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Greece Reviews

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Greece Vacation

Greece offers a wealth of riches for the traveler. If you're after beautiful beaches, you'll find them here. If you love history, you'll find one of the world's most ancient cultures. If you love food, hikes, enchanting towns and basically everything good a destination could have on offer, you'll surely find it in Greece.


Greece always manages to seduce the history enthusiasts, intrigued by the beguiling mythical history behind Greece’s ancient ruins and Greek philosophy.

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Travel to Greece

Greece tours will inevitably start and finish in its historic capital, Athens. Here you can marvel, from any angle, at the incredible Acropolis, which is, along with the pyramids in Egypt, arguably one of the most important ancient sites in the world. Crowned by the Parthenon, the Acropolis overlooks the entire city and looks especially magnificent when illuminated at night.

Athens is under a continual revamp where new, stylish shops and restaurants keep emerging and a progression in a thriving art scene manifests the direction that the Greek capital is heading.

Along with immersing in the fascinating history of Athens, cooking courses are a popular option and a chance to learn how to make one of the finest cuisines in the world.

For sun-seekers, beach-lovers and adventurers, island hopping in Greece allows you to indulge in the fine things in life, Greece’s beautiful food, the soaring cliffs overlooking sparkling oceans, incredible year-round weather and great water-sports and activities.

Santorini is the most spectacular of the Greek islands, with its layered white-washed facade overlooking an overwhelmingly seductive Aegean ocean. Other popular island destinations are CreteMykonosCorfu and Rhodes.

Another mesmerizing site that can’t be missed on your Greece tours are the remarkably spectacular monasteries of Meteora, perched up high on top of 6 natural sandstone rock pillars. The monasteries were used as a safe haven for monks during the 14th century bloodshed and are now one of Greece’s most aesthetic sites, reached by a network of attractive steps, hewn into the side of the rocks.

Hikers and trekkers will be elated to know that on the Greek island of Crete the Samaria Gorge awaits for some splendid trekking. The ‘White Mountains’ National park centers around the gorge, and at 1,200 meters it offers breath-taking views. It is also the longest gorge in Europe.


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Food and Culture of Greece

Food, Religious practices, and traditions are all an integral part of the culture in Greece. Contemporary Greek culture relies heavily on Greece’s location, lying where east meets west and therefore reflecting and merging both. The country’s turbulent history is also a fundamental factor in understanding the Greek philosophy.

Having evolved over thousands of years, Greece contains arguably the most significant history and philosophy in Europe and is essential to understanding the rich modern culture that it has evolved in to.

Greece’s diverse cuisine is world-famous and relies heavily on a wide variation of fresh foods. It reflects the Mediterranean diet and makes use of a rich amount of olive oil, salads mixed with sumptuous fresh yogurt and scooped up with soft, fresh bread, and of course the ubiquitous olives and feta cheese.

Dips are used widely and are also an enviable group of Greek recipes, in particular, the mouth-watering Tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber, and garlic) and taramosalata (cod roe, olive oil and lemon juice).

Having many coasts and islands, fish is another dish served incredibly well in Greece and, although not so popular, meats in Greece are cooked to perfection and easily accessible.

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What time of the year is it best to visit Greece?

The best time of the year to visit Greece would be the periods just before and just after summer.

Mid-April to Mid-June you will see the beautiful spring weather just heading into summer but also avoid those intense summer months of mid-June to September.

The worst times to visit would be the scorching month of August and also the wet winter months from November-February.

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Greece Reviews

William Sottosanti, June 2018

Antonis did everything... All transfers, all hotel reservations, ferry reservations, tour bookings, time management, and he didn't miss a step and all with a big smile and a very happy demeanour. And to put the cherry on top he meet us at the hotel in Athens and hand delivered a welcome gift, an assortment of fresh items from his families gardens (orange sweet spoon, olives, and more!!)

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Lori Dery, June 2018

My travel agent Antonis was terrific! He quickly answered all of my questions, gave suggestions, and made all requested changes. When I got to my destination, he had a packet waiting with all the information I needed for the 3 week trip- including transfers and tour vouchers. When I emailed him questions, he responded immediately. It was a very good experience.

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Isabel Aponte, June 2018

Antonis was very friendly , professional and organized. He was also very attentive and send us messages daily inquiring about our tour and well being. He made us feel secure and taken care of. All the details were properly addressed in an ordered and timely fashion and this in turn allowed us freedom to do what we went there for which was .... enjoy our vacation. Greece is a lifetime experience everyone should see and Antonis made it spectacular, thank you Antonis. Everything is thought of and taken care of. Our guide to the Peloponese was very knowledgable and made the tour a true highly enjoyable learning experience, Stasis made ancient times become a reality in our minds, it was just awesome. The Delos tour was also superb as our tour guide really put his heart and soul in his descriptions, one could see how much he enjoyed his job and how much he loves and respects the history of Greece. It was really inspiring.

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Denise Mettner, May 2018

Our trip was 14 days in Greece/Greek Islands. Antonis set up our complete itinerary, including Hotels, transfers and tours. He did an amazing job, we enjoyed the Hotels and tours, plus not having to worry about being picked up at airports etc.

Brant Gilmore, February 2018

Antonis was simply the best travel expert we have ever encountered. We have traveled internationally 10+ times and he made this process the simplest and took care of all the details, however small or large. He was gracious enough to meet us at our hotel upon arrival, after 11:00 PM to greet us as well as talk us through the entire trip. He checked on us daily to make sure everything was going as planned. He made us feel as if we were a king and a queen. Obviously his country is simply fantastic but he made the trip so much more. He is knowledgeable, educated and very good at what he does. Thank you so much Antonis, you have set the bar very high for future tour planners. You were a joy to work with.

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