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Journey to the heartland of Southeast Asia and experience the beauty and wonder of Laos tours. Often overlooked as a popular tourist destination, you’ll find Laos is a place quietly waiting for you to discover. If you’re in search of a once in a lifetime, highly personalised travel experience, this is the one.
Journey to the heartland of Southeast Asia and experience the beauty of Laos tours. If you’re in search of a highly personalized travel experience, this is the one.
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Laos Vacation

Your first impression will likely be the relaxed nature of virtually everything – an impression that will resonate your entire Laos holiday. This is what sets Laos apart from the rest of Southeast Asia and makes it such a special country to visit.

Take it all in.

Otherworldly beauty is everywhere – from the steep mountains and low river valleys of the Annamite Range in the east, to hypnotic pink sunsets over the Mekong River in the west. The mysterious Plain of Jars on the northern Xiangkhoang Plateau is a marvel to behold. Whereas the 4,000 Islands in the southern Mekong Delta is worthy of an entire Laos holiday of its own. From ancient Buddhist temples and Hindu ruins that date back two millennia, to colonial French architecture - and even hints of the 21 Century - Laos transcends all limits of expectation.

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Travel to Laos

Laos is divided by two distinct regions - north and south. Since trips to Laos offer such an extraordinary array of sights and activities, most choose to visit one or the other region. Depending on the length of your stay, however, you can surely decide to travel Laos from top to bottom. Our Laos travel packages offer customised round trip Laos tours, as well as combined trips to Laos which include Cambodia and Vietnam.

An arrival that’s unrivaled.

Vientiane is an ideal first stop to embark on your exciting round trip Laos tour that lies ahead. Among the capital city’s antiquated colonial French architecture, venerable religious temples and national monuments, you’ll find a transformative city undergoing modern changes. Still, Vientiane exudes a laid-back charm that’s unmatched by any other Southeast Asian capital.

Heading north. From one capital to another.

Luang Prabang, the cultural capital of Laos, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 30 gilded Buddhist temples. The most visited tourist destination in Laos still maintains an aura of blissful serenity. Mount Phou Si in the town’s center is the ideal spot to conclude an eventful day of temple hopping. With its gorgeous panorama of Luang Prabang, watching the gentle sunset over the Mekong is as close to a spiritual experience that you might ever achieve.

Observe rural life as you day-trip along the Mekong to the awe-inspiring Tham Thang cave and its over 3000 Buddha statues within. Bike through the delightful Phosi Market, and take a swim in the turquoise pools under the Kuang Si Waterfalls.

Going south. The road less travelled.

Pakse, the capital of Champasak Province, is the gateway as you travel Laos southward. Here you’ll find the vibrant and expansive Dao Heuang market, arguably one of the finest morning markets in all of Laos.

The scenery becomes more alluring as you continue through the coffee and waterfall region of the Bolaven Plateau. Travel by bike or scooter where coffee farms and plantations are abundant. Along the way, the magnificent twin waterfalls of Tad Fane, cascading from a height of over 100 meters, will be sure to stop you in your tracks.

Near the border of Cambodia rest the 4,000 Islands. This lazy and vast archipelago, with its idyllic surroundings, is mostly uncharted. Here, you’ll find paradise on the Mekong - one you could only ever have imagined before - peacefully awaiting your arrival.

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About Laos

For a small country, Laos is replete with things to see and do.

To make the most of your Laos vacation, a Laos private tour guide will organise every detail of your itinerary ensuring you won’t miss a thing. Choose from our Laos tours packages or customise your own. By offering expert local knowledge, your Laos holiday is certain to be one of a kind.

Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, has a distinct small-town feel in stark contrast to the more bustling capital cities of Southeast Asia. And while modernization is gradually catching up to it, the pace remains slow with a relaxed atmosphere that’s welcoming and inviting.

Luang Prabang is a picturesque town surrounded by conspicuous green mountains. Built on a peninsula where the Mekong and Nam Khan Rivers join, Luang Prabang is often referred to as “Jewel of the Mekong.” Within the hills you’ll find a harmonious mix of traditional Lao structures and faded colonial French facades. This enchanting northern town is arguably one of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia and destined to be a highlight of your Laos vacation.

Lying in ruin and scattered over the highlands of the Xiangkhoang Plateau you’ll find the Plain of Jars, a phenomenal archeological site believed to be 1,500 to 2,000 years old. A sprawling cluster of large stone jars weighing up to 14 tons, no one knows exactly what their original purpose was. It’s definitely a sight to behold.

The Bolaven Plateau in the highlands of southern Laos, with its pristine landscapes and spectacular waterfalls, is heaven on earth. Rent a motorbike and tour the sprawling coffee plantations the region is famous for. Encounter multitudes of wildlife as you trek through its lush rainforest – home to tigers, elephants, monkeys and over 300 species of birds.

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Food and Culture of Laos

Like most South East Asian countries, Laos uses a lot of spices and herbs in their cuisine. Lemongrass and fish sauce are particularly popular.

Sticky rice is a staple dish in Laos, often accompanied by fresh fish or meat which is often uncooked (similar to ceviche).

A cooking course on your Laos tours is recommended, especially to learn the unique and distinctive way of turning simple vegetables and herbs into wholesome and rustic dishes.

Lao jungle food with the ever-present sticky rice.

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Laos Reviews

Paulina Nwosu, December 2016

The trip was very nice, the guide competent and driver super. Kamea always available for all our questions and very reliable for all the requests

William Philip, December 2014

Bravo for well planned Indochina Tours and thank you Toni so much for one of the most amazing experiences of my life. From the first contact, Toni worked with us to provide the perfect itinerary for 21 Days tour in Indochina. The programme for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia was well thought out and varied and our guides in each cities, drivers, vehicles, hotels and lunches were also excellent, well informed, professional and personable. We especially loved Mr Toong our guide in Luang Prabang, Laos. There are no other words to better describe this trip than life changing.

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John, December 2012

Back home after a great trip, I just wanted to thank you and everybody at the agency for your excellent work all over. It is been a pleasure dealing with you and I shall recommend you to anyone who is interested in visiting Southeast Asia.
Everything was organized with the greatest efficiency. All our guides were absolutely first class, very punctual, knowledgeable and delightful people (amongst others Thet Khiang in Bagan, Dann Nu Naing Naing in Mandalay and Wanna Chea in Siem Reap), the hotels were all most satisfactory and the programmes were all of the greatest interest. We really enjoyed the experience very much and look forward to returning to your part of the world in the future, in which case we will surely be contacting you again.

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Stan, November 2012

From the moment our guide, My, met us at the airport we knew we would be in good hands throughout our trip. With the expert advice and help of Phuong in the office, and our wonderful expert guides in the three places we visited, the two week mixed business and pleasure trip went off without a single hitch. Whenever we asked our guides to make last minute changes, there were no problems adjusting our schedule whenever possible. I was most concerned about my serious food allergies; my wife is a vegetarian. Wherever we ate while with our guides, the restaurants had been informed in advance of our food restrictions. Phuong even prepared a print-out in Vietnamese and English of my allergies for us to present to restaurants when we were eating on our own, including instructing the chefs on the avoidance of cross-contamination of utensils, etc.

We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Phuong!

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Anneliese And Benjamin, November 2012

Phuong planned an excellent 10 day trip for us in Cambodia. We went to Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. Overall the trip was great and the level of service we received was fantastic. We were met by our guide at the airport on arrival and immediately felt at ease and knew we'd be in safe hands. The hotels in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap (Raffles and Heritage) were of an extremely high quality and great value for money. Our tour guide in Phnom Penh also took us from Sihanoukville to the airport and when she came to collect us it was like seeing an old friend. The trip was extremely well planned and we were very impressed that they took the time to check during our stay that everything was going well. If we were to go on the trip again we probably would not include Sihanoukville on the itinerary as there are better beaches in Thailand but this is not a criticism of Phuong who had actually advised us to stick to the cultural sights. The team seems genuinely concerned to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime which is very refreshing. We would highly recommend Phuong and her team and would be thrilled to travel with them again.

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