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Zakaria Al Hammad / September 2016

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"In the beginning I would love to mention the professional way that was Santosh communicate with me about my trip to Nepal and flexibility designing my..."
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About Nepal Tours

Most famous for the tallest mountain in the world, the monumental challenge of Mount Everest offers unforgettable tours of the vast Himalayan peak. Additionally, treks of the Annapurna circuit or various other Nepal tours of the Himalayan hilltops provide the perfect escape for the adventure traveler.


Nepal has a magnetic charm, whether it’s the overwhelmingly hospitable inhabitants or the poignant religious rituals that take place in old atmospheric squares.


On your travels to Nepal be sure to visit the culturally rich Durbar square in Kathmandu, and Patan (just outside the capital) before moving on the the captivating lakeside town of Pokhara.

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  • Surya
    6 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Nepal


    My hobby is travelling to different places and enhancing the exploration in the tourism sector. Though I’m living in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, at present, I've still simplicity of country life. I’m very simple, social, straight-forward and truly a nature lover from my heart. I'd like to go through adventurers exploring the intricate and inaccessible areas to exposition which not only provides refresh...

  • Santosh
    1 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Nepal


    Upon graduating in Hospitality Management and working a couple of years in the tourism industry I developed my skills towards customer service and I knew how to provide the best option to the clients with quality service at a reasonable cost. Nepal as a Himalayan nation has lots to offer. For me responsible tourism counts, therefore my trips are designed accordingly. I am specialized in trimming the tailor ...

  • Kishor Personalized itinerary within an estimated 9 hours

    Destination expert in Nepal


    With high passion on travelling and exploring the Himalayan region, the natural and cultural beauty of Nepal turned me to become Travel Expert. Since 15 years I have been assisting travel in Nepal for travelers around the globe. I enjoy creating customize trips as per the individual requirements and interest. The quote “Travelling is not a restriction but opportunity of endless discovery” fits true to me and my ...

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Nepal Tours


Nepal tours are really one of a kind. From the iconic beast of Mount Everest to a tranquil row on Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal’s diversity and welcoming spirit has drawn in enchanted travelers for years.


Everest tours are evidently the main source of intrigue and allure to Nepal, however, with a wealth of great food, an endless amount of hospitality and warmth and a topography teeming with different landscapes, Nepal tours are beaming with different activities and attractions.


Things to do on Nepal Tours

Main Attractions and Tourist Regions


The very epitome of adventure travel. Hikers, Trekkers, mountain Climbers all the way to casual wildlife strollers, listen in.


Whether you’re an amateur trekker looking to jump in at the deep end or a thrill seeker looking for some of the most spectacular views on the planet, Everest Base Camp tours are accessible for everyone.


Everest tours

Climbing the monumental Mt Everest predictably provides incredible views, like this one. Photo by Göran Höglund


Conquering the whole beast is a different story. Years of dedicated training goes into the preparation of climbing the ultimate challenge of Mt Everest. Climbing to the peak of Mt Everest is not only challenging but also expensive, so plan in advance if you bravely decide to take on the tallest mountain in the world. Everest tours will certainly fulfill every dream of yours and the feat of making it even to base camp should be on everyone’s travel bucket list.


Do not fear, however, if you don’t succumb to the temptation of Mt Everest, the best treks in Nepal are often the less iconic and more off-the-beaten-path treks. The Langtang Trek in the northern region of the Himalayas, and even skirting the Tibet border, offers magnificent views, challenging (but not too challenging) hikes and an opportunity to cross paths with friendly Tibetans (merely traversing 10km of steep hillsides to get home).


The Annapurna Region attracts thousands of keen trekkers each year to explore the wonders of the Himalayas. From snow-capped peaks to finding refuge in a remote monastery, Annapurna tours will invigorate your adventure side along with taking you on a spiritual journey.


It is often agreed that Nepal offers the best trekking opportunities in the world, however be wary not to disregard the splendid mountain scenery of neighboring Bhutan or India, both of which contain an array of mesmerizing treks.


On all of your Nepal trekking tours you will meet endearing Sherpa people and eat and drink some incredibly wholesome Nepalese dishes.


Not only are the main cities in Nepal enchanting and mystifying, they are also very endearing and infectious. For me, the buzz around Kathmandu was electrifying, swathing with excited trekkers, fun-loving locals and ceaselessly providing everyone there with a rugged city that has by no means lost any of its historic charm.


It is simply stunning to kick back and relax on one of many of Kathmandu’s roof-top terraces, where either some therapeutic Tibetan music or the omnipresent Bob Marley tunes reverberate around the relaxed, sun-drenched rooftops.


An hour outside of Kathmandu sits the beautiful temple-ridden city of Patan, an ancient city containing a myriad of brick lanes leading to unimaginably pretty squares or courtyards. I went to Patan in August and caught the atmospheric celebrations of Krishna, where packed Patan squares were filled with people watching holy rituals and traditional reenactments take place. Once again, the rooftop cafe’s offered the perfect vantage point to survey the electrifying scene, after, of course, meandering through the crowds of people and mixing in with the vibrant colors on display.


Patan Nepal

Crowds gather for Krishna festival, Patan, Nepal.


Durbar Square, in Kathmandu, contains another set of temples with indescribable beauty that you simply can’t miss on your Nepal tours. A tour of the royal palace and the mass of ancient temples will leave you in awe as you come away from Durbar square with aesthetics and spirituality firmly planted in your mind. The beguiling history and fascinating architecture make Durbar Square one of Nepal’s prize possessions.


Chitwan National Park offers great wildlife and safari tours in one of Asia’s greatest nature spectacles. In the hot, humid forests roam one-horned rhino’s, leopards, deer and lurking somewhere is even the possibility of spotting a Bengal tiger. This dense jungle is also home to over 450 species of bird, several different types of monkeys and many crocs and reptiles, gliding through the murky river and thick marshland.


Many people who travel to Nepal will agree that Pokhara is one of those gems that you feel you must revisit a number of times in your lifetime, and it’s almost always included in your ‘favorite cities’ list.


This charming lakeside town offers a whole array of activities, from the famous paragliding cliff to the serene lake kayaking trips, Pokhara’s attractions are endless.


Rows of cafe’s align Lake Phewa and are a nice spot to laze in the sun and absorb the romantic scenery on offer. Pokhara also provides the perfect opportunity to hire a bike and zoom off into the sunset up any of the surrounding mountains to get a scintillating panoramic aerial view of the lake.


lake phewa, Pokhara

A serene ride on Lake Phewa offers an idyllic afternoon surrounded by nature and nice scenery.


So What’s Nepal all about?

Food and Culture of Nepal


Whilst Dal Bhat is the staple dish in Nepal, momos are the staple snack.


Dal Bhat, the traditional Nepalese dish, contains a sumptuous mixture of ingredients, all mixed together (usually with your fingers) and features the vital ingredients to refresh yourself on the tiring mountain treks of Nepal.


Rice, lentil soup, a spicy tomato side and a side of vegetables make this wholesome, hearty dish. The flavors are quite simply delicious.


Steamed momos, eaten at any time during the day, are best when steamed and dipped in the spicy chili side-dish.


Other typical dishes include fried noodles, with either vegetables or meat, and noodle soups, often containing a lot of remedial spices and herbs.


Religion is at the forefront of Nepalese culture. By immersing in the religion of Nepal you will also be propelled into a world of spiritual harmony and ancient philosophy.


When to go on Nepal Tours

What time of the year is best to visit Nepal?


Nepal tours run all year long, however for the best trekking months and mountain views, October-May is the prime time to visit, Octoober-Novemeber being the peak visiting time.


The monsoon season runs from June-September and although the weather can be temperamental, these times can not only be quiet but also cheap because of the low-season.

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