Quench your wanderlust with the adventure of a lifetime on Mongolia tours. Unspoilt landscapes with steppes, sand dunes, lakes and mountains make for a hypnotic blend. Visit valleys frequented by nomads, go on an Altai mountain trek, stay with herders to discover their way of life, and enjoy camel rides on the Gobi Desert.
With its pristine natural beauty and nomadic culture, Mongolia tours offer some unique off-the-beaten-path experiences.
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Mongolia Reviews

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Mongolia Vacation

Being roughly the same size as Alaska, and with a population of just around 3 million, it is easy to see why Mongolia is a country known for its vast emptiness. And it is in this emptiness where its true beauty lies. Linking endless land and clear skies, Mongolia offers the traveler the perfect chance to connect with unspoiled nature and introduces them to the traditional nomadic life of its warm and friendly people. Venturing from the sands of the Gobi desert to the dense forests around Khuvsgul Lake and the snowy mountains of the rugged West, there is a wide variety of highlights that make this a must-see for travelers looking to break away from the crowds. 

Our private trips are fully customizable and can start on any date.

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Mongolia Vacation

Mongolia Reviews Of Our Travellers

Jamie T., October 2019

Extremely friendly, knowledgeable and reliable. Even called my guide during the trip to make sure everything was okay:) 5 star service

Belinda S., October 2019

We found Enguerran to be extremely accommodating and flexible, helping us organize the perfect trip - and switching around our UB activities when we messed up the dates.

Our guide Doogie and driver Otgo looked after us so well and made the trip interesting, informative and FUN. I highly recommend the agency and our team!

Mongolia is the most amazing country I've been to but just a gentle warning... a trip like the one we took is not for 'princesses'. Be flexible and prepared to open yourself us to new experiences.

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Sharon Joy Ann T., September 2019

Enguerran was most helpful in planning my first trip to Mongolia. He replied to my emails very promptly and was able to provide clear and detailed information to all my queries. I had planned the trip many months ahead and he made sure to follow up several times closer to date to make sure that I am fully prepared for the trip.

My sister and I had a great time in Mongolia. We were treated to many spectacular views and fresh air as well as amazing hospitality from our host family. We were really blessed as we had the opportunity to witness a stunning double rainbow for the very first time, which appeared after a mini hail storm.

Our guide, Batzaya and driver, Margi took really good care of us, Batzaya is often very enthusiastic to share the culture, the history and the stories of his home country with us. He even took us to one of his favorite place for some local snacks - Khuushuu. I have to admit that some of the hikes were a little tough for us amateur, but Batzaya words of encouragement kept us going and we were really glad we did as the sense of accomplishment felt after that has definitely made the trip more memorable. Margi, whom although does not speak much English was a great driver. We were very impressed with his navigation and driving skills, especially on off-road tracks.

Really glad that we made this trip and took lots of photos - plenty to reminisce about to our families and friends! :-)

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Benoit O., August 2019

Very responsive, timely wise and adjusted our trip upon request.
Zolboo our guide was excellent about History, Religion, and Mongolian culture. He is a perfect listener of our conditions during the trip to accommodate if necessary.
Enhee, our driver was very professional and we had the chance to always travel every day in a cleaned Land Cruiser...
Both, very good team for an exceptional trip. I would definitely go back to this country.

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Tuukka, July 2019

Very helpful and easy to contact to. Excellent english.