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M. Rose / January 2017

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"Marianne helped us plan a great trip and made changes to accomodate our schedule and interests. Our guide, Christian, was exceptional -- we had a fu..."
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About Ecuador Tours

Ecuador is a small treasure, packing such a baffling amount of diversity within its borders that it can be difficult to believe.


On Ecuador tours you'll fall in love with the wildlife on show in places like the Galapagos, be charmed by the colonial splendor of Quito, enjoy traversing the mountain ranges of the Andes and find the perfect moment to relax on the country's beautiful beaches.


All that, and Ecuador still has so much more to explore, from the Amazon to the Afro-Ecuadorian towns and everything in between.

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  • Marianne
    18 reviews
    Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Ecuador


    I was born and raised in Ecuador, I live in Quito and love to show to tourists the true gems of our wonderful country, so diverse and cozy at the same time! I have traveled a lot both inside and outside of Ecuador which has given me an understanding of traveler's needs. I know that the objective is to make the most of the days we have, adapting to every traveler's different desires and budget. This is my pass...

  • Sebastian Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Ecuador


    Originally from Quito, Sebastian started working for PEAK in May 2013 and has led the sales department ever since. He went to school in the United States and is now living in Ecuador. During his free time he likes to travel and explore new places, and feels especially lucky to be living and working in a place with such diversity like Ecuador has. With his fluency in English and Spanish, and his passion for touri...

  • Nicolas Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Ecuador


    NICOLAS GORONFLOT A tireless traveler, in love with nomadism, wide open spaces and authentic encounters, Nicolas, former Management consultant, has traveled the world in recent years, visiting over forty countries during a lengthy world tour. Always available to share his experience and passion for traveling, he will guide you towards unusual encounters on off-the-beaten-paths: Andean hikes through the summits...

  • Diego Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Ecuador


    I am happy to organize your perosnlazide trip and welcome you to my country - Ecuador! My grandmother and my grandfather inspired me to travel and to love my country since I was a little child, so study Tourism was the obvious choise. During 6 years I've been working in this beautiful industry which has allowed me to know even better my amazing country and now, both are my truly passion as I love what I do! Liv...

  • Santiago Personalized itinerary within an estimated 23 hours

    Destination expert in Ecuador


    I am in love of Ecuador and I feel fortunate to have born in such a diverse nation that has always had something to offer even in the hard times. This passion has led me to explore all the regions of this tiny but wonderful place and step by step I got immersed in the exciting tourism world. My experience allows me to understand our customers’ needs and my first hand knowledge of the country creates unforgettabl...

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Ecuador Tours


Boasting an array of quaint colonial cities, an abundance of adventure activities and nature walks, along with tours to the mighty Ecuadorian Amazon, Ecuador tours have so much on offer. No wonder it is increasingly becoming more and more popular with tourists. And no, of course we didn’t forget Ecuador’s main highlight – the unique splendor of the Galapagos Islands.


When your capital is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you know you have a special country, and Ecuador is one of those countries where itinerary planning is made easier just by saying yes to most points on the map.


Ecuador, although maybe not as famous as the likes of Brazil or Peru, should never be overlooked when planning your South America travels.


Things to do on Ecuador Tours

Main Attractions and Tourist Regions


Ecuador tours Banos

Thermal baths of Banos. Photo by David Holt


A trip to Ecuador can’t be completed without experiencing the wonders of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. True, you can see it in Brazil, Peru or Bolivia and also get a great experience but there is something so special about contrasting the animals on show in the Galapagos, compared to those in the Ecuadorian Amazon.


Amazon tours force you to stay alert, open your eyes and keep watch as lurking below, above or beside you could be a deadly anaconda, a stealthy croc, a beautiful swooping bird or a cheeky swinging monkey.


Galapagos tours will let you in to Darwin’s bewildering colorful world of exotic animals. All wildlife enthusiasts from around the world will have the Galapagos Islands at the top of their bucket list, however you don’t need to be a maverick zoologist to appreciate this dream fusion of color and rare wildlife, the Galapagos is magnetic simply because of its unrivaled beauty.


The charm of Ecuador, along with its powerful nature, lies in its cobbled streets, its colonial architecture and its old fashioned, languid way of life. Quito, for a capital city, surprisingly offers these small-town-like charms, especially in the old town, where labyrinthine alleyways are met with Gothic churches, monasteries and traffic is guided by whistle yielding policemen. The frenetic life adds so much to the charm.


Otavalo Marketplace, located just an hour north of Quito, epitomizes the small, hidden charms of a South American country that, if stumbled upon serendipitously, would feature highly in your reviews of your Ecuador tours. Showcasing an eclectic range of traditional clothing, handicraft goods, wooden sculptures, creative hammocks and colorful house rugs etc, Otavalo Market flourishes with an assortment of great stalls.


Otavalo market Ecuador

Otavalo market showcases brightly colored goods, from curtains to hammocks. Photo by Maja Majika


The lure of those fun adventure tours is too appealing to turn down on your Ecuador tours, and Baños is just the town to tempt you into all those activities you’ve been craving. Make sure you go on the canyoning tour, the beautiful hiking tours on offer and try to rent a quad and explore the beauty of Baños, a hillside town enclosed by scenic mountains, gushing waterfalls and soothing thermal baths, a rewarding stop after all those adventure day trips.


One of my favorite beach towns in the world hails from Ecuador, and it’s that of Montañita, the sleepy hippy haven that offers great surf and even better beach bars and atmosphere. A world apart from bustling cities back home, Montañita is so appealing on so many levels.


So What’s Ecuador all about?

Food and Culture of Ecuador


Like Peru, Ecuador also boasts the wonderful cerviche, a perfect summertime dish that offers fresh, un-cooked fish with a tremendous lime sauce over the top.


Soups and stews are a common dinner dish, with famous ingredients being based around bananas, and more starchy ingredients like potato and rice.


Lining the pacific coast, Ecuador also boasts a wonderful array of fish plates.


the ubiquitous South American empanada is the typical snack in Ecuador and exotic fresh fruit is consumed in abundance.


When to go on Ecuador tours

What time of the year is it best to visit Ecuador?


For the Galapagos islands the best time to visit would be between Jan-May.


For coastal trips of Ecuador Dec-April would be the best time to visit.


General high seasons are June-September but don’t let this put you off going year round.

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