Centuries-old civilizations, 21st-century megalopolises, epic landscape scenery, wildlife adventure, culinary delight – all of this and more await as you embark on one of our exclusive India tours. Looking back on ancient history and forward to a burgeoning new era, present-day India exists at the conflux of past and future times.
Centuries-old civilizations, 21st-century megalopolises, and culinary delight – all of this and more await you in India.
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India Reviews

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India Vacation

Where to start? It is hard to express in words how diverse and incredible India is, and the country would take a lifetime to truly see and understand. Although at times challenging, the real source of enjoyment you gain from traveling through India would have to be in its simple charm, its frenetic streets, its gazing eyes, its colorful spices, its raucous bazaars and its unparalleled beauty (apart from perhaps the beauty of its majestic neighbor - Nepal. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Whether an experienced traveler to the subcontinent or a newcomer, modern-day India is undergoing such profound and rapid change that it’s hard to keep pace. On the other hand, old social hierarchies and traditions remain an integral part of India’s cultural fabric and it’s easy to feel as if you’re traveling forward and backward at the same time. This is where you’ll find yourself in India here and now.

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India Vacation

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Browse our India travel packages or design your own India travel itinerary. Either way, you’ll find the extent of things to see and do is vast and mind-boggling. But when you travel to India, you’ll be in the best hands with your local destination expert.

Enlightening. Unforgettable.

A fitting induction to your travel to India is a tour of India’s Golden Triangle. This cultural and historical region comprises three of India’s most famous cities, Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur – all within close proximity. India’s Golden Triangle is the center of its most iconic monuments, colonial history, and vibrant markets.

The gateway to your round trip India tour is through the capital, New Delhi. Your arrival to this mega-metropolis can seem overwhelming – though this is part of the attraction. Still, there’s an abundance of quiet - even romantic - escapes to be found within its touristic sights and urban surroundings. Mehrauli Archaeological Park is a history lover’s retreat where you can explore over 100 monuments, tombs, and ruins. Revered as the most romantic spot in the city, the Parthasarathy Rocks offer peaceful nature surroundings. It’s the highest natural point in Delhi where you can relax at the end of the day and bask in another timeless Indian sunset.

On the southern route is the city of Agra, home to the world-famous Taj Mahal. One of history’s great testaments to the power of love, this magnificent white marble mausoleum was built in the 15th century by Emperor Shah Jahan as an expression of his everlasting devotion to wife and Empress, Mumtaz Mahal.

Rounding up your Golden Triangle tour is Jaipur. With its cityscape of coral hues, it’s endeared among locals as The Pink City. The Hawa Mahal - Palace of the Winds - is a fascinating structure and the story behind it is as interesting as its facade is a spectacle to behold.

God’s Own Country awaits as you travel south to Kerala. Abundant natural beauty provides an exquisite backdrop to its ancient temples and mosques. Float along peaceful backwaters and stunning waterfalls, savor the tranquility and let your mind escape.

Trek the northern Himalayas. Retreat to the Yoga Capital of the World in southern Rishikesh. Meander the teeming streets of Calcutta in the east. Roam the boundless deserts of Gujarat in the west. India is a land of fascination and your trip to the subcontinent will be as enlightening as it will be unforgettable.

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About trips to India

India has a cultural history dating back five millennia and geography comprising seven mountain ranges with over 150 national parks. With so much to see, our India tours packages and personalized India private tours combine definitive insights with expert local knowledge designed around your own personal interests.

Chaotic and cathartic

The capital city of New Delhi is epic and sprawling, bustling with activity 24/7. At first, it’s disorienting, but once your bewilderment subsides, you’ll begin to enjoy the wonders of New and Old Delhi – from sights like the grand India Gate to the emblematic Red Fort, to Delhi’s leafy parks, quiet neighborhoods, dusty book shops, hip cafes, popular restaurants, and ultra-modern Delhi Metro, you’ll almost forget this is just one stop on your overall India tour.

Mumbai is actually India’s biggest metropolis. The port city is home to Bollywood and is the center of India’s entertainment industry. Its influence can be felt throughout the entire metropolitan area giving it an explicit character and energy all its own.

Journey along the holiest river in the world to the holiest city in the world. Along the banks of the Ganges, you’ll find the Hindu city of Varanasi. A spiritual site where life, death, and the afterlife coexist side by side. For hundreds of years, mourners have come here to scatter the ashes of their departed into the sacred waters and pilgrimage to bathe in the soul-cleansing river.

Goa, with its Baroque style colonial architecture, is India’s Bohemian Paradise. Celebrated for its idyllic tropical climate and white sandy beaches, chill-seekers are drawn here to spiritually detox from the many hectic demands of the outside world.

Embark on your India holiday package tour. With all of its visual and spiritual grandeur, your India vacation is destined to be an extraordinary awakening.

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trip.me offers a trusted online platform where you can select, personalize and book trips directly with our hand-picked selection of outstanding agencies worldwide.

Our select Destination Experts possess an intimate knowledge of Indian customs, traditions, and cultures because they’re professional travel agents who live there themselves. We’ll connect you directly to one of them. From the planning stages to your arrival to the subcontinent - and throughout the duration of your visit - a local expert will ensure your itinerary runs without a hitch.

Customize an India tour according to your own personal interests and receive up-to-date information about your trip from your local expert there on the ground.

trip.me personally select all of the local agencies we partner with to ensure they share the same passion for travel and high-quality standards. We offer over 500 trips worldwide and every tour featured on our website has undergone a thorough vetting process judged on uniqueness, adventure, excitement as well as other essential criteria.

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Best time of the year to visit India?

The best months to travel to India are between November and February, with fair weather. While possible to travel during monsoon season, between June to October, it is strongly discouraged.

Summer months are also popular between March-May but the heat can be quite overwhelming at times. The mountains are perfect to visit during the summer months because of the clear sky and soothing air.

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Food and Culture of India

Exhilarating for the first time traveler and a challenge even for the more experienced of you, traveling to India is a great way to see the intense spirituality and profound religious meaning that is linked so inextricably with Indian life. A trip to the Ganges river will be one to savor, at whatever point you are along the symbolic river, especially if it's down by a burning Ghat in Varanasi. Furthermore, visits to various temples, forts and religious ceremonies are equally as awe-inspiring.

People celebrate Indian food worldwide but it's not until you complete a tour of this desirable country that you realize the beauty and meaning of Indian food. Northern curries, swept up with chapati bread are prevalent throughout and the irresistible dosa of the south serves a mouth-watering selection of pancake wrapped sauces and flavors. Additionally, delve into creamy lentil dishes or soak it down with a refreshing kingfisher beer. Temptingly cheap and consistently satisfying, Indian cuisine is a way of life.
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Main Attractions and Tourist Regions in India

Taj Mahal tours are just one reason to head north, but with the nearby bustling capital of New Delhi, adventure trips to the Himalayan regions of Kashmir (containing treks that are comparable in beauty to neighboring Nepal and Bhutan), the inconceivably attractive region of Rajasthan (a must see), along with the famous golden triangle, India in the north is nothing short of spectacular.

The city of Agra (location of Taj Mahal) isn't worth staying in any longer than the time you have allocated for the precious Taj Mahal, so swiftly move on to the much more appealing Varanasi to the east or New Delhi to the west. Varanasi, a world away from the comforts of home you are probably used to, is the most shocking and overwhelming of Indian cities, predominantly down to its profound spiritual levels.
Head to the very east to the vibrant Kolkata, the hugely populated Indian city where space is scarce and desperation coexists with a thriving intellectual and cultural scene. North from Delhi are tours and treks of Kashmir, offering scintillating hiking trails and picturesque scenery. Hang out with the hippies and meditate practice yoga or simply brush up on your Buddhist knowledge in the popular retreat of McLeod Ganj (suburb of Dharamshala).

A tour around Rajasthan is the top priority. With an array of charming cities and diverse colors, it is essential that you don't miss this experience. Jaipur is the most popular, with its pink-walled citadel and its magical lake palace, but for me, Jodhpur (the blue city) steals all the thunder (not just because blue is my favorite color). The vast amount of conjoined blue merges into one miraculous blue facade, best observed from the top of Mehrangarh fort.

From the pink and blue city, head west to Jaisalmer, a desert city made of sandstone with a large fort overlooking the city. Take desert trips and sleep under the starry desert sky while your camel waits to plod you back to your hotel.

Udaipur is next on your tour. The 'romantic city' is the setting for the James Bond film 'Octopussy' and so many of the opulent palaces and grand hotels are instantly recognizable. Udaipur is also home to some fine restaurants and an abundance of great artisan stores. Do not miss the sunrise/sunset on your stay in this Indian gem.

South India holidays are just as wonderful, with options ranging from the cool and thriving metropolis of Mumbai where university culture mixes with fascinating history, the beach holidays and party holidays of Goa where trance pilgrims and luxury resort seekers head and the labyrinth of seductive waterways of Kerala. The appeal in south India lies not only in its landscape but also in its flawless cuisine. It is here, the home of the Dosa, where arguably the best Indian food originates.

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India Reviews Of Our Travellers

Jspa, March 2020

Himanshu is super efficient and easy to talk to. He doesn't leave details hanging and proactively calls you to clarify to make the best match. He really went out the way to procure a guide who can speak our language. That was truly appreciated. Himanshu is personable and easy to get along with and very prompt in any queries that we had.

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Deborah D., March 2020

The support from Himanshu and his team was excellent through all phases of our trip. He was very responsive during planning and the trip they delivered was exactly as promised. By using a local destination expert, I believe we experienced places to stay we wouldn’t have found otherwise. The driver and tour guides they arranged were all excellent.

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Michael W., March 2020

She was very Kind, Attentive, and always showed interest in fulfilling my needs. She demonstrated concern if she thought I was taking unnecessary risks, and flexibility in adjusting my itinerary as needed. The guides and the drivers were well informed and quite helpful. and accommodations were very good in each city I visited.

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Maureen W., March 2020

My daughter and I had a wonderful trip to India. Himanshu was very helpful when we were making hotel and flight decisions. He helped organize a driving route for the best way to see Jaipur, Mandawa, Ranthambore, Agra and back to Jaipur. It was a lot of driving, but interesting along the roads and never a dull moment. Our guides were mostly great, except for one, but it probably wasn't his fault since there wasn't much to see. The others were very knowledgeable and fun. I would recommend Himanshu and will certainly use him again.

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Peter W., March 2020

Himanshu was excellent. He answered all of my queries promptly & his attention was first class. I could not speak highly enough of Himanshu & his team at the local tour agency.