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Sandra Pinnock / August 2016

Client tour review

"She helped us set up the final stages of planning the trip then accompanied us as guide for the entire trip. She was fluent in English, very knowledg..."
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About Mongolia Tours

Being roughly the same size as Alaska, and with a population of just around 3 million, it is easy to see why Mongolia is a country known for its vast emptiness. And it is in this emptiness where its true beauty lies. Linking endless land and clear skies, Mongolia offers the traveler the perfect chance to connect with unspoilt nature and introduces them to the traditional nomadic life of its warm and friendly people.


Venturing from the sands of the Gobi desert to the dense forests around Khuvsgul lake and the snowy mountains of the rugged West, there are a wide variety of highlights that make this a must-see for travelers looking to break away from the crowds. 

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  • Serjee
    1 reviews
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    Destination expert in Mongolia


    My name is Serjee. I was born in the west part of Mongolia grown up in real nomadic life. In 1996 I started to work in tourism. I love my country and am proud of our Mongolian history. It is a great pleasure to share, show, and explain my traditional knowledge of nature, environment and nomad life, and exchange different customs and our way of life. If you like adventurous travel, love nature and are ready to ex...