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First Class Galapagos Cruise | South-Western Islands

Boat: Nemo I - Southern Galapagos Islands - Isla Floreana - Galapgoa Wildlife
Unique about this tour:
  • Observe the white-tip reef shark at Las Tintoreras.
  • Prepare your photography equipment for one of the best Flamingo lagoons in Galapagos.
  • Observe one of the largest colony of sea birds in Galapagos.
  • Indulge in the real adventurous sailing experience.

Our 5 days itinerary combines the incredible shark canal out off the coast of Isabela with the best flamingo lagoons of Galapagos, and spectacular snorkeling around Devil’s Crown. The albatross and booby colonies and marine iguanas on Española promise to be next highlight! Most elder islands of Southeastern Galapagos have azure bays and striking beaches of white coral sand, which are favorite place for large colonies of sea lions. The visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station will be a nice conclusion of your cruise.

14 passengers catamaran

For those who prefer a more intimate experience onboard and on the islands, I recommend the Catamarans Nemo. The small yachts are typically handmade romantic sailboats or swift modern motor yachts that offer high quality personal service. With fewer people you are more likely to get to know your shipmates, develop a relationship with your guide, be able to ask him or her more detailed questions, and have less people to compete with when taking photos.

Likewise, a small group generally has less impact on the fragile Galapagos environment. Another advantage to small yachts is the fact that often, large ships cannot anchor or disembark at some visitor sites due to their size or a high number of passengers.


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  • 4 nights aboard Nemo I in matrimonial or twin cabin accommodation with private facilities
  • all meals, water, coffee and tea
  • all excursions as mentioned in the itinerary (itinerary subject to change) with English speaking naturalist guide
  • transfers in Galapagos (airport-yacht-airport transfers in Galapagos are only included if the flight has been booked through us)
  • snorkeling gear and use of kayaks at approved sites
  • Galapagos National Park entrance fee: USD 100 per person
  • Transit Control Card: USD 20 per person
  • wetsuit rental
  • soft and alcoholic drinks on board
Optional (Available upon request)
  • roundtrip flight to Galapagos Islands from/to Quito or Guayaquil
  • airport transfers in Galapagos according to flight schedule

Example Trip to customize

Baltra - Bachas  

Arrival to Galapagos - Nemo I Cruise

AM: Arrival at Baltra Airport

Upon arrival at Baltra Airport, you will first pass through an airport inspection point where your TCT (Transit Control Card) will be checked and stamped (please keep this carefully with your passport as you will need to show it again when you leave Galapagos). Here you will also pay the Galapagos National Park entrance fee of USD 100 (unless it has been prepaid). To ensure that no foreign plants or animals are introduced to the islands, your luggage will be inspected as well. At the arrival hall a naturalist guide will meet you and escort you on a short bus ride to the harbor at Baltra. By dinghy you will be taken to the yacht.

PM: Las Bachas (Santa Cruz)
These two small beaches are found to the West of Black Turtle Cove.  Their sand is made of decomposed coral, which makes it white and soft, making it a favorite nesting site for sea turtles.  Behind one of the beaches there is a small brackish water lagoon, where occasionally it is possible to observe flamingos and other coastal birds, such as black-necked stilts and whimbrels.  The other beach is longer, but it has two old barges that were abandoned during the Second World War, when the USA used Baltra Island as a strategically point to protect the Panama Channel.

Day 1
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Nemo I


White Tipped Shark & Tortoise Breeding Center

AM: White Tipped Shark

Las Tintoreras is a small bay on an islet, located 5 minutes on a dinghy ride from Port of Villamil, which permits the visitor to observe the White tipped shark. There is a colony of sharks that can often be seen resting in the lava canal. In addition to the sharks there are sea lions, sea turtles, marine iguanas, and rays in the beautiful, calm turquoise waters. Volcano Alcedo is one of the five shield volcanoes that form Albemarle Island the famous "Geyser" or hot steam fumarole will be reached, while all around are Galapagos giant tortoises of the Alcedo race.

Nearby hundreds of marine iguanas can be observed, as 'Las Tintoreras' is one of their main breeding sites. On the nearby sandy beaches, sea lions play and relax in the sun. This is one of Isabela's most beautiful visitor sites.

PM: Arnoldo tupiza Tortoise Breeding Center
This is where giant tortoises are reared on Isabela. It is located 1.5 kilometers from Pto. Villamil, this important center has a captive breeding program for tortoises from the populations of southern Isabela. Here you can learn about the processes of reproduction and breeding. In total there are about 300 tortoises of all size between juveniles and adults. Isabela Island is the only island in the world which has 5 different species of these giant reptiles.

Day 2
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Nemo I


Cormorant Point & Devil´s Crown and Post Office

AM: Cormorant Point & Devil´s Crown (Floreana)

This site offers probably the best Flamingo lagoon in the Galapagos; it is also one of the largest in the islands. It’s situated between two tuff lava cones that give the area a special atmosphere. There are various species of shorebirds to observe besides flamingos; the most frequent are common stilts, white-cheecked pintails and other migratory birds. It is very interesting to see the two distinct beaches: ‘The Green Beach’ (due to its high percentage of olivine crystals in the sand) and the ‘Flour Sand Beach’ which is made up of coral. After our visit of Cormorant Point we will continue with our yacht to the nearby islet known as Corona del Diablo (Devil’s Crown), where we can enjoy some great snorkeling.

PM: Post Office Bay (Floreana)
Post Office Bay
is the location of a wooden barrel that was placed in the 18th century by the crew of a whaling ship. Since this time it has been used by mariners and tourists as a post office. The idea is to carry letters or postcards to their destination by hand. Apart from being the Post Office Barrel, this site was the landing area for some of the first colonists. We will continue to the north of the island and ascend to an elevated slope to enjoy a beautiful view from the Baroness Lookout. It is said that Baroness Eloisa von Wagner loved this place and spent several hours watching the horizon. Within walking distance (30 m) are the ruins of what is known as her House. From this lookout, the landscape covers the coastline from the Enderby islet to Post Office Bay, as well as Cerro Pajas, the pool of flamingos and wide forest of Palo Santo.

Day 3
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Nemo I


Suarez Point & Gardner Bay

AM: Suarez Point (Española)

This rocky land spot sustains one of the most impressive and varied colonies of sea birds in the Galapagos. Along its southern shore, high cliffs rise up from the sea affording the visitor spectacular views of soaring birds and of the blow whole where water spouts up to 50-75 feet into the air according to the intensity of the surf.

PM: Gardner Bay (Española)
Located on the north-eastern coast of Hood, Gardner Bay provides an excellent beach for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling, and the opportunity to observe sea lions. Here you may also observe sharks in the crystal clear ocean waters.

Day 4
Hotels Hotels

Standard Accommodation

Nemo I

Isla Santa Cruz  

Charles Darwin Reaearch Station

AM: Charles Darwin Research Station (Santa Cruz)

Turtle - Galapagos Although the great majority of Galapagos visitors come here to observe and appreciate natural wonders, it is also interesting to learn how the protection and conservation of the islands are carried out. The Breeding and Rearing area of the scientific center are definitely a worthwhile visit. This excursion will be accompanied by another guide, while your naturalist guide will visit the highlands with those passengers that stay longer on board.

AM: Transfer to Baltra airport Check-in and flight back to Guayaquil or Quito.

Day 5