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Holy Land Reviews

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Holy Land Tours

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Holy Land Reviews

Ian S., December 2019

This traveller just left a 5-star review.

Lucia M., November 2019

Amira was excellent in planning our dream trip to Egypt, immediate responses and recommendations. Many thanks to Mohamed Emam our tour guide on the nile cruise, Aswan, Luxor great knowledge and expert!! . Very pleased with our trip and highly recommend using Trip.me

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Marco Arroyo, November 2019

She was our main and only contact. She helped us to fulfill our trip in just 1.5 weeks. She offered us the best optins and the recommendations were excellent

Georgi C., November 2019

gail was just brilliant. she tweeked when I wanted it, she picked great hotels, drivers and the extras I had asked for. she arranged just what I would have done myself, if I didn't have her to do it for me. the hamam, the dead sea hotel, the wadi rum stay...they were all just perfect. not once did a driver even turn up 5 minutes late. I was really impressed. it just made the trip so hassle free, not having to get on buses, find hotels, worry if you can trust the driver. just brilliant!

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Roger William, November 2019

The pre-travel planning with Amira was excellent. We were a family of three adults on an extended three and a-half week tour of Egypt.

We encountered a few problems with the local managers on different portions of our itinerary. The most disconcerting involved incorrect arrangement with two of our accommodations. These were eventually corrected satisfactorily but should not have happened. There were several other deviations in the agreed itinerary that required corrections.

Upon arrival in Cairo and on delivery to our hotel, having been traveling from the U.S. for more than 24 hours the local manager began a sales pitch for additional local tours/events. All we wanted were our beds.

Arrangements for our Luxor passes were not made in a timely manner and without our Cairo guide running interference we would have had a very difficult time arranging these passes. As it was the local manager in Cairo was not at all familiar with the details of purchasing these passes. Including the requirement for pristine U.S. dollars for the purchase. We were prepared with the cash but the bills were examined very carefully. Any defect along the edges and the bills were rejected. We only just had the correct amount of pristine bills.

When we arrived in Aswan and were handed off to a local guide we were guided to the Kalabsha Temple without any water on an extremely hot day; water was not available at the Temple. (The temple is on an island without any other resource for water.) This left us severely dehydrated. This same guide, while very personable, was not as knowledgeable as she should have been and on more than one occasion gave us information that we knew was not correct.

The promised cell phone that we were provided for communication with the travel agency was an ancient model with a battery that was not able to hold a charge for even one call.

One of the vans in Aswan that we were transported in had a very strong smell of gasoline. Fortunately, we were only required to travel a short distance in this van, as we would have been forced to stop and wait on a replacement otherwise.

In Cairo, our guide and driver were excellent; the manager was, at best, average. We found our guide in Abu Simbel to be very excellent in every way.

The guide that we had on the Nile Cruise was told that we would not use a guide in Luxor; this was incorrect as the itinerary was very clear on the matter. He contacted the travel agency and arranged to guide us in Luxor. He was a good guide but liked to find reasons to stop for a breakfast while guiding us. It was necessary to firmly explain to him that we did not need to stop for breakfast.

Our Hotels were the Sheraton Cairo, Hilton Luxor, Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort and Sofitel Legend Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan. We were very satisfied with all of them but the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan will be our favorite hotel of all time. We cruised on the MS Mayfair and were very satisfied with it. The service was excellent but we hated the night time lighting on the top deck; the up-lights in the floor were too bright and sometimes blinding when you were walking around the deck.

Our driver in Luxor and on to Hurghada was also excellent in every way. As in Cairo, we bonded with these drivers despite their limited English. Our Luxor driver choked up on our final departure; we did too.

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