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About Nicaragua Tours

From the colonial gems of Leon and Granada to the pristine Pacific and Atlantic coasts, if you travel Nicaragua you'll find it impossible to leave.


Visiting Nicaragua's quaint colonial towns will, apart from falling in love with the UNESCO architectural beauty, be a pleasant stopover in between either hiking Telica volcano or taking surfing lessons on the beautiful San Juan del Sur surf town. Either way, tours of Nicaragua can appeal to adventure travelers and tourists enthused by its colonial history.

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  • Gemma Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Nicaragua


    Gemma Cope founded Green Pathways, Nicaragua’s premier eco-friendly adventure tourism company, in 2010. At the forefront of the eco-tourism and sustainable travel movement in Nicaragua, Green Pathways is a realization of her vision to charter a greener pathway in Central America by implementing innovative, sustainable and community building practices. In 2010, as part of Green Pathway's dedication to preservi...

  • Miriam
    2 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 10 hours

    Destination expert in Nicaragua


    My name is Miriam Guzmán, I was born in Bulgaria and I've been living in Nicaragua for the last 22 years. I've studied Tourism Management and Development, which made me experience a lot destinations in my beautiful country. I live in the capital city which is 3 hours from most destinations. Working in the local agency in Nicaragua has inspired me to provide the best advice for all of you who are interested in vi...

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Nicaragua Tours



From climbing majestic volcanoes to strolling aimlessly through unimaginably beautiful colonial towns, Nicaragua tours offer you the chance to view the romantic side of Latin America that you so often dream of.


Nestled in between the mountainous Costa Rica and vast border of Honduras, in the very center of Central America, Nicaragua almost inevitably features on all routes through Central America. it is only after a visit, however, that you will come to realize the impact that charming Nicaragua has on you. Nicaragua tours are simply incredible.


A backpackers paradise, Nicaragua’s old-world splendor, blended with its spectacular nature and landscape, make for epic tours, not only for the trekking enthusiasts but also for history-lovers, beach-bums and photographers alike.


Things to do on your Nicaragua Tours

Main Attractions and Tourist Regions


Granada tours, Nicaragua

Granada’s church is just one building that displays its charming colonial architecture. Photo by Adalberto.H.Vega.


As the oldest city in the modern world it’s no wonder that Granada appeals to those in search of colonial architecture and a languid way of life.

As you relentlessly stroll at your own pace through the myriad of cobbled streets and crumbling architecture you will encounter the sporadic display of opulence; A collection of regal buildings that Granada has retained from the days of Spanish colonization.


On your Nicaragua tours you will inevitably leave your heart behind in colonial León, a city containing everything that capital Managua should contain but condensed into this small, magnetic colonial town with a bustling nightlife and tight backpacker scene.


León welcomes all visitors with open arms and a very relaxed atmosphere that you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by. Situated close to the pacific coast, León also acts as the perfect base to explore the delights of the Pacific ocean, only to return and again feel right at home with the splendor and hospitality of picture-postcard León.


Leon, Nicaragua tours

Recoleccion Cathedral, Leon. Photo by Javier Losa.


Looking for the ultimate authentic Caribbean island getaway? Well, Nicaragua may just be home to what you are looking for.The Corn Islands, and in particular the Great Corn Island, provides all the qualities of well-developed Caribbean islands but with a true, authentic spirit that has an untouched feel.


Walk barefoot to all the local beach bars, join the happy locals on a fishing trip to get today’s catch, pick up a baseball bat and score a home run in the sand, or just people watch with the elderly and absorb the terrific atmosphere and picturesque landscapes. The Corn islands add a whole new dimension to Nicaragua tours.


Nicaragua also offers the unique chance to climb an active volcano and the best opportunity for this is at the Parque Nacional Volcán Masaya. As the most heavily venting volcano in Nicaragua, the Spaniards proclaimed this volcano to be the “gate to hell”, but now there are tours that include a drive to the very lip of the volcano.


With more than 20km of hiking trails and a sensational array of scenery on display, the Volcan Masaya National Park is a must-see.


Corn Island, Nicaragua

Paradise on Corn Island. Photo by Brian Johnson & Dane Kantner.


So What’s Nicaragua All About?

Food and Culture of Nicaragua


The fundamental basis of Nicaraguan gastronomy is corn. Many dishes, and even drinks, are made from corn, probably Central America’s main ingredient.


Rice and beans are another strong contender for most consumed ingredients in Nicaragua, Gallo Pinto being consumed almost daily by the locals.


Since Nicaragua also has an expansive coastline there is an abundance of fresh seafood restaurants along both the vast expanse of Atlantic coast and the Pacific coast.


Fresh fruit is another thing to take advantage of on your Nicaragua tours. Cheap and easy to get hold of, why not delve into the great selection of mango, jocote, papaya, bananas, tamarind and avocado.


A fusion of pre-Colombian traditions merged with the influence of British and Spanish colonialists have had a big impact on the religion of Nicaragua along with it’s fight for freedom and independence.


The country is known as the land of poets, and Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío is the father of the Spanish-American literary movement, Modernism.


When to go on your Nicaragua Tours

What time of the year is it best to visit Nicaragua?


High season in Nicaragua is between December and March but the overall best time to go is anywhere between November and April.


Winter, and generally the season to avoid, would be between May and October.

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