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15-Day Boutique Journey Through Iran

Chack Chack the fire sanctuary - Stay in a 17th C. Caravanserai - Sunrise Safari in Lut Desert - Nooshabad underground city
Unique about this tour:
  • Hiking in the valley of Chak Chak to the Zoroastrian fire sanctuary
  • Overnight stay in an original caravanserai from the 17th century
  • Sunrise Safari: Adventure and breakfast in the Lut Desert
  • Overnight stay in an 18th century merchant's house in Kashan

This is an extensive journey through central Iran, during which the most impressive sights are visited on a very interesting route. Join us on an amazing tour full of experiences and new adventures. In contrast to the classic routes through Iran, here you have the opportunity to spend a night in a 17th century caravansarie and experience the wonders of a desert safari in a desert eco-camp in the middle of the Lut Desert, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, while still enjoying the classic attractions of Persia. Shiraz “The City of Love" and Isfahan “Half of the World" are a must on every itinerary alongside the scenic roads of Iran's beautiful villages. 

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  • Iran Visa Reference Number Procurement, with which you can collect your visa from the selected Iranian consulate/embassies around the globe
  • Iran travel insurance during the travel period booked with us
  • 14x overnight stays in the mentioned hotels and categories (or comparable)
  • All relevant taxes and fees
  • Half board: breakfast and dinner, partly also lunch according to program
  • English-speaking tour guide throughout the trip
  • Mineral water during the trip everyday
  • Welcome pack with various Persian delicacies
  • All-Inclusive Safari Experience, day 6 and 7 of the trip, in 4×4 Jeeps with relevant insurance
  • One Iranian SIM card per family
  • International & Domestic flights
Optional (Available upon request)
  • Extra pre-tour in Tehran 2 nights prior. The tour starts with a sightseeing tour of Tehran (480 Euros)
  • Upgrade to suite rooms in major cities of the tour (750 Euros per person)
  • Novotel-Ibis Hotel booking at the International Airport for the last night of tour in case departure is on Sunday
  • From end of November to April departures you can enjoy a pre-tour of skiing in Tehran as well, ask for prices

Fixed Departures

Trip Dates Days Min/Max Passengers Price (p.p.) Single Room Supplement   Status  
Sep 28, 2019 until Oct 12, 2019 15 4/12 $ 3,540 $ 770 G Bookable Request
Dec 28, 2019 until Jan 11, 2020 15 4/12 $ 2,950 $ 730 G Bookable Request


Ika Airport - Tehran - Niloo Hotel  

Welcome to Iran!

On your first day, arrive at the IKA International Airport (Imam Khomeini International Airport) in Tehran, meet with your local tour guide, and transfer to the hotel.

Day 1
Hotels Hotels

National Museum - Golestan Palace - Crown Juwels Museum  

Explore Tehran

Take a full day city tour of Tehran starting with an informative tour of the archaeological museum. Known as the National Museum of Tehran, it is the most important and powerful museum in Persia.

Afterward, visit the Golestan Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and eat a typical Persian lunch.

In the afternoon, visit the Tajrish Bazaar, located in the north of Tehran, and if time permits, pay a short visit to the 18 Million Multicultural Capital of Iran.

Day 2
Hotels Hotels

Abyaneh - Natanz - Kouhpayeh  

Visit the Villages of Iran

After breakfast, set off towards Kouhpayeh, a nostalgic village in the east of the magnificent city of Isfahan. Before arriving in Kouhpaye town, visit the village of Abyaneh. Upon arriving in Kouhpayeh, spend the night in a 17th century caravanserai on the legendary Silk Road. During the trip, enjoy the unique area and make a short stop in Natanz to visit one of the oldest mosques of the country.

Day 3
Hotels Hotels

Naiin - Chack Chack - Yazd  

See the Desert City

Enjoy your breakfast before continuing on to the magnificent city of Yazd. The desert city of Yazd is one of the oldest cities in Persia and flourished during the reign of Marco Polo in the 13th century. On the way to Yazd, enjoy a visit to Naiin, where the beautiful Friday Mosque awaits you. Your highlight for today is a short hike in the valley of Chak Chak, a place of Zoroastrian faith in the middle of the desert, in the north of Yazd. 

Day 4
Hotels Hotels

Towers Of Silence Yazd - Fire Temple - Friday Mosque Yazd  

Explore Ancient Sites in Yazd

Today the Zoroastrian side of Yazd awaits you. During a walk, climb up one of the towers on which the guide will explain the peculiarities of the Zoroastrian funeral cult to you. According to an old tradition, the dead were brought into one of these towers and thrown to the vultures for food.

Later, visit the Zoroastrian fire sanctuary where the eternal fire has been burning since 470 AD. Afterward, enjoy the old area of Yazd, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Finally, visit Amir Chakhmagh Square.

Day 5
Hotels Hotels

Yazd - Kerman - Shahdad  

Welcome to Kerman!

Drive to Kerman and visit the old bathhouse, which has been turned into a museum. Continue on to an oasis village and desert camp in the middle of Lut Desert. This desert in southeast Persia is a unique area that is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience an unforgettable sunset in Shahdad.

Day 6
Hotels Hotels

Keshit - Mahan - Shazde Garden  

Observe a Desert Garden

After breakfast, before sunrise, a Safari adventure awaits to take you to Kalouts.

Afterward, continue to the oasis of Mahan. There check in at your heritage hotel.

In the afternoon visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site - "Prince Garden," also known as "Baghe Shazde" in Farsi. You will also see the mausoleum of the great mystic Shah Nematollah Vali.

Day 7
Hotels Hotels

Bakhtegan - Sarvestan Palace - Shiraz  

Visit Palace Ruins

Today a beautiful and varied road trip journey awaits you as you travel to Shiraz. Enjoy a picnic at noon with a view of Lake Bakhtegan. Visit the ruins of the ceremonial Sarvestan Palace of the Sassanid Empire from the 5th century.

Day 8
Hotels Hotels

Shiraz - Eram Garden - Hafez  

Explore Shiraz

On your exploration tour through Shiraz, you will visit the Narenjestan Garden known as the “Garden of Orange Trees."

Afterward, stroll past the Zand citadel and head to the nearby Vakil bazaar. Here purchase high-quality textiles, carpets, spices, and jewelry. Taste the traditional Persian dessert Faloodeh, which legend says was the very first ice cream.

In the evening, visit the Hafis Mausoleum. The Persian poet Hafis sang about love and wine as mystical gifts of God. His poetry and freedom of thought were deeply admired by Goethe in the “West-Eastern Divan." After dinner, you have the option to visit and admire the Shah Cheragh sanctuary from the outside. With a little luck, the tour guide will be able to take you inside.

End your day with dinner at a traditional local restaurant.

Day 9
Hotels Hotels

Nasir Ol Molk - Persepolis - Apadana Hotel Persepolis  

Visit Mosques and Tombs

In the morning, visit the impressive theatrical play of light and colors in the Nasir-ol-Molk-Mosque, one of the most important mosques of Iran, with colorful ornaments and tiles.

Afterward, drive to Persepolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ceremonial city was the 4th capital, as well as the treasury of the Achaemenids and was established in 520 B.C.

Following your visit, drive to the Necropolis of the Achaemenid kings Naqsch-e Rostam. The tombs are intricately decorated.

Overnight at the foot of Persepolis in a boutique hotel built by Reza Shah, the founder of the Pahlavi Dynasty. Enjoy a wonderful evening with a view of the columns of the Persian Empire.

After dinner, there is time for a short walk and a wonderful farewell to Shiraz.

Day 10
Hotels Hotels

Persepolis - Pasargad - Isfahan  

Visit an Ancient Battlefield

Today, say goodbye to the Persian pre-Islamic history and art and enter into a new era of Persian history by traveling to the Safavid capital, “Isfahan."

On the way, visit the battlefield of Cyrus the 2nd, also called “Cyrus the Great." Stop also in Pasargadä where you can see the tomb of Kyros and the ruins of the first Persian empire.

Enjoy a picnic break and the beautiful landscape next to an antique caravanserai in Izadkhast.

Day 11
Hotels Hotels

Chehelsotun - Shah Square Isfahan - Shah Mosque  

Stroll Around Beautiful Meidan-e Imam Square

An enchanting, fairytale-like scenery of turquoise domes, imposing palaces, mosques, and mausoleums, will greet you at the overwhelmingly beautiful “Meidan-e Imam Square." The square is one of the most picturesque places in the Orient. It is surrounded by an ensemble of arcades and magnificent buildings, including the Lotfollah Mosque or the Imam Mosque, which is considered a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.

Day 12
Hotels Hotels

Friday Mosque - Vank Cathedral - 33 Arch Bridges  

Visit the Temples and Mosques of Isfahan

Start your day with a visit to the Majestic Friday Mosque of Isfahan, one of the oldest and most well-preserved mosques in Iran. In Isfahan, it was rumored that one of the columns of this mosque was personally built by the caliph in Damascus. Before it became a mosque, it is said to have been a place of worship for Zoroastrians.

After lunch, visit the fire temple of Isfahan and then the Armenian cathedral of Vank. Also, take a look at the nearby museum with its amazing artifacts and manuscripts. Today, you have the opportunity to experience four different religions and their places of worship. At the end of the day, if time permits, we can visit a synagogue where the Jews of Isfahan can still freely practice their faith.

Have a traditional Persian
 dinner in the evening.

Day 13
Hotels Hotels

Isfahan - Kashan - Tabatabai House  

Go Sightseeing in Kashan

After a 2-hour drive, arrive in Kashan and begin your sightseeing tour to the Fin Garden, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Persian Gardens and the beautiful Kashan Bazaar, as well as the Tabatabai family home, one of the city's traditional townhouses. This is your last stop before checking into your hotel, which is one of the best-preserved merchant’s houses in the city, and partly a museum form 18th century. The overnight stay here is one of the highlights of the trip. Kashan is one of the oldest cities of the Iranian highlands and is known for its textile and carpet industry, as well as for the production of the typical tiles that you will see throughout Iran.

Day 14
Hotels Hotels

Kashan - Qom - Imam Khomeini Airport  

So Long, Iran!

Take time on your last day to visit Qom and drive through one of the most important theological cities of Iran. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to enter the Fatima Mausoleum, but an outside visit is possible.

Head to the airport and have a safe flight home!

Day 15