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Explore the thick jungles, dead volcanos, and creature-inhabited islands on Ecuador tours. Riding a speedboat around the Galapagos Islands or hiking to the tallest volcano in Ecuador are just the first treats when taking a trip to this South American country.
Explore the thick jungles, dead volcanos, and creature-inhabited islands on Ecuador tours.
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Ecuador Vacation

Marvelous snow-capped volcanos, sluggish tortoises, and Incan ruins await visitors on Ecuador tours. Discover the fantastic sites and creatures of the Galapagos islands and dive into the Inca and Spanish blended cultures of the people. Whether you snorkel alongside exotic fish or are brave enough to sample cuy, Ecuador is a place of adventures that could never be forgotten. This picturesque country will keep you moving on your Ecuador holiday as there are so many terrains and places to explore. Whether you enjoy learning about the history, trekking the mountains and the jungles, or gaping at the creatures, there’s something for you to see and experience.

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Ecuador Tours

Kick your trip to Ecuador off in Quito, one of the largest cities in the nation and built on top of an Inca city. The UNESCO Heritage site offers extraordinary sites to see like the central public square ‘La Plaza de la Independencia’; the Church and Monastery of St. Francis, ‘La Iglesia de San Francisco’; and the Roman Catholic Church, ‘Basilica de Voto Nacional’. Quito is a perfect place for those wanting to visit museums and understand the history behind the nation.

Natural Beauty and Creatures of Ecuador

While you could spend months exploring Quito alone, there are far more adventures that await visitors outside the city. Listen quietly and keep your eyes peeled as you canoe down the Cuyabeno river. Search for chattering monkeys, singing birds, pink dolphins, and the world’s largest type of snakes – anacondas. Immerse yourself into the Amazon jungle, meet some of the indigenous Siona people and learn about their customs and their Shaman. Take a flashlight with you as you take a jungle night journey and spot some of the active animals.

Later, take in the serene beauty of the diverse landscapes as you visit incredible national treasures like the Cotopaxi and the Cajas National Parks. If you love to trek, make sure you customize your trip to trek to the very base and the high tops of volcanoes. Bundle up in locally made alpaca sweaters as you climb to the peak of the Chimborazo Volcano, the highest mountain in Ecuador. And after standing on top of the world at Chimborazo, why not stand at the middle of it? Step onto the equator at Mitad Del Mundo!

However, some of the greatest treasures Ecuador is known for are the Galapagos Islands and the fascinating creatures they’re home to. Take pictures with the unhurried giant tortoises, the racing iguanas, and the playful penguins. Want to see more islands? You can take a boat adventure and hop to different Galapagos islands to visit the unique animals that inhabit this area. Check out the highlands of Santa Cruz or go on a walk through a 450-meter lava tunnel. Bring your suit for an adventure in the water too. You can go snorkeling in lava tunnels at Isabela Island.

Incan Ruins

If you’re keen on seeing more history, jump on a flight to Peru to experience the culture and visit buildings that seem to be untouched since they were built around the 13th-century. Embark on a trek up the Ausangate Mountain, which Peruvians consider a holy mountain. Later, arrive at Ollantaytambo and board a train to Aguas Calientes. Once you arrive there, you’ll be whisked away on a bus that will transport you to see the iconic Incan ancient ruins of Machu Picchu which are tucked away in the Andes Mountains

Ecuador is a South American treasure with a plethora of explorations. The country will make you feel like you’re home even though the land and culture are far different from your own. See unexpected creatures, breathtaking mountains and volcanoes, and step into Incan history on your Ecuadorian trip to the middle of the earth.

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Best time of the year to visit Ecuador?

Ecuador, translated to ‘equator’, is a vibrant country in South America with incomparable creatures, volcanos, and jungles. The nation sits on the equator and is famous for its Galapagos Islands, where Charles Darwin documented different types of finches, tortoises, marine iguanas, and plants. One thousand kilometers away, on the mainland, Ecuador boasts its assorted beauty of Amazonian jungles and quite literally breathtaking volcanos, like the nation’s highest volcano, Chimborazo. It’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful national parks and part of the Andes Mountains range. Rivers like the Cuyabeno River weave through the nation like the snakes that sleep in the trees bordering the banks.

The nation is tinted with Inca and Spanish influences from the empires’ reigns hundreds of years ago. The impressive capital, Quito, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is a Spanish city actually built on the ancient ruins of an Inca city from long ago. The people are friendly and hold firm to their traditions like taking part in the Inti Raymi or ‘Festival of the Sun’, which is a festival that started in Incan times. People still celebrate this holiday by dressing in national garb, dancing, and taking part in parades.

Visit this spectacular nation where you can learn more about the history of the people and the geology. Swim in the Shell Pearl bay or at Blanca Point where you can gaze at exotic fish and sea lions. Trek to the iconic Machu Picchu ruins in Peru or walks through lava tunnels at Galapagos. Climb to the very top of an Ecuadorian volcano or the very bottom.

Private Tours in Ecuador

Through a private tour, your Ecuador holiday gives you access to see the most exciting parts of South America and it makes it easy for you to see these incredible sites with no stress.

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Food and Culture of Ecuador

Like Peru, Ecuador also boasts the wonderful cerviche, a perfect summertime dish that offers fresh, un-cooked fish with a tremendous lime sauce over the top.

Soups and stews are a common dinner dish, with famous ingredients being based around bananas, and more starchy ingredients like potato and rice.

Lining the pacific coast, Ecuador also boasts a wonderful array of fish plates.

the ubiquitous South American empanada is the typical snack in Ecuador and exotic fresh fruit is consumed in abundance.
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Main Attractions and Tourist Regions in Ecuador

A trip to Ecuador can’t be completed without experiencing the wonders of the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. True, you can see it in Brazil, Peru or Bolivia and also get a great experience but there is something so special about contrasting the animals on show in the Galapagos, compared to those in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Amazon tours force you to stay alert, open your eyes and keep watch as lurking below, above or beside you could be a deadly anaconda, a stealthy croc, a beautiful swooping bird or a cheeky swinging monkey.

Galapagos tours will let you in to Darwin’s bewildering colorful world of exotic animals. All wildlife enthusiasts from around the world will have the Galapagos Islands at the top of their bucket list, however you don’t need to be a maverick zoologist to appreciate this dream fusion of color and rare wildlife, the Galapagos is magnetic simply because of its unrivaled beauty.

The charm of Ecuador, along with its powerful nature, lies in its cobbled streets, its colonial architecture and its old fashioned, languid way of life. Quito, for a capital city, surprisingly offers these small-town-like charms, especially in the old town, where labyrinthine alleyways are met with Gothic churches, monasteries and traffic is guided by whistle yielding policemen. The frenetic life adds so much to the charm.

Otavalo Marketplace, located just an hour north of Quito, epitomizes the small, hidden charms of a South American country that, if stumbled upon serendipitously, would feature highly in your reviews of your Ecuador tours. Showcasing an eclectic range of traditional clothing, handicraft goods, wooden sculptures, creative hammocks and colorful house rugs etc, Otavalo Market flourishes with an assortment of great stalls.

The lure of those fun adventure tours is too appealing to turn down on your Ecuador tours, and Baños is just the town to tempt you into all those activities you’ve been craving. Make sure you go on the canyoning tour, the beautiful hiking tours on offer and try to rent a quad and explore the beauty of Baños, a hillside town enclosed by scenic mountains, gushing waterfalls and soothing thermal baths, a rewarding stop after all those adventure day trips.

One of my favorite beach towns in the world hails from Ecuador, and it’s that of Montañita, the sleepy hippy haven that offers great surf and even better beach bars and atmosphere. A world apart from bustling cities back home, Montañita is so appealing on so many levels.
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Ecuador Reviews Of Our Travellers

Michele A., August 2018

Silvia was amazing to work with. Incredibly responsive and friendly - as well as informative.

Ronit G., July 2018

The service I got from Marilyn was excellent. From planning the trip through implementation.
All transfers, trips and packages on this trip took place on time and without mishaps. The hotels, the tours, the Galapagos cruise package and the package of a jungle excursion experience in the Amazon were all on a good and satisfactory level.

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Laura P., July 2018

no written feedback given

Anton B., May 2018

Marilyn did an excellent job in arranging a complete customized trip according to my personal preferences.

Janet A., April 2018

Marilyn was really easy to get in touch with. She organized our trip very well. We didn’t have any problems. The hotel was great, the staff was very kind and friendly. They made sure we have everything necessary to enjoy our stay. We had two mornings that we had to leave before the breakfast time. They gave us a small breakfast when we had to leave early and kept our luggage the last day after the check out time.Our guide in Quito (Cristian) was very knowledgable, kind and patient. He was accommodating to all of our needs. We were able to see the old Quito and the ecuator line. In the jungle we had a great guide too. His name was Pedro. He was showing us different animals while we were on the canoe or while we were walking in the jungle not only during the day but even during the night. Pedro made sure we had everything we needed. The Jamu Lodge was good. The food was great and plentiful. The accommodation was good. It needs a little bit touch up still, because inside there was a lot of bugs on the floor and no windows only nets. On the other hand that gave us the opportunity to experience sleeping as if we are in the jungle. We were also able to hear all of the amazing jungle sounds (minus the storm we had our first night); to see the shaman of the siona tribes and how they prepare there food called” iuka”. It was our first time being on a canoe. We enjoyed it!

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