Panama tours are in high demand. Ideal for those who want an inspiring experience, as versatile as its landscape! Panama is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Experience the dynamic capital city center or devour delicious authentic cuisine. Travel to islands, mountains, beaches, and historic districts all within close proximity.
Panama tours are in high demand. Ideal for those who want an inspiring experience, as versatile as its landscape!
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Panama Vacation

Panama tours are in high demand. Ideal for those who want an inspiring experience, as versatile as its landscape! Panama is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Experience the dynamic capital city center or devour delicious authentic cuisine. Travel to islands, mountains, beaches, and historic districts all within close proximity. An emerging international hub, Panama offers endless activities. Whether you aim to work, play, relax, or have an adventure of a lifetime. Your dream Panama holiday can be customized to your tastes, for memories that will last a lifetime!

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Panama Travel Information

Travel to Panama

An ideal round trip Panama tour will consist of the best highlights! Start by witnessing the iconic Panama Canal, the only passage between seas since 1880. It serves Panama well, generating more than 50% of its income through maritime trade.

Panama has access to both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea. When you travel to Panama, you must experience its pristine beaches, such as Pearl Islands. Pearl Islands consist of 200 plus islands and islets, approximately 30 miles off in the Gulf of Panama. Did you know this is the place where Elizabeth Taylor's famous world's largest pearl came from?

Indulge in the slow pace of island life and head out to San Blas Islands. San Blas Islands is an archipelago with over 350 islands and cays. You might even witness the fascinating tribal society of the indigenous Kuna Indians. Did you know up until the 1990's used coconuts as their form of currency? Enjoy the colorful vibes and white sandy beaches of Bocas Del Toro (also known as, Bocas town). Explore Isla Colon, a main hub known for its restaurants, bars, nightlife, and vibrant shops.

A trip to Panama is not complete without visiting Panama’s cosmopolitan capital, Panama City. A dynamic metropolis city center full of a facade of contemporary skyscrapers.

Visit Metropolitan Natural Park for hiking and discovering tropical plants and wildlife. Coiba National Park, also known as, the poor man's Galapagos, is a real treat for nature enthusiasts. Witness Panama’s wildlife and nature, from spotting whale sharks and dolphins. Spot over 970 species of birds, and so much more! Coiba National Park is a nature love affair.

Nearby the capital is the Casco Viejo (better known as the “old quarter”). Casco Viejo is a UNESCO protected district, founded in 1673 ; built and destroyed through the mid-1700's. Casco Viejo was the entire city until the early 1900's. Trips to Panama is not complete without a walk through this historic district. You’ll think you’ve time-traveled a few hundred years in the past!

When it comes to activities, you’ll never run out of things to do in Panama. Not already fueled from the coffee highlands of Boquete? Experience a climb to Panama's highest peak, the Volcan Baru. Nearby, take a hike, white water raft, or engage in canyoning, diving with the diverse marine life, or zip line through the rainforest. Our Panama travel packages can as relaxing or adventurous to fit your preferences.

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About Panama

Panama has a population of close to 3.6 million (with 1.5 million of the population living in Panama City). Consisting of over 2000 different islands, over 970 species of birds, 7 indigenous tribes, along with having one-third of the world's gold passing through, Panama is a must visit destination in Latin America!

Panama is an emerging popular attraction for obvious reasons. It’s an accessible international hub, with endless attractions and expat friendly. You’ll never run out of activities to do on a Panama vacation! Panama one of the most diverse countries in the world.

Panama offers many conveniences for visitors and US tourists, alike. Did you know that Panama was the first country in Latin America make the US dollar as its official currency? The official language of Panama is Spanish, but you’ll encounter English speakers all over the country. There’s no better time than right now to experience a Panama tour / Panama tours!

Panama has a tropical climate with temperature ranging from 80-90 degrees. With a diverse geographical landscape, Panama offers many cultural attractions and highlights. Panama private tours offer customized unique experiences. Explore the country’s cosmopolitan capital city. Have a relaxing Panama holiday on a variety of its beautiful pristine beaches. Indulge in a various authentic cuisines. Or, learn all about the country’s rich and exciting history. A typical Panama holiday package will explore the best of Panama.

Panama has approximately 12 hours of sunlight and darkness, that often changes throughout the calendar year. Located farthest south in Central America, Panama is approximately 600 miles away from the equator.

The official airport of Panama is the Tocumen International Airport. Traveling to and from Panama is seamless. You're sure to find many direct and inexpensive flights available in most US cities.

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What time of the year is it best to visit Panama?

A sudden, short outburst of rain is no surprise in Panama, anywhere, anytime. But the best times to visit are between mid-December to mid-April.

On the Caribbean side, it is also nice during September/October.

Humidity is high all-year round because it located in the tropics and therefore one minute it can be raining hard and the next oppressively hot.

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Food and Culture of Panama

Panama is the most diverse country in the world and with its rich and exciting history on top, you can be certain to have a cultural time on your Panama tours.

The figures of Panama really manifest the diversity and add such an alluring attribute to Panama's tourism. With 7 indigenous tribes, 2000 different islands, over 970 species of birds, along with having 1/3 of the world's gold passing through, there is always so much going on yet everyone is so relaxed and happy.

I love the food in Panama, you can get pretty much anything. We have a lot of different influences when it comes to food, from African to Spanish to indigenous Latin American. Obviously, there is a lot of delicious seafood on the coasts and then the traditional rice and chicken dishes.

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Panama Reviews Of Our Travellers

Richard G., March 2019

Shannon and Laetitia were very helpful when preparing for our trip, all our questions were answered to our satisfaction. When we had an issue with a booked tour in Boquete, and our accommodation on Isla Colon Laetitia answered my email promptly.

James Y., March 2019

When we arrived at our accommodations in Panama City, the electricity was out and it was very hot. We started to get really concerned when after 5 hours the electricity had still not come on. I use a CPAP and absolutely need electricity. The people who ran the inn were very helpful and offered to call the emergency number listed only to discover that both the emergency and regular contact numbers were in Costa Rica. When they discovered this, they were unable or unwilling to call the number. Shortly thereafter, the power was restored; however, if it had not come back on, we could have had problems. THERE NEEDS TO BE AN EMERGENCY NUMBER THAT IS READILY ACCESSIBLE.

Our accommodations in the Anton Valley were superb and the owner (Monica) was very accommodating and helpful. This a beautiful location and well worth visiting.

Our last stay was in Portabelo and we had booked for three nights - this was my call as originally we were to return to Panama City on the third day. Portabelo is a very interesting location with lots of history, however it only takes a few hours to see all the sites. From the travel books, it looked like there would be more to do, but this is definitely not a location to spend three days.

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