Enjoy a magical Honeymoon Greece. Greece is such a diverse country that on tours there it’s near impossible to cover everything, but no matter how long you spend you’ll no doubt be captivated by Greece’s charms and, above all else, the warmth and hospitality of her people.
Enjoy a magical Honeymoon Greece. Greece is such a diverse country that it’s near impossible to cover everything
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Honeymoon Greece - an ideal getaway

Few places can compare when looking for a romantic getaway than the splendors of Greece. Hold your loved one while gazing upon the temple of Aphrodite, the goddess of love or lay together on the white-sanded shores of the secluded sun-kissed islands of Greece. Side by side with your partner, you will witness the varying mountainous terrain and Mediterranean coastlines while soaking up all the fascination of ancient ruins scattered across the country.

On your honeymoon to Greece, you and your partner will journey to heavenly heights at the monasteries built in the mountain tops of Mt. Ida and venture low to depths of the azure waters of the Mediterranean. The two of you will expand your history knowledge while gazing at the incredible sights such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon. As well, you two will explore the numerous museums such as the National Archaeological Museum filled with ancient artifacts and relics to awe over. Together, you will taste the finest of Greece cuisine and sip a variety of wines while gazing at the magnificent sceneries. Stroll the zigzag streets filled with Byzantine era buildings and shops. Lounge on the beaches, while enjoying the perfect sunshine climate Greece provides. Get lost in the local villages and with the warm-hearted locals who will welcome you throughout the country.

These honeymoon Greece packages are customized completely to your desires with tailor made advice from a local expert to ensure that you and your loved one experience the ultimate escape together. Your journey will leave you with a full impression of the local food, society, customs, and of course the breathtaking sights. After this honeymoon in Greece, you’ll want to come back again and again, for your anniversary and other romantic vacations, to soak up all the memories and create many more in the years to come.

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Honeymoon Greece - part 2

Romance in Athens
On your honeymoon Greece itinerary, you and your loved one will journey across time through the historical wonders, such as the Acropolis hilltop temple and the iconic ruins of the Parthenon. To add to the romance of this historical expedition, stroll down to the west agora and kiss under the temple of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Walk along the Athenian reverie, where one lead poet of the Romance Movement, Lord Byron, is said to have carved his name into the marble columns due to his fondness of the spot. Have a romantic evening at a panoramic dinner in the sky while you gaze into your partners’ eyes along with the bright cityscapes and mountainous backdrops of Athens.

Love, culture and Thessaloniki
Thessalonki certainly lives up to its nickname as “the city of love” with its stunning sunsets, exquisite variety of Greek food and spectacular arts and culture. Walk by the Roman remains of the Arch of Galerius, the Byzantine churches, and the landmarked White Tower. The city is the birthplace of a number of significant composers and known for its old Greek songs. Therefore, there are several opportunities to enjoy some of these live musical events with your loved one.

Venus de Milos
When heading out for your honeymoon Greece islands adventures, Milos is a perfect stop! This island is the original home to the famous Aphrodite of Milos sculpture or better known as the Venus de Milo, which is a representation of the goddess of love and beauty. This lesser-known volcanic island offers picturesque narrow beaches squeezed between cliffs and the sea that provide you two with private spaces in the azure waters. Straddle on tight as you travel in a buggy across the island gazing at the magnificent landscapes.

Serenity in Hydra
For a little more off the beaten path Greece honeymoon spots, Hydra offers a tranquil and quiet space, as cars or motor vehicles are not permitted. Escape the city hustle and travel by donkey or water taxi. Walk through the local villages and on your way, stop to admire the romantic view of the sea as you sip fine wine and eat authentic Greek food.

Adventures in Santorini
This volcanic island is known for its countless vineyards which offer a considerable selection of wine tasting to enjoy on the terrace while gazing at the impressive the views of the caldera. As well, you two can spend the days lounging on the shores of the famous Red Beach, notorious for its red volcanic sand or head over to the Perissa Black sand beach covered in black pulverized rocks. Have some fun in the exotic blue waters with some exciting water activities such as windsurfing, kite surfing, or snorkeling.

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Honeymoon Greece Reviews

Gregory R., February 2020

Awesome planning and advice. Entire trip went as planned and was wonderful.

Joseph S., December 2019

Antonis arranged an astounding tour of Greece for our family. Everything he said would happen, happened right on schedule. His local staff and the hotels, drivers, guides and custom tours he arranged were amazing. Our trip made us fall in love with Greece! Antonis made Greece an unforgettable, wonderful vacation!

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Helen M., December 2019

He was fantastic. He organized all of my itinerary and I was able to do everything that I wanted. He kept me up to date from the time I booked to the time I travelled. Vangelis also personally met me at the hotel to give me all of my vouchers etc. I enjoyed the trip that he organized. I highly recommend him for anyone's travel needs.

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Azeez C., December 2019

This traveller just left a 5-star review.

Honoria D., November 2019

Excellent! Everything went as planned throughout the whole process. He really listened to what we wanted and nailed it! Everything down to the last detail, including private transportation to and from airport, ferries, hotels and tours were prearranged and went off without a hitch. Even though he had given us a detailed itinerary in advance, it exceeded our expectations when seen in person. The hotels were all great. The drivers where always there on time. The tours were awesome. He even met us in person at our first hotel and checked in with us a couple times to make sure everything was going well. Antonis was great. We can't thank him enough for the stress-free wonderful package he put together for us!

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