Marvel at the sights of Rome and Greece. Rome, the capital of Italy, has much to offer, such as many churches, museums, and even gardens. Once you go to Greece, you have a multitude of things to do, such as travel through Athens as well as its multitude of islands. Enjoy the offerings these countries hold for you on this trip to Rome and Greece.
Marvel at the sights of Rome and Greece. Enjoy the offerings these countries hold for you on this trip to Rome and Greece.
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Rome and Greece Vacation

A trip to Rome and Greece will give you several opportunities to compare the ancient civilizations that are the cornerstone of society today. Your Rome and Greece tour will take you to the foundation of art, government, and economy.

Ancient Civilizations
While the comparisons are obvious, during your Rome and Greece travel, you will also be able to see the nuanced differences between the two. The Greek city-states were separated by hills and were located near water. Conversely, the landscape of Rome is inland on one side of the Tiber River. A Rome and Greece vacation package will illuminate how these differences played out in the development of two similar, yet distinct societies.

Beautiful Art
Some of the best things to do in Rome and Greece involve the study of their classic art. While Roman art was influenced by the Greek artists, there are still differences. Greek art typically is thought of as more geometric with sculptures such as the famous Venus de Milo and pottery, while Roman art tended to be more flat, with mosaics and frescoes. Perhaps the art of the civilizations mirrored their respective landscapes of hilly versus flat.

World Changing Innovations

Roman civilization brought innovations to such as aqueducts and road construction which are still in existence today. The Greek civilization took advantage of abundant water and used water power to design the world’s first water mills for grinding grain. The Greeks also created tools for measuring distance and time, which you can see at Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology.

Sunny Beaches
No relaxing trip would be complete without a visit to the Rome and Greece beaches. While it is true that Rome is not situated on water, since the days of the Roman Empire, residents and visitors alike escaped the city for the beach. A short trip will take you to several nearby beaches such as Anzio, Ostia, Santa Marinella or Sperlonga. Greece, on the other hand, with the abundant water and islands has about 400 beaches to visit, depending on what area of Greece you are visiting.

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What to do in Rome and Greece

With a Rome and Greece vacation package, you’ll be able to experience multiple cultural opportunities. Rome is home to the Vatican City and a visit to Rome can include a tour of the Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s Rooms and St. Peter’s Basilica.  During a Rome and Greece day tour, you’ll want to take a walking trip through Rome and see architectural wonders such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Capitoline Hill, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. Greece is no stranger to outstanding architecture and if you’re wondering what to see in Rome and Greece, you will want to see Athens’ Acropolis, site of the Parthenon, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, or the famed Erechtheion, with the Porch of the Maidens, consisting of six females serving as the structure’s supporting columns. 

During your Rome and Greece tours excursions; you will see countless nods to the ancient Roman and Greek gods and goddesses. In Sounion, The Temple of Poseidon, God of the Sea, offers a spectacular view overlooking the sea. The temple was constructed in the 5th century B.C., and is now roped off to see from a distance.  In Rome, you can visit Palentine Hill and see Casa Romuli, the mythological birthplace of the city founders, Romulus and Remus. You’ll also get an excellent view of the city from the top of the hill.

Eating wonderful local food may be on your list of what to do in Rome and Greece, as the local markets offer a tantalizing array of food and drink to impress anyone. The Agora-Athens Central Market is a lively place to find fish, meat and vegetables, as well as people watch, while Rome’s historic Campo de Fiori has been in existence for over 400 years and is the place to find artisan meats and cheeses, as well as truffles and homemade olive oil.

If you love plant life, you’ll be able to visit the world’s first botanical garden. The Athens Botanical Garden contains over 500 species of plants and colorful flowers. The garden was created in the 4th century by the founder of the science of botany, Artistotle’s student, Theophrastos. Romans are considered the first Westerners to control nature through landscape gardening, and their gardens typically are multiple shades of green and accented with ancient statues, pools and fountains. The Orto Botanico is a secret garden nestled in the Trastevere region of the city. It is the perfect oasis to escape to for a few hours. If you visit during the summer, you’ll want to take time to find a Rome and Greece beach, where you can soak up the atmosphere of the locals and refresh from all the wonders you’ll discover.

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Greece & Rome Reviews

Honoria D., November 2019

Excellent! Everything went as planned throughout the whole process. He really listened to what we wanted and nailed it! Everything down to the last detail, including private transportation to and from airport, ferries, hotels and tours were prearranged and went off without a hitch. Even though he had given us a detailed itinerary in advance, it exceeded our expectations when seen in person. The hotels were all great. The drivers where always there on time. The tours were awesome. He even met us in person at our first hotel and checked in with us a couple times to make sure everything was going well. Antonis was great. We can't thank him enough for the stress-free wonderful package he put together for us!

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Roger M., November 2019

Very well organised. Everything went exactly to plan; we had excellent guides, pick-ups were always extremely punctual and we were very well looked after.

Maral K., November 2019

When i planned my trip to Croatia at the beginning of 2019 i had a pretty good idea of what i wanted and hoped to see on my trip but this time
i just wanted to go and enjoy and let a professional handle the details that is when i found who in return introduced me with the
local expert, Radoslav Velinov.

Radoslav Velinov was an amazing person and professional to deal with always attentive to my requests and needs! had extensive knowledge of
locations and the ability to change an itinerary to suit changing circumstances. All the 4 star hotels which i had were superb, they were most
comfortable, super clean, nicely decorated. He was a delight to work with, very easy to communicate and keen to listen to what i needed, he
was very helpful with useful suggestions.

My trip to Croatia was simply an outstanding and exceeded my expectations, he took care of all my planning for the trip from Zagreb to Mostar
and everywhere in between.

I being very detailed person and perfectionist had lots of questions 7-8 months of correspondence back and forth he listened carefully to what
i wanted to see and do and customized an itinerary to my wish list.

Radoslav also scheduled very special person as our guide, Mr Senad. He simply was an exceptionally outstanding person, kind, funny and very
knowledgeable in everything. He was an excellent driver and a photographer. Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by My Senad, our names
were mentioned on the board, we felt welcomed and with such friendly atmosphere we had fantastic start! He was extremely good very
flexible a true sample of an excellent tour guide and for that he deserves special thanks. We had two great weeks with him which obviously
added up to our experience and after two weeks spending time with him we felt he was a friend rather than a tour guide.

Radoslav this is a special thank you for your exceptional service you provided us. The itinerary was perfect. This trip was above and beyond
my expectations all customized just for two of us. The planning details were perfect and the accomodations were superb. You kept in-touch
with us while we were in Croatia to see if everything was going according to the plan until we returned to Canada. Normally people are fond
of creating complaints for faults that happen to them from the tour agents but few will remember to thank who worked like Radoslav for
months to create a perfect itinerary to make the trip a success, once again thank you for your outstanding service and i wish you all the best.

Best Regards
Maral Kousaian

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Johanna D., November 2019

My husband and I recently returned from a glorious 3 week stay in Greece! We absolutely loved every minute of it! Antonis was our travel agent and saw to all of our requests and details. If I wanted something different from what he offered me or if I wanted to change anything he would come back shortly with the changes and gave me exactly what I wanted! When we arrived in Greece he met us at the hotel to welcome us properly and even came bearing wonderful gifts of local treats, olive oil and olives! Every detail was taken care of for us and we didn't have to worry about anything! We always had a driver to take us on our tours meet us at the airports and to shuttle us to our various destinations. Even when we happened to have 1 tiny mixup, I messaged Antonis immediately and he resolved the problem within minutes! He was always there at our disposal to help out in any way! The hotels he chose for us were clean and comfortable and in the perfect location to walk to all the magnificent sights! Antonis gave us so much information on what to eat, how to tip, what to was definitely the trip of a lifetime and hopefully we can go back again some day as there is still so much more to see! I will definitely book another holiday with and Antonis if I ever get the chance to go back to Greece. 5 stars for sure!

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Susan B., November 2019

Isabeau was very good but with a couple of small confusions. One was that the driver was booked to pick us up 2 hours before our flight out of Seville whereas we had to be at the airport 2 hours before. So I had to call the emergency number the night before and sort out a change of time but the company had someone on call and they did change the time. However they sent a confusing set of emails as confirmation, but all good in the end! The other confusion was thta in my log in page Isabeau had no tour listed so a few days before travel, as I had heard nothing from her, I checked my page on TripMe and it had no tour listed, so I wasted 24 hours trying to establish whether for some reason my tour had been deleted. It had not, but again the communication was confusing. TripMe head office were responsive and Isabeau got back to me within 24 hours. Overall very good trip and everything else worked out perfectly. I would definitely recommend Isabeau and TripMe.

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