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A 10-Day Luxury Adventure Holiday on Madagascar and Its Outer Islands

Lemurs - Relaxing on beaches - Luxury accommodation - Helicopter excursion
Unique about this tour:
  • Meet the impressive indri lemurs of Madagascar
  • Explore some of the world's most diverse coral reefs
  • Stay at the luxurious Miavana resort on Nosy Ankao Island
  • Take a helicopter ride over a breathtaking landscape

Have you dreamed of an island getaway where the wonders of nature abound? The sun-drenched island of Madagascar is a paradise destination, rich in biodiversity. This Indian Ocean pearl lies 250 miles off the southeast coast of Africa, and is home to an impressive array of native wildlife. Just off the island's northern tip, a private island is home to a luxury resort. Surrounded by turquoise waters, this jewel-like destination is like no other place on Earth.

On the island of Nosy Ankao, you will find a soothing oasis, where radiant palm trees dance in warm ocean breezes. Stay in a private villa with a dazzling ocean view and direct access to white sand beaches. At this remarkable destination, you can delve into the colorful coral reefs on a scuba diving or snorkeling adventure; visit national parks by helicopter; and take a guided nature walk to see native lemurs and chameleons on this 10 day tour.


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  • 9 x nights accommodation in double room in 3-5 star hotels
  • 10 x breakfast, 5 x lunch, 5 x dinner
  • Private transfers in air-conditioned car with English speaking driver
  • All air transfers
  • Drinks in Miavana Resort
  • Helicopter transfer from Nosy Be to Nosy Ankao
  • One helicopter excursion
  • English speaking guide on excursions
  • Entrance fees for all national parks
  • Guiding fees in Andasibe National Parks
  • Health insurances
  • All activities in Nosy Be
  • All activities not mentioned in Miavana Resort
Optional (Available upon request)
  • Added night in Miavana Resort (1500$ per person in a double room)

Example Trip to customize


Welcome to Madagascar!

Excitement is in the air as your flight touches ground on the legendary island of Madagascar. Perhaps you caught site of that breathtaking coastline or the dense forests that lie inland. Soon, you'll embark on your tropical adventure, exploring all the extraordinary natural biodiversity of this rare locale. But today, the capital city of Antananarivo welcomes you with charming Madagascar hospitality.

Day 1
Hotels Hotels

Luxury Accommodation

Carlton Hotel


Encounter wildlife at private reserves

Venture east to Andasibe, a region densely populated with protected rainforest preserves. Here, you can explore private parks run by the local community, such as the Mitsinjo Reserve.

This lovely forested park features a diverse array of trees and flowers, and is best known for its colorful frogs, chameleons, geckos, and snakes. Meanwhile, VOI (Vondron'olona Ifotony) is another small reserve managed by local people.

Here you can encounter indri lemurs and wooly lemurs, diademed sifakas, reptiles, amphibians, and insects like the famous giraffe necked weevil. For an intriguing night visit, consider Vakona Private Park, which is renowned for lemur islands, a crocodile park, and various nocturnal species.

Day 2
Hotels Hotels

Luxury Accommodation

Vakôna Forest Lodge


Adventure awaits at Andasibe National Park

While the region's small private reserves offered you an excellent introduction to Madagascar's wildlife and natural environments, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is one of Madagascar's most impressive sights. Nature trails wind through this dense rainforest preserve where eleven different species of lemurs live alongside rare chameleons, and a plethora of colorful birds. Magnificent orchids hang from tree branches over exquisite fern varieties in this botanical wonderland. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to hear the sounds of the rainforest with your own ears, this is your chance.


Day 3
Hotels Hotels

Luxury Accommodation

Bois Vert Hotel

Nosy Be  

Paradise is calling from a small island off Madagascar

The journey to paradise begins today. After a short flight to Nosy Be Island, you will have time to unwind in a setting of utter tranquility at the luxurious Ravintsara Wellness Hotel. Thatch-roofed bungalows offer authentic accommodations at this four-star island hotel.

You can choose to spend the day swimming at your hotel’s palm-fringed swimming pool, wander around the forested hotel grounds, or soak up the Indian Ocean sunshine while relaxing on the beach. This is a day to simply lie back, feel the warm sand beneath your feet, and take in those awe-inspiring views of turquoise waters. Island time has arrived.

Day 4
Hotels Hotels

Luxury Accommodation

Ravintsara Wellness Hotel

Nosy Ankao  

Four luxurious days begin today at Miavana Resort

If island hopping by helicopter is your thing, you're in for a treat! Today, you will climb on board a helicopter for your journey to the private island of Nosy Ankao. Four magnificent days at the Miavana luxury resort await. 

Renowned as Madagascar's first 5-star eco-luxury hotel, this extraordinary resort offers an endless array of tropical pastimes for both couples and families. From scuba diving and snorkeling, to lemur treks and forest walks, there are a plethora of enriching ways to explore this rare destination. During your time here, you will also have an electric buggy at your disposal for ease in getting around the resort.

Day 5
Hotels Hotels

Luxury Accommodation

Miavana Resort

Nosy Ankao  

Settle into your luxury villa

Castaway luxury is the theme at the luxurious Miavana Resort. Each exquisitely designed villa features sand-hued, hand-cut stones as well as floor-to-ceiling windows that offer dazzling views of the ocean. In addition, there are private pools, sun decks, open-air showers, and a butler service, which bring your vacation to the next level of luxury.

Take some time to settle into your new surroundings. Rest on a comfortable chaise-lounge and be refreshed by the warm ocean breezes. The beach is only steps away, and each villa offers direct access to the shoreline, so go ahead and take a dip before dinner. 

Day 6
Hotels Hotels

Luxury Accommodation

Miavana Resort

Nosy Ankao  

Explore Madagascar's underwater world

Ringed by hidden coves, serene lagoons, and calm bays Nosy Ankao offers unparalleled opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling. Nutrient-rich waters gently lap against an enchanting shoreline, sheltering impressive coral reefs where tropical sea life flourishes. All you have to do is walk out of your villa, directly to the sea, to access this underwater wonderland.

Put on your mask and flippers and watch carefully as the coral reef reveals its secrets. To take the adventure one step further, embark on a boat excursion to reefs further afield. Guided scuba diving adventures will take you to the most biologically diverse places, untouched by the mark of man. 

Day 7
Hotels Hotels

Luxury Accommodation

Miavana Resort

Nosy Ankao  

Set out on a guided nature walk

Miavana Resort enjoys an exceptional location on the northwest coast of Nosy Ankao, a small island that is part of a five-island archipelago that lies just off the northern tip of Madagascar.

During your stay on this island paradise, you have the opportunity to take a guided walk through the island's exquisite natural environment. A breeding ground for Indian Ocean terns, as well as turtles that lay there eggs on the sandy shore, Nosy Ankao offers visitors a rare chance to observe remarkable natural phenomena from an intimate perspective. Join an expert guide on a peaceful walk along the resort's gentle nature paths, and be delighted by the native species that call this island home.

Day 8
Hotels Hotels

Luxury Accommodation

Miavana Resort

Nosy Ankao  

Enjoy one more day of indulgement

This is definitely not your average accommodation. Miavana takes luxury hospitality to the upper echelon of indulgence. During your final full day at the luxury resort, make the most of your time here.

You might choose to spend your day in solitude and enjoy the tranquility of your private villa, or linger for a while at the hotel's Cabinet de Curiosites, a small museum with fascinating displays that include an elephant bird egg, dinosaur bones, and sunken treasure. This could also be a good time to indulge in an in-room spa treatment. Enjoy a massage or facial in the privacy of your own villa and be enriched by organic products inspired by Madagascar's heritage.

Day 9
Hotels Hotels

Luxury Accommodation

Miavana Resort


Saying goodbye...

As your journey home begins, take this final day to soak up all the sites, sounds, and floral aromas of this paradise region. What an unforgettable luxury vacation this has been! During the transfer back to the airport of Nosy Be, and as you continue on to Antananarivo take in the views of the islands from above. 

Upon your arrival in the capital, you will be transferred to a hotel near the airport for day-use, and later taken to Ivato International Airport with happy memories of an extraordinary holiday.

Day 10