly profesional. everything to the last detail from our desires. good recommendations on various excursions at reasonable prices, all organized in the spirit of kindness, too good to be true.
Upon arrival Cecilia was our coordinator. all transport between airport, hotel, excursions were organized perekt, Cecilia always in touch with us and drivers.
She followed up on everything so we could just relax.
We must not forget Boris, one of our guides. Never have we seen so interesting guide before, His passion for Peru history was overwhelming, besides he knew everything there is to know about Peru.
All we had contact with in the agency was friendly and professional.
But we must say special thanks to, Tati, Cecília and Boris. They made our holiday memorable.They treated us as if it were our best friends, we never got the feeling that it was business. Thanks.

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Rachel Piper, January 2017

Tati named by far the most perfect trip ever for my friend and I! We would constantly say, "Wow! Tati thought of everything!" Every second was planned and executed to its fullest and not a single thing went wrong. I would highly recommend not only going to Peru but definitely planning through Tati!

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