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Laos Tours

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William Philip / December 2014

Client tour review

"Bravo for well planned Indochina Tours and thank you Toni so much for one of the most amazing experiences of my life. From the first contact, Toni wor..."
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About Laos Tours

On Laos tours you will discover the beauty of South East Asia that has been captivating travelers for years.

A relaxed nation, you will drift through languid Laos without a care in the world as you tour the dramatic hillside greenery on your motorbike, get caught up in the romantic imagery of monks strolling into ancient monasteries or float aimlessly down the magical Mekong river.

An adventurer's paradise, Laos is rich in biodiversity, an array of adventure activities, an attractive ancient culture, a divine cuisine and a somewhat untouched, pristine environment. Your Laos tours will not be forgotten anytime soon.

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  • Kamea
    1 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 3 hours

    Destination expert in Laos


    “To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen I started to work in the tourism industry by chance, when I escorted a friend for his visiting to Laos. Everything was new for me, more and more I work, I love this job. I learned a lot when traveling and doing my job. It has been an amazing journey for almost 5 years and I realized I am being inspired positively in many ways by my interesting job. Travelling no...

  • Khankeo Personalized itinerary within an estimated 20 hours

    Destination expert in Laos


    Hi there, my name is Khankeo. I am 38 years old and from Laos, Vientiane Capital. With more than 12 years professional travel agency consulting experience, I would name myself as an expert in travel in SEA. I joined Diethelm Travel right after high school, the first and biggest travel agency in Asia, where the opportunity was given to travel and discover Indochina, in and out. Since that, I handled and dealt wit...

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Laos Tours


Still relatively untouched, Laos provides the definitive South East Asia adventure travels.


Largely untainted by hoards of tourism, like Thailand or Vietnam for example, Laos offers truly authentic experiences. Stop by and chat with the engaging and warm locals and you will immediately bare witness to the endearing and laid-back Laos culture.


Things to do on Laos Tours

Main Attractions and Tourist Regions in Laos


You will inevitably be familiar with the Laos tubing tours that brought a lot of attention to Laos for backpackers, however with that now being banned due to lack of safety, all focus is back on the real gems and cultural experiences of Laos.


Vientiane is Laos’ capital and despite constant steps moving forward this capital city is still described as the most relaxed capital city in the world. The Languid nature of Laos is a welcome one from the hustle and bustle of Thailand and alike. The contrasts are compelling, in what is a constant battle between a communist past and an ever-nearing capitalist Laos.


Vang Vieng Laos Tours


Feast your eyes on the vibrant colors on showcase as you are welcomed to the fascinating city of Luang Prabang. Being a UNESCO world heritage site, this peaceful city is devoid of unwelcome trucks and lorries which maintains the infectious charm. Surrounded by mountains and with the therapeutic river sounds pervading the streets, Luang Praband can reinvigorate even the most jaded of travelers.


Vieng Xai is another town that excels in being aesthetically unimaginable. The town lies in a stunning valley of colorful hills and stunning limestone cliffs, a combination that elicits a photo at too many opportunities. A truly beautiful stop-off point that shimmers with color and a tour of the caves and the history of the city will illuminate just how far Laos has come since the war.


Laos tours would certainly be incomplete without adventure activities such as the thrilling gibbon experience, a synthesis of pure adrenaline and appreciation over the conservation of the wonderful wildlife. On this 3 day adventure you will turn from human into Tarzan/superhero as you navigate the forest on your zip-lines and cross paths with lions, leopards, black bears and of course gibbons.


For a religious experience and a look into beautiful ancient architecture, head to the famous Wat Phu Champasak, an archaeological site that contains meticulous statue work and a palpable spiritual essence. Alternatively, go to Wat Ho Pha Bang for more spiritual harmony.


So What’s Laos all about?

Food and Culture of Laos


Like most South East Asian countries, Laos uses a lot of spices and herbs in their cuisine. Lemongrass and fish sauce are particularly popular.


Sticky rice is a staple dish in Laos, often accompanied by fresh fish or meat which is often uncooked (similar to cerviche).


A cooking course on your Laos tours is recommended, especially to learn the unique and distinctive way of turning simple vegetables and herbs into wholesome and rustic dishes.


Laos sticky rice

Lao jungle food with the ever-present sticky rice.


When to go on Laos tours

What Time of the year is it best to Visit Laos?


November through to March is the most advised time to visit Laos, with dry days and cool nights.


April through to July can be intolerably hot and the frequent downpours add to the humidity.

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