Maldives tours are all about the sun, sand and the sea. Relax on the gorgeous beaches of the island, feel the warm sun on your body, stay at luxurious resorts and enjoy good food on your vacation. With various water-related activities and a wonderful marine life, Mauritius offers you a slice of paradise.
Relax on the beautiful beaches along the India Ocean on Maldives tours. Stay at beach resorts and enjoy fun activities.
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Maldives Reviews Of Our Travellers

Greg M., July 2019

The bespoke trip planned by Roshara was awesome... She fitted everything I wanted into a very short trip, leaving me wanting more. I need to go back.

John R., May 2019

My only complaint was with information from our driver/guide before and on arrival at a sight etc not knowing what to expect as a visitor nothing.however we told the trip clothes to wear when pick up not night before, and city tour was basically a drive through not my idea of a tour, to his credit was always on time polite helpful and started till booked in to the hotels which were every good, just not enough info on route.

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Keith O., May 2019

Generally the info was fine.
Some of the "flowery" info was over the top and needs to be more specific.
Her service and answers to queries was fine.
The driver we had was ok under the circumstances of chaotic traffic, however as a guide he leaves a lot to be desired. His communication skills are very poor and needs to learn how to provide info to his clients in a much better way and earlier than what he did with us.
Hotels, vehicle and meals were all fine.

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Harry T., March 2019

We wanted to have a tailored tour in Sri Lanka and decided to use the 12 days' "the Best of Sri Lanka" tour by Roshara as the base. Roshara knew very soon what we wanted and suggested changes we couldn't even ask ourselves.
On the tour, everything was as promised and we felt most welcome everywhere. This was one of the most carefree holidays for us ever. Thank you Roshara and our excellent guide/driver Michael.

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Prushini M., March 2019

Well designed trip. Very efficient service.
Hotels were generally good.
Interesting destination.