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Egypt Travel Information

Owing to an abundance of holiday activities, Egypt thrives on tourism all year round. With a magnificent coastline and fascinating history, Egypt tours contain something for everyone.


As home to one of the most ancient civilizations in the world, Egypt is paradise for the history buff. Egypt tours will educate travelers just as much as they fascinate them with the stories behind the ancient pyramids, the complicated history of Egypt’s religions and the story behind some of our world’s most iconic people. This is, after all, the land of the Pharaohs, and few places on earth can boast such mystery and intrigue within their borders.

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Egypt Travel Information

Egypt Tours

Owing to an abundance of holiday activities, Egypt thrives on tourism all year round, and rightly so. With a magnificent coastline and fascinating history, Egypt tours contain something for everyone.

Best time of the year to visit Egypt?

Often unbearable in the summer months of July-August, tourists often decide to go on tours during the milder months nearer to Christmas. On the coasts, however, tourism is booming all year round apart from the winter months.

It really depends where you want to go, with anywhere in the south of Egypt being very hot all year, whereas the Mediterranean can reach colder figures from November-February.
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Food and Culture of Egypt

Not exactly known for their food, Egypt still manages to surprise visitors with its diverse cuisine. Many wholesome soups traced back to Pharaonic days still satisfy stomachs around the country, Ful Medames (lava beans and herbs) being one staple Egyptian dish to endure, another being Kushari, regarded as the national dish, which contains 4 carbohydrates in it making it a popular lunch option.

It is the compelling and enchanting history that really beckons people to pack their bags and embark on tours of Egypt, with ancient Egypt being at the core of all tourists motives.

On the other hand, cheap holiday packages and tours with the great diversity in one country is another reason why so many people get drawn to this popular North African hot spot.
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Main Attractions and Tourist Regions in Egypt

Ancient Egypt has intrigued historians and tourists for hundreds of years. The splendor of ancient Egypt is exhibited in the open-air museum of Luxor, a beguiling historic center showcasing some of the world's most incomparable archaeological heritage. Tours of the Valley of the Kings explore the true discovery of the famous tomb of Tutankhamun. The mummification temple and Luxor temple are equally as striking and insightful.

When you're not out on a quest to find the ancient tombs, the provincial town of Luxor is bustling with modern day hotels and restaurants to relax and slowly ease you back into reality after your magical tours through history.

Tours of Cairo will leave your head spinning with 4000 years worth of history lessons gained. Perhaps only Greece can rival it for the sheer magnitude of stories told by the architecture found here. The Egyptian pyramids of Giza (a town that sits conveniently inside Cairo's boundaries) are mandatory on your stay in Cairo (need it be stated). Marvel at the gargantuan pyramids and be inspired by this inconceivable structure and feat as you enter to learn more about the history behind them and the reason they are so popular. The awe-inspiring pyramids are the one last remaining survivor out of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

Nearby to the Great Pyramids lies the imperative visit to the Sphinx of Giza, the large limestone carving of a sphinx (half lion, half human).

When your tours of the mystifying tombs and pyramids are over, relax and unwind in one of many quirky hotels or guesthouses by puffing on the ubiquitous sheesha.

Travel is a key step and main tourist attraction on Egypt tours. The two fundamental forms of travel in Egypt are by boat, cruising the river Nile and stopping off at cool riverside temples, and train, a great way to travel long journeys in any part of the world. Of course, Egypt tours also often involve some camel transport, so pack some comfy pants!

But it is tours down the river Nile that excite most adventure travelers, passing by ancient settlements via the worlds most iconic river, and sleeping under a starry night with the cool Egypt air whistling Pharaonic tales. Tours of the Nile are a truly unforgettable experience.

For the beach lovers out there, with access to the Mediterranean Sea to the north and Red Sea on the east coast, Egypt is spoiled for choice when it comes to relaxing beach holidays. Additionally, the coral reefs off of the Egyptian coastline attracts thousands of diving and snorkeling enthusiasts due to the rich amount of sea-life, offering a multicolored spectacle. Sharm el-Sheikh is a coastal town on the red sea that typifies the prolific beach holidays in Egypt.
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Traveller Reviews

Max Lee, June 2017

Excellent. She did all she could to help us to plan the trip. We had several changes on the dates and days, but Amira was able to help us to get a good plan to accommodate all the changes.

Iain Lawson, June 2017

The trip was fantastic, we were met by Fadi from Amira's team at the airport and from then on the various guides gave us a fantastic Egyptian experience. Amira's guides in Cairo and on our Nile cruise were all very knowledgeable, friendly and happy to adjust plans to suit what we wanted to do. It was an incredibly easy 10 days in Egypt as they took care of everything. We would recommend Amira without any hesitation.

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Thanesh, Nisha & Pavi, June 2017

Our trip to egypt was a blast. The itinerary was planned well by Amira and we loved how she promptly responded to all our queries and doubts through WhatsApp. Truthfully we were somewhat disheartened that we did not meet Amira in Egypt. Thanks Amira!

This was our first trip involving a fully guided tour as opposed to winging it like we usually do on most of our trips. We were very impressed at how well coordinated everyone from the agency was. Right from the airport we were greeted by the tour manager Fady and for every leg of the trip we always had a representative from the agency (tour guide, driver) accompanying us. We were rarely left alone and that made us feel very safe.

Our tour guides (Professor Nabil, Professor Ishmail and Sayeed ) were superb to say the least. Their highly immersive stories and enthusiasm were the highlight of our trip and we would highly recommend them. They definitely added to the wonderful experience we had in Egypt.

Our 5 day trip was a bit tiring as we included Giza, museum, luxor temples, aswan, valley of the king and abu simbel. But here a few pointers from us.

1) we went in May which was the peak of summer. It was hot! water is provided and transportation are AC equipped with WiFi.
2) be prepared to provide tips
3) We did not fancy the Nile river cruise and the GIza light show. Frankly we thought it was overrated.
4) Abu Simbel and valley of the kings is A MUST
5) ALWAYS haggle a tenth of the price and ease up to a fifth of the price for souvenirs. They are not supposed to be that expensive. Try walking away and you will get your price.
6) Do change your dollars to Egyptian pounds at the earliest opportunity. We did find it inconvenient to find a money exchanger during the trip.
7) Please do no touch the painted walls, statues or colored pillars. We found it disheartening that many tourists did so, and in the process ruining the monument for the long run.
8) Lunch (although included) does not cover beverages. we would suggest you to bring bottled water as beverages are expensive at some locations.
9) Stick by Fadys' 5 rules and all will be well.
10) The tour is pricey, but we definitely paid for top notch quality.

Enjoy your trip. Thanks again to Amira!

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Ahmed Khan, June 2017

I should say whole trip was excellent except departure from Cairo airport, we were totally lost. Agent left us outside airport and left. I will recommend to help travelers to check in.
Excellent guide Mr. Mahbub from Luxor to Ashwan by ship: his service was too good.

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Alok Bhattacheryya, June 2017

Very very nice services of Amira. I recommend others to avail their services.