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Okavango Safari To Victoria Falls In 12 Days

Boat cruise on Chobe River - Moremi Game Reserve - the Okavango Delta by mokoro - Victoria Falls
Uniek aan deze reis:
  • Immersion into the Moremi Reserve
  • Experience a safari in a Mokoro along the Okavango Delta
  • Explore the Savuti Marsh area, well known for its high concentration of lions and elephants
  • Visit the world famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Are you up for a 12-day immersion with the African Safari and the wild Victoria Falls?

This journey allows you to discover the highlights of Botswana and Zimbabwe! Starting your trip in Botswana and finishing it at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, you will discover the extraordinary wild fauna of the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. Expect an impressive wildlife experience where you can watch up to fifteen wild and free species: giraffes, kudu, baboons, lions, leopards, hyenas, crocodiles and hippos to name a few! And how about feasting your eyes while watching some of the 460 species of birds present in the Chobe National Park?

Feel like you're part of nature as you camp on exclusive sites in the bush where you will be in total symbiosis with the wild; you will sometimes hear the lions roar in the distance as you observe herds of elephants passing by the camp!

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Inbegrepen in de prijs

  • 11x nights accommodation (double Meru-tent and room)
  • 11x breakfast, 9x lunch, 9x dinner
  • Shared transport
  • Game drives twice a day
  • Mokoro (dugout canoe) along the Okavango Delta
  • English-speaking guide and ranger on excursions
  • International flights
Optioneel (Beschikbaar op aanvraag)
  • Helicopter flight over the Victoria falls + cruise on the Zambezi River ($200 USD per/person)

Voorbeeldreis om aan te passen

Maun - Xakanaxa Lagoon  

Fly Into The Wild Of Botswana!

After your arrival at Maun International Airport, Mack Air will assist you to your charter flight at approximately 2 pm to the Xakanaxa airstrip in Moremi Game Reserve where your guide will meet you.

If you are staying in Maun prior to the safari, please request an airport transfer, Mack Air will liaise with your accommodation the day before to confirm the flight departure time.

Alternatively, if you are coming from one of the many safari lodges, you can organize to fly directly into Xakanaxa Airstrip with your lodge's preferred charter company, although we do request that these flights land only after 12h00 in order for our guide to be there to meet you.

Your first three nights will be spent in the Xakanaxa region where you will explore the surrounding wilderness on morning and afternoon game drive excursions.

You will dine and sleep at the camp in a tent with a private en-suite bathroom. 

Dag 1
Hotels Hotels

Standaard accommodatie

Letaka Tented Mobile Camp

Xakanaxa Lagoon  

Immerse In Moremi's Safari

Wake up to the sound of the wild and breathe in some fresh air! Take your breakfast before you head on to your morning safari in Moremi! This spot is amongst the best game reserves in Africa for viewing the endangered African wild dog.

In Xakanaxa you will observe a resident herd of several hundred buffalos whose range covers the territories of at least 4 prides of lion which may often be seen flanking their ever moving herd.

You will spot breeding herds of elephants wild and free to move between their browsing areas in the Mopane forests and the fresh water of the Okavango. Red lechwe is one of the more unusual antelope species that are commonly found here.

You will then return to camp for lunch, take a nice shower, rest for a while and be back in the wild for your afternoon safari.

End the day with a nice dinner and good sleep in a tent at the camp.

Dag 2
Hotels Hotels

Standaard accommodatie

Letatka Tented Mobile Camp

Xakanaxa Lagoon  

Explore More Of Xakanaxa Lagoon

Wake up early for more of the safari! After breakfast, you will visit the swampy areas of Xakanaxa teeming with numerous bird species. This reserve is home to birds you may have not even heard about! So alert your eyes to catch an African Rail, a coppery-tailed Coucal, black Coucal, a red-chested Flufftail, an African Crake, a black Rake, a chirping Cisticola, a Luapula Cisticola, a purple Swamphen and an Allen’s Gallinule to name but a few.

In the open waters, you may also spot an African Skimmer, a Saddle-billed Stork, a Yellow-billed Stork, an Intermediate Egret, a Goliath Heron, an African Fish Eagle or the globally threatened Slaty Egret and Wattled Crane.

You will then have lunch at the camp, some free time to rest before your head back for an afternoon in the safari. 

Rest well after dinner to recharge for tomorrow's adventures!


Dag 3
Hotels Hotels

Standaard accommodatie

Letaka Tented Mobile Camp

Xakanaxa Lagoon - Khwai River  

It's A Hippo Day At Khwai River!

Can't get enough of the wild? Rise early for today you will witness some magnificent Hippopotamuses bathing! After breakfast, you will take a slow drive through Moremi Game Reserve in the north-east, towards the Khwai Community Area. The Manuchira Channel is also known as the "Khwai River" at its easternmost extremity.

Today, your journey will follow Khwai River's water course. Its track weaves from the riverside and floodplains into the Mopane Veld and the woodlands that make Khwai one of the most scenic areas of the Okavango.

You will pass the magnificent Dombo Hippo Pools in the morning, stopping to enjoy the scenery and the antics of the resident hippo.

Give yourself a well-deserved rest after a delicious dinner back in the camp.

Dag 4
Hotels Hotels

Standaard accommodatie

Letaka Tented Mobile Camp

Khwai River  

Explore And Camp In Exclusive Community Areas

Make sure you are well-rested and energized because today's activities will extend until evening so you can catch nocturnal animals! You will go outside the boundaries of the Moremi Game Reserve, beyond the Khwai River that separates it from the Khwai Community. 

This is your first night of camping at an exclusive campsite in the community area, exploring the Khwai floodplains on game drives, both during the day and night. You will explore after dark with spotlights so you can experience watching some of the nocturnal animals that are rarely encountered during the day.

You'll also get the chance to wander in the surrounding wilderness on foot and mokoro, and enjoy an up-close and personal encounter with Botswana’s flora and fauna. It is important to note that night drives and guided walks are not permitted within the national parks and reserves.

Sleep at the camp to the sound of the wild.

Dag 5
Hotels Hotels

Standaard accommodatie

Letaka Tented Mobile Camp

Khwai River  

Breathtaking Mokoro Excursion And Night Drive

Today you will enjoy a breathtaking Mokoro excursion, a walk in the safari, and a night drive to discover the wildlife around the Khwai River. You will discover in the Khwai region an excellent population of bulls, elephant, lions, leopards, servals, African wildcats, wild dogs and cheetahs. 

You might even catch some herds of buffalos using this area as they migrate during the summer rains. 

You will spend your time between the dry-land habitats of the lead-wood and camel-thorn woodlands, as well as the savannahs, the riverside and marshy back-waters of the Khwai. Time permitting, you may visit the lagoons and waterways of Xakanaxa where the largest clan of herons in southern Africa exists.

This is your second and last night to camp in the exclusive community, so make the most out of it!

Dag 6
Hotels Hotels

Standaard accommodatie

Letaka Tented Mobile Camp

Khwai River - Savuti Marsh  

Lake Crossing To Chobe National Park

It's time to head north to Central Chobe region to explore the dessert-like landscape of games! After breakfast, you will drive further north en-route to Chobe National Park, where you will spend the following three nights camping in an exclusive wilderness campsite. 

You will definitely enjoy a fascinating day's drive looking at some of the evidence of the Paleo-Lake Makgadikgadi that dried up some ten thousand years ago.

Want some challenge? You will cross the Magwikwe Sand-ridge that formed the shoreline for this massive inland sea! The winding track through this deep sand makes for an interesting travel in the early summer! The old lake bed is now the Mababe Depression. However, during the rainy season, the depression is impassable due to the “cotton soil” and alternative routes must be used.

Along the way, you'll pass through lion and cheetah territorries, so watch out!

Dag 7
Hotels Hotels

Standaard accommodatie

Letaka Tented Mobile Camp

Savuti Marsh  

Welcome To The Savuti Marsh

Wake up at the camp to explore Central Chobe. Unlike the vast majority of the country, Central Chobe is not a totally flat landscape. You will observe large outcrops of volcanic rocks reach up out of the Kalahari sands, towering over the endless savannah. These hills provide habitat for a completely different array of small wildlife, birds and plants.

You will explore the Savuti Marsh which has been the stage for many of the most dramatic wildlife documentaries in Africa. The wide open country, good ungulate populations and particularly strong prides of lion and hyena clans make for dramatic wildlife interaction and excellent viewing opportunities. 

After a long safari, you will return to camp at sunset where a nice bush dinner is waiting for you.

Dag 8
Hotels Hotels

Standaard accommodatie

Letaka Tented Mobile Camp

Savuti Marsh  

Marvel At The Lion-Elephant Interaction

Ready to witness some action filmed by Mother Nature? Today, you will aim to see lions predating on young elephants. Undoubtedly, it is the interaction between lions and elephants that is the most interesting aspect of Savuti.

You will explore an area inhabited by a huge pride of lions with numbers fluctuating from 20-30 members. These remarkable lions have learned over the years how to hunt these massive pachyderms that are supposedly above predation. Launching their attack under darkness and using their numbers, they manage to kill adolescent and even young adult elephant.

Returning back to the camp by sunset, you'll have a good meal; don't worry, you need not hunt for food like the lions do in the wild! End the night safely in a tent at the camp.

Dag 9
Hotels Hotels

Standaard accommodatie

Letaka Tented Mobile Camp

Savuti Marsh - Chobe National Park - Victoria Falls  

Bye Safari, Hello Victoria Falls!

Today, catch your final glimpse of Botswana's safaris as you will leave Central Chobe early to travel along the Chobe River. You will arrive in Kasane where you will stop for a picnic lunch before taking an afternoon boat cruise to end the of the safari.

You'll cross borders to Zimbabwe for an overnight stay at Ilala Lodge located at the edge of Victoria Falls.

Dag 10
Hotels Hotels

Standaard accommodatie

Ilala Lodge

Victoria Falls  

Stand In Awe Of The Magnificent Victoria Falls

An adventurous day lies ahead as you visit the most spectacular waterfalls in the world: Victoria Falls. Located west of Zimbabwe bordered by Botswana and Zambia, Victoria Falls also has beautiful reserves to observe the wildlife in Zimbabwe and is crossed by the Zambezi River that irrigates the region, which the wildlife enjoys.

For your activity for the day, you can choose from a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River, kayaking and rafting along the river, a helicopter flight for magnificent aerial views of the falls, an elephant back safari and interaction with lions and rhinos or an exploration of the majestic Victoria Falls on the "Zimbabwe side." Just inform us to book these excursions before arrival.

After a fun day, you will head back to Ilala Lodge at the edge of Victoria Falls to spend the night there.

Dag 11
Hotels Hotels

Standaard accommodatie

Ilala Lodge

Victoria Falls - Victoria Falls Airport  

So Long, Victoria Falls!

Surely, the past eleven days have been full of adventure and appreciation of Mother Nature's beauty, from the overwhelming wildlife to the rich flora and fauna, as well as the intimidating but welcoming Victoria Waterfalls. 

Today, catch your final glimpse of the waterfalls before you get transferred from your hotel to Victoria Falls Airport. 

In the future, should you crave for more African safari and nature adventure, Botswana and Zimbabwe have open arms to welcome you back!

Dag 12