Want to discover the area of Thessaloniki? Be stunned at the White Tower of Thessaloniki, as well as the Hagia Sofia, which is one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches in the world. You can also look at the scenic Rotunda as well as the numerous other sights here. This Thessaloniki vacation will take you on the journey of your life!
Want to discover the area of Thessaloniki? This Thessaloniki vacation will take you on the journey of your life!
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Thessaloniki Tours

A hub of history, culture and serene beaches, Thessaloniki is Greece’s second largest city and one of the most important centres of the former Byzantine empire. You can visit several UNESCO World Heritage sites on a trip to Thessaloniki. If the ancient sites of Athens are crucial in understanding Greek history, the heritage sites at Thessaloniki shed light on an important period of Greek Macedonia. The city also has wonderful restaurants, bars, cafés, lively shopping streets, entertainment centers and a buzzing nightlife. Thessaloniki vacation packages include fabulous beaches where you can soak in the sun, sand and the sea.

Splendid Byzantine and Ottoman monuments
If you have journeyed to Greece specially to see historic places, a Thessaloniki travel experience is a must. Along with impressive monuments from the Byzantine period, Thessaloniki is also home to superb Ottoman sites. See the iconic White Tower, the Rotunda monument and Arch of Galerius. Surrounding the city are the ruins of the Byzantine walls, a section of which is located in Old Town. Enjoy the fantastic views from the walls! Stunning churches, monasteries and interesting archaeological sites are other attractions on Thessaloniki tours.

Beach Life and the Waterfront
Due to its location on the Thermaic Gulf along the Aegean Sea, Thessaloniki has some wonderful beaches and a vibrant waterfront. Known as Nea Paralia, the waterfront has a long promenade with beautiful views of the sea. One of the best things to do in Thessaloniki is to sit, walk or cycle along the promenade and stop at any of the several restaurants and cafés. You can also relax on the Thessaloniki Greece beaches such as Agia Triada, Perea, and Potamos. The city also has entertainment venues. You can book a Thessaloniki tour with guidance from our local destination expert.

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What to do in Thessaloniki

Explore the Remnants of Mighty Empires
One of the significant centres of the Byzantine empire, Thessaloniki is dotted with marvelous monuments and ruins of those times. There are some superb Ottoman sites as well. Go on a tour to see the imposing cylindrical White Tower situated along the promenade. Other sights include the Arch of Galerius and Rotunda monument dating back to the 4th century AD. Exploring Ano Poli (Old Town) including the Byzantine walls is also on every list of what to see in Thessaloniki. Other major attractions are the Agios Demetrius Byzantine church, and the Roman Forum site dating back to the 3rd century AD. Thessaloniki day tours include a visit to the archaeological site of Aigai, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Macedonia located near present-day Vergina.

Discover the Rich Culture and Avenues of Entertainment
Delving into the local culture and modes of entertainment are integral to all Thessaloniki tours excursions. Mingle with the locals and other tourists along the waterfront promenade. Relax at one of the restaurants or cafés or stroll along taking in the sights. Also, spend time on Aristotelous Square with its restaurants and shops. The Ladadika district is another place abuzz with activity due to the stores, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and entertainment centers. Other places of interest include traditional markets selling all kinds of produce and merchandise. You can also visit one of the many terrific museums including the Archaeological Museum, and the Museum of Byzantine Culture in the city. With so many fun activities, you don’t need spend too much time thinking about what to do in Thessaloniki.

Spend Blissful Days by the Beach
It is always relaxing to spend time by the seaside. A visit to serene beaches is one of the highlights of Thessaloniki vacation packages. With its long stretch of beach, clear waters and restaurants, Agia Triada, a Thessaloniki beach, is a popular place to unwind. You can also see some historic sites close to the beach. Some of the beaches are in the vicinity of Thessaloniki and make for ideal day trips. Perea Beach located close to Thessaloniki is a good place to laze on the shores and soak in the sun. You can also head to Potamos Beach (Epanomi) for some quiet time on the clean, sandy shores. Relax on a sundeck and enjoy the lovely ambience. Located a little further away from Thessaloniki is the Asprovalta beach with a couple of good restaurants and cafés in the area.

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Thessaloniki Reviews

Gregory R., February 2020

Awesome planning and advice. Entire trip went as planned and was wonderful.

Joseph S., December 2019

Antonis arranged an astounding tour of Greece for our family. Everything he said would happen, happened right on schedule. His local staff and the hotels, drivers, guides and custom tours he arranged were amazing. Our trip made us fall in love with Greece! Antonis made Greece an unforgettable, wonderful vacation!

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Helen M., December 2019

He was fantastic. He organized all of my itinerary and I was able to do everything that I wanted. He kept me up to date from the time I booked to the time I travelled. Vangelis also personally met me at the hotel to give me all of my vouchers etc. I enjoyed the trip that he organized. I highly recommend him for anyone's travel needs.

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Azeez C., December 2019

This traveller just left a 5-star review.

Honoria D., November 2019

Excellent! Everything went as planned throughout the whole process. He really listened to what we wanted and nailed it! Everything down to the last detail, including private transportation to and from airport, ferries, hotels and tours were prearranged and went off without a hitch. Even though he had given us a detailed itinerary in advance, it exceeded our expectations when seen in person. The hotels were all great. The drivers where always there on time. The tours were awesome. He even met us in person at our first hotel and checked in with us a couple times to make sure everything was going well. Antonis was great. We can't thank him enough for the stress-free wonderful package he put together for us!

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