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Europe is a sensational continent and the heart of cultural travel. from learning the history of the Holocaust in Berlin to appreciating fine art in one of Italy's magnificent Renaissance art galleries, Europe's unique and wonderful offerings are an educational whirlwind.

Scandinavia, or more broadly, Nordic Europe, is fast becoming the hot spot for fashion, popular culture, and affluence. With thriving economies and booming tourism, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, in particular, are serious contenders for Europe's new wave countries.

On mainland Europe, opportunities for Inter-railing or backpacking are endless. Avoid the soaring crowds of Western Europe and head East on your European tours to arguably some of the most welcoming countries in the world. Experience Eastern Europe's hidden gems such as Moldova's picturesque vineyards, Serbia's beautiful landscapes, and Hungary's luxurious beaches. Traveling Eastern Europe will really bring out the backpacker in you as you sift your way through, city by city.

As for Western Europe, well, you only need hear the words Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace or Colosseum and you know the profound meaning behind the culture of Europe and the reason why it remains a melting pot of fundamental education.

Take your Europe trip to a whole new level and cycle through the wine regions of the Loire Valley in France, visit opulent art houses in Madrid, get lost in a labyrinthine alley in Porto, emulate the mods and rockers in the British beach town of Brighton and experience the interminable nightlife of Berlin.

Whether you rail Europe, cycle Europe, drive through Europe, or take a flight between cities, it is essential that your Europe tours are planned well and executed in style.

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Europe Reviews

Roger S., October 2019

Tara and her staff, which also included tour guides Valeria and Louis, were great! I must have sent Tara about 100 e-mails during the planning process. She was very cordial and all of her recommendations worked out great! We have not yet compiled all of our photos together but when we do, I'll try to send some!

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Stef Chan, October 2019

Vangelis is very obliging and efficient. The private tour he arranged with Maria was great in Crete. Good English, knowledgeable, very informative and details.

The hotels he arranged is good in location, convenient to the town with great breakfast. Just that there's no complimentary mineral water in the room. We get it filled from the restaurant during the breakfast. The staffs are super friendly, helpful. Everyone is just ready to help you.

The group tours are not that bad, it depends on the guide n the nos of tourists of the day.

Vangelis is very patient and he responsed to our problem very quickly. I felt sorry I have to call him at 530am while we have an issue at the airport.

Another episode was we changed our transfer last minute, giving Vangelis only 2 to 2 1/2 hr to co-ordinator. Kudos Vangelis! We really appreciate your effort.

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Arlene S., October 2019

Vangelis was amazing to work with and was always responsive to our questions before we arrived in Greece and during our time there. We could not be more pleased with the trip he put together for us and all the details of transportation, ferries, hotels, and information. We would not hesitate to book with Vangelis and again. A fantastic experience in a fabulous country. Thank you so much

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Kevin And Katrina W., October 2019

We had a wonderful experience with Domna as our tour agent. She arranged the tour exactly to our requirements. We were warmly met by Domna and her husband as soon as we arrived at the hotel. The transfers went smoothly as planned, and Domna was readily available for any questions we had. I thoroughly recommend Domna to anyone heading to Greece. Thank you for a great vacation

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Carlos Cervantes, September 2019

Our 13-day trip in Greece was just great! Antonis arranged each detail to make this experience much enjoyable. I contacted him by e-mail several times since March 2019 and, with his knowledgeable advice, a very nice and diverse schedule was designed. Antonis was waiting for us at the Hotel just after arriving from the airport with tickets and other documents as well as with personal Greek presents. After this everything was fine, just as scheduled. I contacted him two times by whatsapp during the trip for minor questions and they were responded adequately. Our trip included guided visits in Athens, the continent and a 4-day cruise by the islands. Thank you Antonis!

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