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10 days


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Talitha is our Destination Expert in Indonesia.


  • Honeymoon travel
  • Culinary Adventure
  • Nature and Culture Exploration
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Paul L.
"Overall the trip went very well. Perhaps a little too much temples and the like towards the end...".

Jane S.
"Talitha was very knowledgeable about where we were going and was able to help us plan our journey, w...".

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Activities & Transport

  • Trekking
  • Canoeing
  • Diving
  • Car with driver

Main travel focus

Cultural visits
Nature & landscapes
Relaxing moments




Explore Fascinating Sulawesi in 10 Days

Visit Karst Towers in Maros - Relaxing in Bira Beach - Visiting floating houses - Visiting Toraja oldest village
Unique about this tour:
  • Canoeing through jungle scenery near Maros
  • A full day of beach leisure at Bira Beach
  • Go off the beaten track by cruising over Lake Tempe near Sengkang
  • In-depth experience of the Torajan culture and unique customs

Spend your holiday in Indonesia! This fantastic tour takes you to the extremely unique island of Sulawesi, where you can discover fascinating cultural wonders and unique traditions that are still practiced today. Visit the region of Tana Toraja, where you will be introduced to the region's captivating architecture, ancient traditional beliefs, and picturesque landscapes. How about laying in paradise? Relax in the sand at Bira Beach, where the white sand stretches for miles down the sparkling blue coastline. Dive underneath the waves to discover stunning coral reefs and teasing tropical fish. Travel to Sengkang, where you can ride in a canoe to the nearby floating village, a one-of-a-kind experience. Walk through the peaceful scenery of Maros, and discover ancient caves and luscious rice fields. This trip lets you experience the variety Sulawesi has to offer.

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  • 9 nights accommodation in double/twin room
  • 9x breakfast, 2x lunch
  • Private transfer in air-conditioned car
  • Airport transfers
  • English-speaking guide on excursions
  • Flights and airport taxes
  • Use of guides and car on free days
  • Camera fees
  • Entrance fees and permits (also during excursions)
Optional (Available upon request)
  • German-speaking guide service (USD 30 per day)

Example Trip to customize


Welcome to Sulawesi!

It is time to begin your exploration of Sulawesi! Arrive in the bustling city of Makassar, where you will be picked up at the airport and taken to your hotel to refresh yourself.

Day 1
Hotels Hotels

Comfort Accommodation

Aston Makassar

Makassar - Maros - Malino  

Enjoy the Idyllic Indonesian Landscape

Get away from the big city with an excursion to the serene Indonesian countryside. You will be gathered from your hotel in Makassar and taken to the tiny town of Maros. Walk through the pristine rice fields and towering limestone cliffs to a small village, where you will be greeted with a snack and tea in a local Buginese house. Afterwards, continue your stroll through two large limestone walls to a cave decorated with ancient handprints from eras gone by. On your way back, row in a canoe and take in the idyllic rural landscape that surrounds you before heading back to the main road. After exploring Maros, you will be taken to the Malino Highland for the rest of the evening.

Comfort Accommodation: Ramah Tengah Sawah

Day 2


Hike to Spectacular Panoramic Views

Use the day to discover the beautiful wonders of the Malino area. Surrounded by a rich landscape of mountains, valleys, rivers, and waterfalls, the area is lush with green, rolling hills and beautiful rice fields. This area is ideal to explore on foot or by mountain bike. Take a hike through the countryside, and on the way take the opportunity to learn about how rice is grown and processed. You may also see numerous wildlife that is abundant in the area, as well as many native plants of the area, such as a plethora of fruit trees. The hike today is moderately strenuous, including a few steep climbs - but be sure, the panoramic views at the top overlooking this spectacular landscape are worth it!

Comfort Accommodation: Rumah Tengah Sawah

Day 3

Malino - Bira  

Off to an Island Paradise

Head to the beach! Today, travel to the tranquil Bira Beach, where you can walk along the white sand. But wait, there is so much more to discover - under water! Not only is Bira a great place to relax in the sand, it is also a snorkeler's paradise. Dive underneath the soft turquoise waves and take in fish and coral in a rainbow of colors. This is a great spot to cool off in the sun-kissed water and hang out with the fish. Bira also has a long maritime history, and the peninsula is still the home of the traditional boat builders of Sulawesi, who build gigantic ships by hand, even today. 

Day 4
Hotels Hotels

Comfort Accommodation

Bara Beach


Get Up Close to the Colorful Coral

Underneath the waves of Bira are large, living coral reefs. Today, get your snorkeling gear ready and go for a swim. Be sure to inspect the water for tropical fish, colorful corals, and creatures living on the ocean floor. Turtles can also be spotted drifting through the crystal clear water. It is hard to get enough of this underwater wonderland.

Day 5
Hotels Hotels

Comfort Accommodation

Bara Beach

Bira - Sengkang  

Visit Indonesia's Floating Village

After breakfast, leave beautiful Bira behind and head to the center of South Sulawesi and the small city of Sengkang. After your arrival, you will be taken to pier to board a small motorized canoe, which will take you to visit one of the most unique sights in the country. Travel down the Walennea River to Tempe Lake. But this is no ordinary lake - although very small in the dry season, the lake floods with water in the rainy season to become almost 35 times its size. It is also home to many types of water birds. As you drift toward your destination, watch fishermen catch fish from the lake in the traditional manner with large, square nets. Arrive in the floating village, where many of the fishermen live with their families. Before your departure, visit one of these rare floating houses and enjoy coffee and tea with its inhabitants

Comfort Accommodation: Bbc Sengkang

Day 6

Sengkang - Palopo - Tana Toraja  

Welcome to Unique Tana Toraja

Enjoy a delicious breakfast in Sengkang before departing for one of the most fascinating regions of the country: the cultural wonder of the Tana Toraja region. This area is known for its deeply traditional beliefs that have been practiced for centuries and are still practiced by families in the region today. The unique cultural traditions of the region include burial and funeral rites,ancestor worship, and one-of-a kind architecture. Travel to Rantepao, the hub of the region, which is also surrounded by surreal green landscapes. On the way, make a few pit stops to introduce you to the Torajan culture.

Day 7
Hotels Hotels

Comfort Accommodation

Heritage Hotel

Tana Toraja  

Experience Fascinating Torajan Culture

Today, take a tour of the Tana Toraja region, including fascinating rock graves, tree graves, and saddle houses. After savoring a delightful breakfast at your hotel, join your guide for a full day of Torajan culture. First, travel to Lemo to see the famous Tau Tau statues and hanging graves, where stone coffins are suspended from high cliffs. Move on to discover Suaya and the ancient Baby Tree, as well as Lona to see ancient cliff graves where Torajan ancestors are entombed. End you adventure in the village of Kete Kesu, one of the oldest Torajan villages and where you can examine the stunning architecture of Tongkonan saddle houses and rice barns. Browse through the village's beautiful woodcarvings, a colorful tradition that is another reason why the village is famous. In the afternoon, take a ride back to your hotel to relax for the evening.

Day 8
Hotels Hotels

Comfort Accommodation

Heritage Hotel

Tana Toraja - Makassar  

Journey to Makassar

Enjoy a refreshing breakfast at your hotel before embarking on the long ride back to Makassar. After arriving in early evening, spend the rest of the day as you wish. Watch the sun set over the waterfront along the ocean boulevard of Makassar. Stroll along the bank and take in the sparkling waters, or grab a bite to eat in one of the many Indonesian kioks. How about trying chicken satay, grilled and served with peanut sauce, a truly Indonesian dish?

Day 9
Hotels Hotels

Comfort Accommodation

Aston Makassar Hotel

Makassar - Makassar Airport  

Goodbye Indonesia!

After a night of relaxation in your hotel, you will be picked up and taken to the airport to catch your flight to your next destination. Wave goodbye to the beautiful island of Sulawesi and reflect on the myriad of experiences you've had in Indonesia.

Day 10