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Croatia Vacation

Croatia encapsulates everything that has allured travelers to Europe for decades: a rich culture, stunning architecture, incredible food and a vibrant nightlife.


Croatia tours start in Zagreb, where you can enjoy some of the country’s best restaurants and spend time wandering through the wealth of parks and cafes that punctuate the streets. Elsewhere in the country you’ll undoubtedly want to visit Split for a taste of the nightlife and the cobblestone streets of Dubrovnik for an authentic slice of old Europe. Island hopping is a great way to spend a few days on Croatia’s most beautiful beaches, and no Croatia tour would be complete without a visit to Zadar.

Best of all, while Dubrovnik may teem with eager European travelers during peak season, Croatia remains one of the few Mediterranean countries to offer the very best of the region without becoming overcrowded. So, imagine the best of Italy, without the crowds.


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Croatia’s glittering coast attracts a range of travelers every year. From the glitz and glamour of Dubrovnik to the backpacker parties of Split to the quiet, quaint coastal villages that punctuate Croatia’s coast, whatever you want from a trip to the Mediterranean you can find in Croatia.

Croatia’s tourism capital is undoubtedly Dubrovnik, which is one of the world’s most beautiful cities and attracts millions of tourists annually. This ancient city has stood, though at times waveringly, for five centuries, and the sense of history as you wander through the cobbled streets isn’t just palpable – it’s impossible to ignore.

Croatia’s actual capital, Zagreb, gets unfairly ignored, dwarfed to the north by Vienna and to the south by the ancient charms of Dubrovnik. Little matter for those on Croatia tours who wish to visit it, since its lack of mass tourism only adds to the appeal. Zagreb is a great center for restaurants, cafes, and nightlife, and several excellent galleries and museums can be found in the city.

Elsewhere inland there is a wealth of national parks to be explored. The most notable of these are the Plitvice Lakes National Park (a UNESCO heritage site) and Paklencia National Park, with its looming mountain-scapes, dramatic lakes, and excellent hiking opportunities.

Of course, most people go on Croatia tours to experience the beautiful islands and coastline, where the traditional Mediterranean life can still be found. The beautiful island of Hvar is another popular tourist destination, popular with trendy professionals and celebrities. Be sure to check out Split if its parties you’re after, or Zadar if you want to avoid the crowds.

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Food and Culture of Croatia

Croatia is one of Europe’s unsung heroes in terms of cuisine. On Croatia tours you can’t fail to sample the wealth of fresh meat and seafood. Almost everything is locally sourced and only the finest ingredients are used. Wash that down with a delicious glass of Croatian wine and you may have found your new foodie paradise.

Croatia’s culture goes back centuries and centuries, and you can still find evidence of the ancient Croatian cultures in Diocletian Palace. Today Croatia still revels in its traditional Mediterranean culture, professing to be the last country left that maintains and preserves the languid, relaxed lifestyle inherent in the Mediterranean culture. As you lounge back in a restaurant on Croatia’s coast with some fine wine and delectable cuisine, you’ll be hard-pressed to disagree.

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Croatia Reviews

Denise Delmanto Prado, August 2014

Everything worked fine in our trip. There was only a misunderstanding about going to Korcula, but we could make it because there was another ferry, so we missed nothing.

Mike Brodziak, July 2014

Our trip was wonderful. Everything was well organized and well planned. We think Croatia is a very interesting and beautiful country and would love to visit again someday.

Helena Miguel, July 2014

We enjoyed our trip around Croatia and Montenegro. The places Luka chose for our stay were very well placed with beautiful sightseeing. As a matter of fact the whole country is beautiful.
And, our guide in Montenegro - Kotor and Budva - has a deep knowledge of her country's history both actual and ancient.
Our only remark is that the agency should be more accurate scheduling meeting hours. The meeting time for the clients and the driver was almost never the same...
Anyway, we shall return.

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Denise, June 2014

Traveling from Italy to Hungary, my group of three felt compelled to tack on a small stop along the way. Plitvice National Park quickly became the top target as we had gawked and marveled at it's beauty in pictures many times.

However none of us were familiar with accessing this region of Europe. After weeks of trying to figure out train schedules and searching out car-rental options, we decided to get in touch with a tour guide. Through we we began dialogue with our guide Luka.

Going into the trip we were nervous and didn't know what to expect from our excursion to Croatia but as soon as we met our guide in Northern Italy we immediate felt comfortable. Our hotel, the Grand Palace was extremely nice, located in the old city of Zagreb. Close to restaurants and the city center, we very much enjoyed our time strolling through the city until nearly 2:00 am.

The next day we were whisked off to Plitvice National Park, making a short stop at a village on the Korana River. Everything about the day was perfect. Even a few hours of rain didn't stop us from enjoying all the beauty the park had to offer. Prepare to take about 1,000 pictures. It really is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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Benita Y, April 2014

I booked a full day private tour of the Istrian countryside. At first I was apprehensive because I did not know if customization was allowed but Luka was great! He let me customize my own itinerary of the hill towns. He worked with me to fit all the sites into my day trip and I really appreciated the flexibility. In addition the guide/driver Luka was phenomenal. He went above and beyond and even took me to extra towns I didn't include in my plan. You can tell he genuinely cared about his guest and made sure they go to see everything on their list. Luka was very informative and friendly taking the time to explain everything. Luka is a top notch guide and made the whole tour enjoyable.

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