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10-Day Madagascar Adventure

Ranomafana Parks' lemurs - Immersive rural walk - Isalo Park's canyon - Calm beach and sea
Unique about this tour:
  • Enjoy a rural walk and meet local people, discover their culture, traditions and daily life
  • Explore two national parks with their canyons, lush rainforest and endemic biodiversity
  • Meet the most famous lemurs of Madagascar in their natural habitat
  • Take time to relax on a beautiful beach after your trip

This 10 day trip will take you from the center Highlands to the southern part of Madagascar, a region where rainforests, mountain ranges, and savannas can all be found. Explore some canyons, observe a different kind of endemic lemurs, and discover the typical rural way of life of the Highlands' inhabitants and enjoy the beaches in Ifaty.

Southern Madagascar offers the diversity of culture and nature - so embark on a journey through its National Parks, see its lemurs, and meet its people!

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  • Airport transfer on the first and the last day
  • 9x nights accommodation in double room in standard to 4 star hotel
  • 10x breakfast, 1x lunch, 2x dinner
  • Private transfers in air-conditioned car with private, English speaking driver
  • English speaking local guide on excursions and parks' visits
  • Entrance fees for all national parks
  • Private rural excursion in Antsirabe
  • Entrance fees for all national parks and the private
  • Domestic flights
  • International flights
  • Obligatory guiding fees in national parks
  • Travel insurances
  • Drinks
Optional (Available upon request)
  • Trekking Tour in Ambalavao's Massif (USD 98 per person/per day)
  • Additional night in Ifaty ( USD 94/per night- per person sharing a double room)

Example Trip to customize


Welcome to Madagascar!

Welcome to beautiful Madagascar!

Your visa can be issued at the airport. After getting your luggage, it is suggested you exchange money right away. The driver who'll wait for you at the custom border will surely assist if you want.

Afterward, he will bring you to the Belvedere hotel, a charming hotel located right in the city center. 

Day 1
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Belvedere Hotel


Travel to the South of Madagascar!

Today, you begin your adventure to the South of Madagascar with a 3-4 hours' drive towards Antsirabe. On the way, you will have the unique chance to visit Ambatolampy.

It is a small town at 1500m altitude, considered as the coldest town of Madagascar due to the mountain range of Ankaratra. There is a possibility to visit a small family factory that produces aluminum cooking pots and other kitchen utensils, which will be later sold everywhere on the red island.

Your arrival in Antsirabe is expected to be around noon. You surely want to learn more about the daily life of the locals and their customs. Go on a trip to the Highland and the hinterlands. After you have traveled through this astonishing lands you will set off for Ambohidrano. Enjoy a walking tour and observe some traditional ceremonies. Before you reach Fiadanana, pass thorough several farmers' villages.

Day 2
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Rural Gite


Travel to the World-Famous Ranomafana

Rise and shine! Today, you will drive about two hours to reach the city of Ambositra, the city of malagasy craftsmen. You may want to visit the sculptors during their working hours if you wish to.

They are the "Zafimaniry", an ethnic group with Asiatic origin, particularly known for their beautiful wood sculptures and marquetry.

Afterwards, you will drive further about 150 km, to the South East, to reach Ranomafana with its rainforest rich in endemic fauna and flora. Ranomafana has a national park with impressive waterfalls, hot springs, lemurs, birds and numerous other birds and animals.

Day 3
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Manja Hotel

Ranomafana National Park  

Enjoy the Beauty of the Ranomafana National Park

Are you ready to be left breathless by unmatched natural beauty? Enjoy a full day visiting the remarkable Ranomafana National Park. An experienced local guide, that you can easily book on the spot, will lead you during today's hike to discover the place which hides the most diverse plant species of Madagascar.

This park, of which the surface consists of granite, is stretched over 39,222 acres with many waterfalls between the rock formations. The climate is tropical with rainfall of 2700 mm per year and the park holds at least 12 species of lemurs, about 70 species of reptiles and amphibians along with 90 species of butterflies.

This tropical rainforest is known for its different types of half-monkeys, such as Hapalemur Dore, the Grand Hapalemur griseus and Hapalemur. You'll also find many chameleons and other microorganisms and lots of beautiful flora.

Day 4
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Manja Hotel


Explore Fianarantsoa and Ambalavao

 After the day spent visiting the Ranomafana park, you have to leave early in the morning in order to have enough time for the interesting tours which are in the program.

Your first stop - Fianarantsoa, which also means "the city where you learn good manners". It is the capital of the Betsileo ethnic group, and the city of 1001 churches. Fianarantsoa has its remarkable old town, which stays on the list of the world heritage to be maintained.

Then, you will arrive in Ambalavao after having crossed a bending road and a landscape characterized by agricultural vocation, particularly of rice farming and vineyards. Ambalavao is known for its weekly zebu market. Don't miss visiting the small manufacture of the "Antaimoro paper", still made by hand and using the traditional methods of the old Egyptians.

Day 5
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Bougainvillées Hotel


Visit Lovely Anjà Park

This day, you will drive to Ranohira. But don't get disappointed because of the long distance! After just a few minutes’ drive from Ambalavao, you can visit the private lemurs’ park called Anjà Park.

This is a reserve run by the local community which hides plenty of cultural and historical remains. After the visit, you will head to Ranohira which is a village near the Isalo National Park.

The landscape you drive through today is getting drier and you drive through the steppe-like area until you arrive at the beautiful mountains of the Isalo Massif.

Day 6
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Relais De La Reine

Isalo National Park  

Visit The Breathtaking Isalo National Park

Get a good breakfast, so that you have the energy for some physical activity: your hike in the Isalo National Park. One of the several possibilities is to walk to the "natural pool", an oasis in the middle of the aridity of the Isalo massif.

A truly remarkable place! On the way, you will be left speechless by the diversity of the landscapes as well as the exotic plants all around you. Once you arrive at the ''natural pool'', do not hesitate even for a moment to swim in the crystal-clear water, supplied with fresh springs.

In the evening, you can admire the sunset and enjoy a sundowner at a place called "Giorgio's window', with a very special view. Don't forget to bring your camera with you!

Day 7
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Relais De La Reine

Tulear - Ifaty  

Off to Ifaty!

After the breakfast, your car is waiting for you to bring you further to Ifaty, your beach destination. Today's journey will take you through a landscape characterized by a high plateau, vast savannas stretching to the horizon, limited by impressive mountain ranges.

You will first cross the center of the sapphires region. According to experts of precious stones, this place is among the few places on Earth, which is rich in precious stones. The majority of the inhabitants in the village of Manombo are merchants of sapphires.

From there continue to the city of Tulear, which also means "where one can drop its anchor". It is also the capital of the province of the same name and the least populated region of Madagascar. It is known for its dry and arid landscapes. You may take a lunch at the botanical garden of the city while you admire the exotic flora around you. The final stop for today is Ifaty.

Day 8
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Bamboo Club Hotel


Fully relax in Ifaty!

In Ifaty, you will spend one free day, where you can relax on the beach or calmly swim because of the coral reefs which protect this place.

If you want to, you can always book a place for some leisure activities such as swimming in the turquoise sea, visiting the fishermen's village or snorkeling. The spiny forest is also worth a visit with its giant Baobab trees.

Whatever you choose, just enjoy the day and immerse yourself in the magic of Ifaty!

Day 9
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Bamboo Club Hotel

Tulear - Antananarivo  

Farewell, Madagascar!

Today, you will be transferred back to the airport of Tulear. There, you will your return flight to Antananarivo.

Upon your arrival in the capital, you will be transferred to a hotel near the airport for a day-use. If you have the time to go out and enjoy yourself. Afterward, you will be taken to the international Ivato airport and will leave Madagascar with hopefully unforgettable memories.

Have a safe trip back home and don't forget that Madagascar is always ready to welcome you back!

Day 10