Combine the splendors of glorious Italy and gorgeous Greece. Whether it is the serene cities of Florence and Pisa, the majestic capital Rome, or the water marvel Venice, Italy has many sites to see. Next, travel to magical Greece, and marvel at ancient Athens and the many calm islands. Discover history and culture on this trip to Italy and Greece.
Combine the splendors of glorious Italy and gorgeous Greece. Discover their history and sights on this trip to Italy and Greece.
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Italy and Greece Vacation

If ancient civilizations, delicious cuisine, and beautiful scenery beckon you, a trip to Italy and Greece is exactly what you need. Italy and Greece vacation packages by destination guides will assemble the best things to do in Italy and Greece, fully customized by your choices combined with their expertise.

Italy and Greece travel gives the curious explorer an up close understanding of the civilizations that changed the course of the modern world. The societies that built mighty empires left us with world treasures such as the Roman Coliseum and Greek Parthenon, architectural marvels from Corinthian columns to arches and aqueducts, and gave us the world Democracy and Republic government systems.  Ancient Greeks revolutionized shipbuilding techniques giving the world a method to explore and tame the world’s waters. In the meantime, Ancient Romans were adamant in building routes to connect one point to another in as direct a method as possible, revolutionizing the ability to traverse the land.

From land to sea, the wonders that wait in Italy and Greece will fill you with a sense of timelessness. You’ll be able to visit The Shipbuilding Museum on the west coast of Athens in Greece or walk along the Appian Way that linked Rome to Capua, the gateway to the East. The Appian Way eventually spanned 400 miles, ending at Brindisi, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, an important port between Italy and Greece, both historically and today.

Port Cities
From Brindisi, it is possible to take a ferry to Corfu, the closest Greek port, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. It gets more rainfall than any other island in the country and has an abundant variety of plant life. Corfu was one of the only islands never occupied by the Ottomans and maintains a much different culture than the rest of Greece.

Relaxing Seaside Beaches
All the ancient explorations may leave you with the need to just relax and the Italy and Greece beaches offer many opportunities to soak up the sun. In Southern Italy, the Abruzzo region offers beautiful mountains for hiking and skiing or coastal areas to fish and swim. This area is known as Europe’s green lung for all the national parks. The Greek port of Corfu along with many other islands in Greece all offer beachgoers some of the most beautiful views in the world.

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What to do in Italy and Greece

If you’re curious what to do in Italy and Greece, the simple answer is … Everything!

Ancient Civilizations
To expound on that with a little more detail, Italy and Greece day tours can offer the opportunity to compare the ancient civilizations of Rome and Athens. You’ll be able to explore the exotic islands of the Adriatic Sea separating the southern European Iberian and Balkan peninsulas. 
Boat tours in Italy and Greece can take you from the wetlands of the Venetian lagoon, to the bustling port and gateway to the ancient site of the first Olympic Games in Katakolon, Greece. 

Island life
Italy and Greece vacation packages will give you the chance to discover the largest island in Greece, Crete or explore the local favorite Italian Tremiti Islands, known as the Pearls of the Adriatic, the only Italian islands in the Adriatic Sea, part of southern Italy’s Gargano National Park.  Italy and Greece beaches offer travelers the chance to indulge in the freshest local seafood, sunbathe, kayak, or swim.  You’ll be excited to explore the Abbey of Santa Maria (Holy Mary on the Sea), a seventh century fortress turned Benedictine monastery on Italy’s San Nicola Island.

Natural Thermal Baths
During your Italy and Greece tour excursion, you can discover wonders of the ancient world. Perhaps you’ll spend some restorative time in the famous Greek Kyllini thermal baths known for their healing properties for arthritis, asthma, and skin conditions.  The Kyllini baths are approximately 40 minutes inland from the Katakolon port, nestled in the middle of a verdant pine, eucalyptus and cedar forest.

Art and Sculpture
If you want to know what to see in Italy or Greece, you’ll find quite a bit. You’ll feel as immortal as Athena or Zeus if you climb the ancient Acropolis of Athens and discover the grand Parthenon, filled with some of the most impressive marble sculptures in existence, dating back to the golden age of Athens some 400 years B.C. During this time, Socrates and Plato reigned over intellect and debate while Pythagoras, Euclid, and Archimedes developed geometry and physics theories still used today.

Gondolas and boat rides
You will understand why Venice is nicknamed La Serenissima (most serene republic) as you float along in a traditional gondola. Life in Venice moves at a relaxed pace, as the only forms of transportation are boat or foot.  You’ll traverse the many bridges and canals of the entire city of Venice and its lagoon and discover why it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

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How to get to Italy and Greece

The best time to take your Italy and Greece private tours will not only take into consideration the weather but also the crowds.  Between April and June as well as September and late October will be the most moderate and pleasant weather along with manageable crowds.
It is best to avoid the southern parts of Italy and Greece during the summer, as it can get uncomfortably hot.  Keep in mind that many of the Greek islands begin to shut down for the season in mid-October and the residents move back to the mainland. There is very little tourism on the islands between November and April.
If you are planning a visit to archaeological sites, mainland Greece as well as Italy hotels and restaurants remain open during the winter months. While the weather is chillier and rainy, the prices will be lower along with smaller crowds.

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Best time to visit Italy and Greece

To determine the best time to visit Italy and Greece, your destination expert will take into account your customized plans and wishes in order to maximize your enjoyment of your individual holiday. Theoretically, there is no bad time to travel to Italy and Greece.

If you wish to visit the islands of Italy and Greece, the summer will offer warm waters and plenty of sunshine. However, should you want to explore the mainland historical landmarks, the crowds will be smaller during the winter months. If you’re looking for the most moderate of weather, spring and fall will be your best choices.
By traveling with local experts, you will have the best information on when to visit the different attractions on your itinerary as well as how to best navigate the local transportation or private arrangements.

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Greece Italy Reviews

Gregory R., February 2020

Awesome planning and advice. Entire trip went as planned and was wonderful.

Robyn B., January 2020

Joel was so helpful. He was prompt, friendly, honest and organized. It felt like I was talking to a friend on the phone. He took into account what we wanted to see and he organized the trip so that we could make the most out of our time. We spoke many times and each time, he carefully considered my requests and fulfilled them. The guides he set us up with were kind and knowledgeable. While we were in France, he was just a text or call away if we needed him. Objectif France sent my son a beautiful birthday cake while we were in Paris because Joel remembered that I told him it was his birthday. Joel is truly professional. Our France trip was one of the best family trips we have ever taken, thanks to Joel.

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Joseph S., December 2019

Antonis arranged an astounding tour of Greece for our family. Everything he said would happen, happened right on schedule. His local staff and the hotels, drivers, guides and custom tours he arranged were amazing. Our trip made us fall in love with Greece! Antonis made Greece an unforgettable, wonderful vacation!

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Helen M., December 2019

He was fantastic. He organized all of my itinerary and I was able to do everything that I wanted. He kept me up to date from the time I booked to the time I travelled. Vangelis also personally met me at the hotel to give me all of my vouchers etc. I enjoyed the trip that he organized. I highly recommend him for anyone's travel needs.

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Azeez C., December 2019

This traveller just left a 5-star review.